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Lose Weight Fast 10 Kg With This Tested Home Remedy Ingredients Including Belly Fat

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Click on the bell icon so that you can get notifications whenever Outstyle put up a new video Who say – handling short hair is easy? I don’t thinks so! Most of the time it felt like your hair is just not settling I thought just to let my hair out let them be free today’s we are going to be doing a very nice video In which I will tell you about one magic ingredient which have so many benefits so much that probably you wouldn’t have think about it fig it has so many benefits especially when we are talking about weight loss this bracelet is making so much noise.. I want you guys to have a look at it after I will take it off I keep wearing it for a while..after I will take it off if you can’t find fresh fig Dry fig has two varieties one is thin and very dry so much so that nothing is left inside it the one you get with a thread- in the market they are really bad..

First they taste bad and it has nothing inside it go for the slight fluffy one they are half dried and half fresh I can get this easily form stores and I am sure.. In your country or city fig which are half dry don’t look for the one whose color is very bad and is very thin I am going to tell you all its benefit You have to take fig Like I have these half dried fig with me here put them with Olive oil inside the jar and closed the jar After three days I am going to try them to check how does it taste Try to make holes with the fork before you put them in So that olive can go througly inside the dry fig you have to have this first thing in the morning after drinking hot water 3-4 cups the more water you drink..

The more it good for you Do you know it help I am telling you the whole plan In morning you have to drink water it should slightly hotter than lukewarm water it has laxative effect It is great for constipation but you have too much.. you will keep visiting already fig taste good on the top it Olive oil I don’t have olive oil in other thing I can’t able to take it with anything else and most of the time, forgot to take it with salad see it yourself how much weight loss you have lost Taste don’t have any change You have to do it daily at night yes right, you have to do it at night dip in 1/4 cup apple cider whole night and it morning you have to take it on empty stomach you can drink hot water first then you have to take three figs You don’t have to drink the apple cider Again before putting, make holes in the fig with the fork so that apple cider can go inside it you have to eat this on empty stomach in the morning you can keep the apple cider and can put new figs you can reuse the apple cider but throw on day 8 In this you have to take 40 fig and put it with Olive oil inside the jar and you can forget it for 40days in this too you have to put small holes with fork so that olive oil can go easily inside it After 40 days these fig will swell up and you have to have them before your meal before eating anything you have to take one fig and after that you can have someting these are the three recipes you can only use one of these at a time for weight loss and after a month you can see how much weight you have loss and this time, when I went to Karachi for a shooting and never in his life, he gain weight because he maintains his weight naturally and all of us keep asking Aajaz for his recipes and I did my own research..I got to know a lot of things I thought I share it with you guys Fresh fig calories are very less about 100 g..

Have 74 calories and in dry fig have 249 calories.. isn’t it amazing? and the now the most important announcement- is Beauty consultation, beauty product, fashion and diet now you can book consultation guru With Nadia Khan on Outsytle.com so that we can have one to one discussion Whats the use of buying things that you don’t need Sometimes we get a bad advice too be it dressing or a diet or anything related to lifestyle one to one.. chit chat and we will find the solution to every problem I have one more surprise for you guys Sephora send me one gift and I want to share it with you guys and the mascara inside I am going to give it to you guys All you have to do is write where we should take outstyle from here Along with this share my videos give me a thumb ups

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