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These seven steps will be your guide for finding the love of your life hi my babies welcome back to my channel I’m Lea Alexandra for those who don’t know me and first of all I just want to say thank you so much for being so patient with me cuz I took a brief hiatus to care for my mom who just had major surgery also I want to say thank you so much for getting me to 1,000 I think we’re even way past that now I’m in shock I don’t even know why this is happening but I love you guys so much thank you for joining our family and you guys have been so awesome your comments are amazing keep talking to me I really really enjoy talking to you I’ve been writing down all your ideas and one of the most requested one was how to manifest your crush or your ex or a partner or relationship and that is by far the most popular topic that anybody ever asks me about when we talk by the law of attraction this subject is massive so we’re gonna do a series about it and today what I’ll do is I’ll teach you my seven basic laws for manifesting a partner manifesting love you guys can keep asking questions in the comments and I will address them in the next video these seven basic steps will help you get the love of your life whether it’s somebody that you don’t know that you’ve never met and it’s your soul or it’s somebody that you’re with and you want things to get a little bit better in Ex or crush anybody you can have anything you want I definitely use this in my current relationship which I will tell you about at the end of the video so let’s start with my step by step guy step one you need to get yourself a journal and I want you to write down every day when you’re trying to think about the love of your life in the track love write down everything that you have to offer everything that you bring to the table so you can write the year loyal you’re honest you’re funny whatever you feel like you can bring to the table personality-wise looks wise whatever whatever it is you have you write that down once you write that down you’re putting yourself in a good state to start attracting so that’s why this has to be first you have to start with this you cannot skip this step write down everything you love about yourself step two is just as important after writing down the list of everything you love about yourself sit some more comfortable and start thinking to yourself not what kind of person you want to be with but what feelings you want to feel when you have that person so if I were to think about the emotions that I would want in my perfect relationship I would think honesty um love I would feel secure I would feel stable I feel confident I’d feel like I have a partner I have somebody who has my back I would just close your eyes and think these emotions think like I’m secure I’m stable I’m confident and loved I’m so loved doing this will make yourself feel the way that you want to feel when you have that person this is so important because first you have to realize that you can make yourself feel these emotions and you don’t need anybody else to be doing it for you once you do that you’re taking away the desperation and the bad vibes the negativity of giving somebody else the responsibility of taking care of your happiness and people will feel that vibe people can tell whether you can make yourself happy or not I don’t know many people who seek out a relationship with somebody who’s unhappy step 3 now you’re going to write down a list of everything you want your perfect relationship to be like I think it’s super detailed but you don’t want to get into physical attributes when people try to attract somebody that they don’t know for example they’ll say I want brown hair and blue eyes and he’s this tall and he makes this much money and the thing is your soulmate may be out there and you may be asking for somebody who’s not him or not her if you ask for physical attributes you are limiting yourself to so much of the world you’re going to pull out your notebook again and you’re going to start writing down things that you would want in your relationship such as we make each other laugh she loves my mom my mom loves her we’re loyal we respect each other we traveled together we’re spontaneous we’re adventurous right things like that that make you feel good and that’s also the experiences and the real things that you want to get from that relationship that you’re attracting just in those three steps you’re well on your way to attracting somebody amazing for you and also loving yourself more number four is where action comes in I told you before a lot of this is letting the universe do the work but sometimes we also have to do some of the work and this is what you’re going to do you’re going to compare the list in number one of everything that you bring to the table and everything that you love about yourself and then you’re going to compare the list and number three everything that you want in the relationship that you’re trying to attract with that person that you’re trying to bring into your life if those lists are totally compatible you are well on your way to attracting the perfect person for you and you can skip number five number five is continuing action if those lists are not compatible for example you wrote that you want a spontaneous relationship you want to be with somebody who is adventurous and you guys jet off to vacations and travel and try different foods things like that but you see that in your list you didn’t write down the you’re adventurous or spontaneous and you don’t believe that you actually are it’s time for you to start becoming that perfect person and be ready for that relationship when it comes to you you can’t wait for that person to bring out those qualities in you you have to bring them out in yourself in essence you’re becoming your own soul mate a lot of people just wait around for love when they could be working on themselves loving themselves and enjoying their life to the fullest all on their own if you focus on yourself and not the lack of having another person you’re going to create so much happiness for yourself and that happiness is going to help you in getting everything that you want in your life step six is very important this is a very big law of attraction concept we think in terms of lack to put this in terms that may make more sense to you this would happen to me a lot when I wasn’t working I would freak out about every dollar I was living in a state of lack I’ll say I don’t have money I don’t have this and don’t have that and the universe kept a queue for me because all I was focusing on was not happy so suddenly I was getting tickets I was getting speeding tickets I was getting parking tickets I had to pay things for school I just my money would just was taken away from me because I kept thinking I don’t have any so what I was focusing on was that state of luck the second I stopped focusing on that money starts coming in when you start thinking about abundance it just comes and comes and comes and literally from all directions it’s crazy so take that concept and put it into finding your soulmate finding your perfect match or getting together with that person that you want to be with don’t think about how you don’t have them if you’ve done all these steps you realize already that you have everything already you are equipped you are ready to be somebody so me and you can be your own soul mate once you start putting the attention on yourself instead of on the empty space next to you once you stop looking it’s going to come to you I’ve never been the type of person who’s always like looking for a boyfriend and because of that I did I never realized I was a lot of Attraction thing but because I was never looking for a relationship I always ended up in one I’m pretty sure I’ve been in relationships more than I’ve been single which is not an accomplishment just so everybody’s aware yeah for six you just have to think in abundance instead of luck number seven is basically an extension of number six do not wait around for anybody do not save yourself for anybody obviously don’t settle you’re perfect and you deserve somebody amazing but don’t wait on anybody if your crush in class or at work or you know your next-door neighbor is not paying attention to you at all you should not be solely thinking about that person every single day you have to start thinking about yourself you have to start thinking about living your life take the focus off finding love and put it on living a loving life give love from every direction and it will come to you in every direction so number seven is just live your life to the fullest do not wait to be with somebody so for example if I really wanted to travel but I always said like I’ll go to Italy when I have a boyfriend I’ll go to Paris when I have a boyfriend when I have a husband so I can enjoy it with my husband all that’s doing is pushing your life away from you and you need to bring it to you you need to grab life by the horns so now for an example from my own life in my own relationship my relationship has been a rollercoaster for almost four years and about a year ago I was living in Amsterdam I was studying abroad in Amsterdam and we weren’t together but we would talk all the time and we would talk about getting back together when I came back and I remember one day I was so frustrated with him I was so upset that day I just looked up and I spoke to the universe and I was like universe please send me someone perfect for me I’m ready and then I took a second and I thought about it and I realized but I love this person and I want to make it work with them I don’t want somebody new and I asked again I said send me somebody perfect or make him perfect for me so then I came home from Amsterdam and I can’t even explain how different our relationship was it had done total 180 he was always what I wanted but he got better he got he became exactly what I needed him to be so you can use these seven steps I’ll just attract a certain person which I don’t think you should do by the way we’ll talk about that in another video not just to attract a random person or someone you’ve never met you could fix your relationships and this also can be applied to any type of relationship to friendships as well and family relationships working relationships everything to fix your current relationships you could create new ones and you could deepen your relationship with yourself which is number one and I think that’s the most important the next love manifestation video will be about how my friend attracted somebody across the country it’s going to be a cautionary tale so look out for that one alright so that’s it I hope that you guys got a lot out of that and if you need me to clarify anything as always ask questions in the comments you know I’m here for you and I really love to talk to you and I get all my ideas from talking to you guys so please continue to do that and on a side note I got the cutest little elephant mug from Urban Outfitters on Cyber Monday it’s coming it’s on the way and it made me think of you guys and I just want you all to know that I love you so much thank you for being here please stick around until my next video keep your vibrations high and have a wonderful week I love you guys bye

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