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LOVE YOURSELF | Positive Morning Motivation (very motivational)

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Oh as ernest hemingway noted the world breaks everyone and afterward many are stronger in the broken places but my question is why isn’t everyone to me it comes down to the strategies that you use there really isn’t anything objectively good or bad there isn’t anything that happens to you that can’t be overcome there isn’t anything that could happen to you anything that when you turn inward you can’t find a reason to overcome you can’t find a way to put those pieces back together and that becomes your job it becomes literally up to you whether you’re going to sit and wallow and woe is me because what happened happened and there’s no way to take it back but how you respond what you bring to that table whether you meet fire with fire whether you meet that adversity with falling apart becoming weaker in the areas that broke or you bind them and mend them and it becomes like a weld that literally makes you stronger is a choice and it’s a choice only you get to make but as Stephen Hawking said when you complain nobody wants to help you there are many things in your life do you have every reason to complain about you have every reason to be upset by the things that have happened to you the most sinister thing about excuses is they’re valid there’s a million reasons why you should be able to give up there’s a million reasons why you shouldn’t need to try that thing that broke you you should be allowed to just sit on the ground and here’s the thing that’s your right you have every reason to do it and maybe people won’t even think less of you but here’s the truth why they become weaker or stronger in the places that broke and that’s a choice of how you react moving forward the great news is the best thing that you could do to become stronger is love yourself and as Kamal Ravi Kahn said loving yourself as a practice people think that it’s something that’s gonna feel right that it’s gonna feel natural that you’re just gonna turn inward and there it is the spark of love and joy for yourself inside yourself and the truth is that’s just not the human experience that’s not the way that it works there’s gonna be a voice inside your head and it’s going to blame you it’s gonna say that it’s your fault and no matter how many times people on the outside tell you that that is not true that this thing happened to you that it isn’t you it doesn’t define you there will be a voice that’s going to tell you that it does and that’s where you have to fall back on process that’s where you have to realize that you literally have to practice loving yourself and that it’s okay that no matter what happened there is absolutely nothing that invalidates that you’re worthy of your own love but you’ve got to practice it you’ve got to be willing to do it you’ve got to be willing to put in the reps you’ve got to know that it’s not gonna feel right but you’ve got to know on the other side of that is a vision of your life where you actually do love yourself because you took the time to say it you took the time to practice it you took the time to sit there and feel stupid and say that you love yourself and sometimes just putting in the work is what you need to do to get strong so put in the work the fact that you’re still alive I’m still on this earth even though it’s been challenging and rough and sometimes you get discouraged and uninspired to keep going God has a plan you will grow through what you go through everything that you’re going through at some point it makes no sense to you right now but at some point God is gonna reveal to you why all of these issues challenges and problems continue to show up and what you were supposed to learn from it you will grow through what you go through because you go to sleep at night doesn’t mean you’re resting because you close your eyes at night and you are sleep physically doesn’t mean that you’re actually resting and the reason that you don’t rest is because while you’re awake everything in every body that’s in and around your life is so full of issues problems insecurities dysfunction negativity your mind is in your spirit is in turmoil there’s issues and problems arguments yelling screaming dysfunction all of this shit is going on all day every day so when you go to sleep at night you’re not resting a lot of people would say I love myself do you really love yourself are the things that you’re doing and the people that you’re hanging out with and the places and the circles that you’re traveling in does that reflect a person that actually loves themself if you love yourself why would you fuck with those type of people you know what they’re saying about you behind your back you know they’re jealous and envious of who you are and the things that you got going on in your life in your career you know that they don’t like you and they made it clear they’ve sent you every sign imaginable that they could possibly send you and because you’re so desperate to have people around you and in your life you continue to go back you continue to show up to everything they invite you to knowing what they’re saying about you I’m not preaching separatism I want a bunch of people to just be alone at home doing nothing with no friends no family and nothing to do I’m saying that at this point you are old enough and mature enough to understand the difference in good people and bad people and when you’re hanging out with negative dark and dysfunctional people you cannot expect yourself to go to sleep at night and rest you cannot expect yourself to feel good about your day when you’re including negative and dysfunctional people in your day so what you grew up with so what their childhood friends so what their family we have a responsibility to walk in the direction of peace I want to laugh I want to smile I want to enjoy myself I actually want to feel good about the people that are around me you have that as a choice you actually do you don’t wake up in the morning and negativity dysfunction problems and issues just randomly pop up these are the people that you have decided to include in your life so the outcome of your day your hour your minutes your week your month in your year is always draining always dysfunctional and always fucking crazy because these are the type of people you’ve decided to include in your day to day life I’m talking to somebody you don’t love yourself you can’t say that you love yourself when you continue to invite and include these people in your life you’re threatened they’re insecure they have a problem with you and you don’t even have a problem with them they try and make you feel bad about being so blessed they laugh about it but they’re throwing subliminal and very direct messages at you they’re jealous they’re in this and secure they’re threatened by the idea that you’re coming up your career and your life is advancing people put God put people in your life for a reason others are there for a season it’s very important that you recognize when people’s seasons are over God put people in your life for a reason other people are there for a season is the season over or have you decided because you’re desperate because you just need validation you need all of this shit and people and things around you you’ve decided to drag these random people into the new season of your life you have a boat and your boat is at its capacity and in order for your boat to not sink and go underwater and that could be your career that could be your life that can be here your personal life your relationships is that relationship over do you feel mentally spiritually and emotionally stimulated in that relationship are you just holding on to it because you got this concept of loyalty that you have over views overused and over abused well I’ve learned that loyalty has an expiration date loyalty isn’t some open-ended thing that just goes on forever because technically some people just don’t really make sense for your life and the new season the mind and the space that you’re in I want you to stop playing the victim you are not the victim you decided that those are your friends you decided that those are the people that you want to spend time with you decided this is what you wanted to do what’s your day when you get invited to places doesn’t mean you have to show up especially if you know what your experience is going to be like with these people no one wants to be alone but why spend the rest of your life being miserable frustrated and insecure not really feeling as good as you have a responsibility to feel feeling good isn’t just an opportunity feeling good is a responsibility that we all have for ourselves I don’t need a million people around me if I don’t like you I don’t fuck with you and guess what I actually don’t care what you say about me we have control of our minute our hour are they our week or month in our year stop running around being on the receiving end of whatever people want to dump on you you showed up you accept that invite you invited these people to your house you’re in a relationship with that man you’re in a relationship with that woman that’s you so how do you feel at the end of your night it’s always gonna be based on the people that you decided to include in your day your week your month your a year your minute your hour you got 24 hours in a day when you go to sleep at night how are you gonna feel about your day all depends on who you decide to include in your day stop running around acting as if you don’t have a choice you do have a choice you do have a choice you’re a dysfunctional motherfucker so you love dysfunctional people you love rumors you love issues you love problems you love people calling you with their problems you love it that’s why at the end of every night you are drained because you are submerged yourself and dysfunctional things people and situations stop playing the victim stop running around acting as if you have nothing to do with the people things and situations in your life I love you I’m tired of these grown-ass men and grown-ass women running around acting as if they don’t have a choice you have a choice I’m a grown man where are the most crazy insane thugs gangsters Crips Bloods dysfunction where can I find and seek trouble where is it where is it there it is and you decide to walk in that direction and what the fuck do you expect the outcome to be you’re hanging out with crazy people do you expect the outcome of your day to be regular and ok where is a heartbreak where is someone that’s gonna make me feel insecure make me feel bad about myself where are they ah there they are so let me walk in that direction I love myself enough to say that I want to walk in the direction of peace love spiritual folks that are always evolving and trying to better themselves seeking wisdom and knowledge and how to take better steps and better directions to do better and want better for their career their life they have talents those people that you’re around is not going to help further your career you know that it’s been revealed to you a long time ago but because you don’t want to be alone you must rather hang out with a bunch of people that ain’t gonna do shit for you you have a choice and the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king and the land of the blind you have people that have eyesight but they choose to not use things that have clearly been revealed to them and the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king most of the people out here are blind they don’t see what’s right in front of them so they choose to just disown it and the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king I want better for you the question is do you want better for yourself don’t claim to love yourself and you’re waking up every day and deciding to include these people things and situations in your life that that is not moving like a man or a woman who truly loves themselves when you love yourself you want better for yourself