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Learn ASL: Beginner vocabulary about school and learning in American Sign Language

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Hello! Now, it’s September! September’s arrived, fall is beginning, and so I’m going to show you some signs related to school. Many students — children and adults both — are going back to school. And that’s “BACK” — “Back to school”, or if school is here, sign it this way. So, if you’re looking for one sign in particular, I suggest that you go to this video’s description, where I have a list of all the signs with the time in the video where you can find that sign.

Let’s start with SCHOOL: School. Just clap twice, that’s it. School. Class. So this is the handshape; it goes in a circle. Class. Class. Education. An “E” to a “D” — Education. Teach. You can also sign it this way. Teach. Teacher. Remember that sign is the ‘person-marker’, so TEACH becomes TEACHER. Teacher. Teacher. Learn. It’s like you’re taking information from a book and putting it in your head: LEARN Student. Student. Student. So here we have “Learner” — LEARN plus the person-marker, the two signs combine into one. Student. Building. Building. Or you can use this handshape: Building. Building. So: school building. Room. You can sign it either way; it tends to change depending on the context of the sentence — Room, or room.

Room. Classroom. Classroom. Classroom. Semester. Schedule. That’s the movement — schedule. Period. So like “Period A”, “Period B”, and so on. Time. Time. On time. Late. Homework. So it’s like the signs HOME and WORK, and you may still see it like that: Homework. That’s fine. Or, you can combine it — the two words into one: Homework. Homework. Due. Due. For example: Homework due when? Next week.

Project. Study. Study. The fingers wiggle — Study. Or if it’s a long time, sign it like this. That movement indicates that you’re continuing on — studying. Practice. Practice. Paper. Paper. And notice it’s different from “School”. SCHOOL is like this, PAPER has this other movement. The movements are different. Paper. Test. Test. Exam. So the handshape at the end is different: Exam. Or “Final Exam”. Book. That’s the movement — book. Read. So it’s like your eyes scanning a page. Read. Write. Write. or Writing — show how you did it: Writing, write. Or if you’re using a board — and that’s a board — you should write like this, like you’re writing on the board.

Review. Review. Or, you can sign it like this: Review. Or, really there’s two more: Review like this, or with an “R” handshape, review. They’re all the same: Review, review, review. You may see any of those. Question. Question. And note the sign “QUESTION” does not mean a written question mark — it’s not how you make a question. It means the word “question”. Answer. Answer. Answer or respond. Right or Correct. Right! Correct! Incorrect, or ‘wrong’. It’s a “Y” handshape: Wrong. Wrong. Thank you for watching! I hope that you enjoyed learning. If you liked this video, then don’t forget to subscribe, so you can see new videos first! Thanks again, see you soon. Bye. .