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MANIFEST MORE With The Law Of Attraction in 2019! (Learn THIS to MASTER Your MIND!)

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MANIFEST MORE With The Law Of Attraction in 2019! (Learn THIS to Master Your Mind!) The Secret Your Youniverse Channel 2019 we all know how vital it is to keep our eye on the prize when using the law of attraction to manifest intentionally and a disciplined mind is key to creating intentional results however it can be difficult to achieve certain goals while attempting to avoid thinking of what we don’t want especially if our own current reality is giving us evidence of those things to improve your results it’s important to take conscious control of your mind if your consciousness is split it won’t have the opportunity to give you 100% of its energy and resources to assist you in creating what you desire for instance it’s not always easy to imagine yourself as an abundant person when you’re physically faced with bills that don’t match your income and it’s not always easy to see yourself in a loving relationship when current circumstances say it’s not true and if you keep thinking about how bad your body feels it can be difficult to imagine yourself as well we have thousands of thoughts that run through our mind each day but how much time do we spend managing those thoughts mental discipline is all about the ability to choose your thoughts consciously and stay focused on those thoughts the calmer we can make our subconscious thinking and any background noise it attempts to create the better results we can achieve what if I asked you to think about having an abundant life in whatever form abundance means to you without any thoughts of the opposite this sounds difficult to do because of the automatic thoughts produced in the mind that may tend to disagree but if I reframed my request and asked you not to try to be perfect with this challenge but just do the best you can that would seem more like a reasonable request in fact you could probably tell MANIFEST MORE With The Law Of Attraction in 2019! (Learn THIS to Master Your Mind!) The Secret Your Youniverse Channel 2019 yourself that you could attempt to dedicate as much time as possible to senior life in a very abundant way and again reasonably you could probably work your way up to making that happen anywhere from about 70 to 90% of the time with just a little discipline just like your physical muscles your mind muscles need a challenge to stretch their limits and make them stronger so you don’t have to be perfect you just want to practice to get good at it here are a few simple ways to begin disciplining your mind to focus intentionally and create more positive mental habits number one when doing a task focus all of your attention on the task at hand try not to think about what will happen after the task is complete or about what is happening around you or even about the things that have already occurred for instance when you’re eating a meal Center your attention on the taste and texture of that meal slowed-down what you’re doing and observe all of the physical and emotional sensations you are experiencing make the decision to be present with what is happening during that moment in that moment only you can use this for any task you are undertaking in the current moment it could be as simple as paying attention to how your body moves as you walk from one place to another or how the water sounds and feels as you’re washing a dish in the sink this exercise not only improves your concentration but it keeps any past negative mental habits of thinking from having the free space to surface number 2 test yourself to see how long you can hold a single thought in your mind without experiencing a distracting thought start by choosing an object and think solely of that object for as long as you’re able to this is a great exercise for raising your awareness of just how easily your mind can become distracted from focus and concentration you may realize that the first time you attempt this it might MANIFEST MORE With The Law Of Attraction in 2019! (Learn THIS to Master Your Mind!) The Secret Your Youniverse Channel 2019 only be a matter of seconds before another competing thought comes to mind but with practice you can teach your mind to hold a single thought for several minutes number three use curiosity to your advantage to take the previous tip to a whole new level when we add curiosity to the task of focusing on just one thought we can teach our mind to focus on that thought more intently for instance if you were to focus on the thought of abundance and you chose money to represent that thought ask yourself some questions that would help your mind concentrate on it more intently examples might be what shape does this money have what color is it what does it look like if I turn it over how close are far away does it seem in my mind can I draw it in even closer and examine it more thoroughly these types of questions can help you stay focused on one thought for quite some time as compared to the ways in which we typically focus on them it can also help suppress any negative assumptions that may have once occurred with that particular thought we have an enormous amount of stimuli competing for our attention each and every day to manifest a truly abundant life amidst these distractions disciplining the mind and mastering our attention is key you are the sum total of your thoughts so I’ll ask you again for all of the abundance related thoughts that go through your mind each day with abundance meaning all of the positive things you would like to see as a manifestation in your life what are you willing to do to stay focused on that manifestation more often than not you might be amazed how much your life can radically improve just by paying attention to your attention MANIFEST MORE With The Law Of Attraction in 2019! (Learn THIS to Master Your Mind!) The Secret Your Youniverse Channel 2019