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Low Carb Foods List (Printable) – 136 Foods To Lose Weight Fast

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Hi! I’m Evelyn and I’m a weight loss coach at weight-loss-secrets.net. In this video I’m going to share my low carb food list with 136 foods that you can use to lose weight fast and in a healthy way! I’ll also show you where you can get a free printable copy of the list. Let’s dive in and start with animal products, they’re a great source of protein. For example beef, chicken, pork, sardines, and wild salmon. Here are all the animal products on the list. Now let’s look at some vegetables, they provide essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and healthy fats.

For example avocados, beets, bell peppers, broccoli and carrots. Here are all the vegetables on the list. There are also certain foods that are healthy, but should be consumed in moderation. For example fruits. They provide essential vitamins, minerals and fiber but also contain a fairly high amount of carbs. That means a maximum of 3 to 4 portions per day. For example blueberries, figs, grapefruit, kiwi, and watermelon. Here are all the foods you should consume in moderation. Moving on to nuts, kernels and seeds. They provide you with healthy fats, protein, fiber and more. For example almonds, cashews, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts. Here are all the nuts, kernels and seeds on the list. And now for some herbs and spices, they’re healthy and add flavor to your dishes.

For example basil, coriander, garlic, ginger, and mint. Here are all the herbs and spices on the list. And lastly, foods that fall in the category ‘Other’. For example coconut oil, green tea, and gluten free oatmeal. Here are all the foods on the list in the category ‘Other’. Here’s your 3-step plan to get started with low carb today. Step 1: Get a free copy of my low carb food list by clicking the link in the description below.

Step 2: Remove all carb rich foods from your kitchen and buy enough low carb products to always have something to eat. On a low carb diet you may eat whenever you’re hungry, as long as you stop when you feel full. Step 3: For optimal weight loss results, your daily food intake should consist of these proportions: Forty to sixty percent healthy fats, Twenty to forty percent protein, And ten to thirty percent carbs. Feel free to take my low carb meal plan for a spin! You’ll automatically consume the right proportions to lose weight fast. It includes delicious dishes like: Apple and beets salad, omelette with salmon and spinach, steak with sweet potato puree, a fresh salad with nuts and fruits, Spinach salad with wild salmon, and my favorite snack, apple slices with creamy almond paste.

Get started via the link in the description below. Enjoyed this video? Hit the like button and subscribe to receive more like it in the future. Also, leave a comment below letting me know what your favorite low carb foods are! .

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