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Manifestation Habits That Changed My Life ✨ Law of Attraction Tips

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Hey guys! Welcome back to Lavendaire. It’s Aileen. Today I want to share some manifesting habits that I’ve used in my life to manifest and create this reality that I live today. It’s kind of crazy to see how I’ve written things down or dreamt things up years and years ago, and now they’re a part of my reality. I can’t attribute all of it to manifesting. Of course, you have to take action and there’s time, there’s a lot of factors that are involved. But I did start cultivating these law of attraction-inspired habits really early on to propel me into the future. And back then, when I was doing all of these things, I wasn’t sure if they were working. I wasn’t sure if this would actually shape my reality. But now, I can look back and say, “Wow, I think it did work.” It did definitely play a part in my journey.

So the first habit – and I’m going to start really simple – is: I wrote down my goals and I reviewed them often. I would keep notes on my phone that I’ve pinned to the top in my Simple Notes app, notes like my Vivid Vision, my ultimate vision for my life, and my yearly goals. I would constantly review those to myself and when I created the Artist of Life Workbook, that’s where I started writing down my goals in that workbook, and I would review the workbook monthly at least. I found this stat in an article that only 3% of Americans write their goals down on paper, and less than 1% review those goals daily. So if you put yourself in that less than 1% that writes your goals down and reviews them daily, then that is one way to propel yourself closer to your goals, because you want to stay focused on them.

Only when you write things down, you make it “real” in your mind first. Things have to be real in your mind first before it can be real in life. So write it down, and then when you review it daily, you’re focusing on it and you’re kind of connecting your energy to the energy of that goal. And thus, you attract that reality, that goal, into your life because you’re an energetic match for that goal. If all this doesn’t really make sense, I do have another video on law of attraction – what it is, how it works – that I’ll link down below. Next manifesting habit that I’ve done in the past is actually memorizing and repeating my goals and affirmations in my head, in bed, before I go to sleep. If you know me, I’ve talked about my sleep habits and stuff. I tend to have trouble falling asleep at night, and I kind of have insomnia sometimes.

Anyway I figured that since it was so hard for me to fall asleep, I might as well use that time in bed, closing my eyes and repeating my desires over and over and over again in my head. And this is something that I did in 2014. I want to read to you an example of a phrase that I would say to myself, literally on repeat, hundreds of times. “I am boldly expressing my joy and zest for life with my growing audience on Lavendaire. As I travel the world and create beautiful works of art, I am constantly sharing my inspiration, my experience, and my wisdom with millions of people.” Keep in mind that, this, I wrote in 2014 before I had any subscribers, before anyone was watching my videos, before I was traveling a lot, before so many things manifested into my reality.

I couldn’t even reach 1,000 people, but I was saying in the present tense: I am reaching millions of people. I’m traveling the world doing all these amazing things. So I just had that vision in my mind. I’d repeat phrases like this over and over and over again. And I kind of forgot that I did this until recently. I was reminded, talking to a friend about law of attraction. So I was like, “Yeah, I should probably share that online,” that I used to repeat my desires. And you have to repeat it in present tense, because law of attraction states that you want to feel as if you’re living that life, or as if that thing that you want has already happened. That way, you’re kind of tricking your mind to truly believe that you’re already there, and that kind of attracts that reality to you sooner. Another similar thing that I used to do is: At the gym, I would run on the treadmill from 20-30 minutes, while repeating positive affirmations in my head.

I don’t go to the gym to run treadmill, because I like other types of classes, but I used to say things like, “I am beautiful, strong, lean.” I would just say all these things, all these positive thoughts and desires, say it in the present tense. And as I was running, it kind of became a chant or just something to run along with to the beat. I know it’s kind of weird to some people, but I really do believe that it works, because it makes you feel strong and vibrant. And as you say these positive things, you’re kind of motivated to keep running because you’re like, “Yeah, that’s what I want! Let’s go!” So that’s another trick. All of this brings me to my next habit, which is: Scripting. Scripting is something that I’ve done for years, and I still do it now, every once in a while. Scripting is journaling in the present tense of the life that you want to live, journaling your desires.

And it’s kind of life what I was talking about before, feeling it, writing it in present tense. Scripting is just the journaling exercise to do that, and it lets you get super detailed, paint the picture of what you want your life to look like in all of these different areas. Scripting, you can do it, say… Lean into the future 3 years or 10 years or 20 years, and you can imagine what you want your life to look like at that moment, and write a journal entry of what you would write if you were there. “I woke up this morning, had a beautiful,” – I don’t know – “yoga session, drank a cup of tea”.

Really get detailed on it and write all the wonderful things that you’ve accomplished and how you feel after accomplishing all those things that you want to accomplish. And it’s just a really fun thing to do. My friend, Kimberley Wenya Loo, she actually scripts every single morning. She’s a manifesting coach. The more you do it, the more natural it feels to write in that present tense. And you won’t really be able to tell the difference between what is your reality and what is that desired reality that you’re writing in. You literally want to close that gap between where you really are, where you want to be. But you’ll write in a sense that you can’t really tell whether it’s real or not, and that’s kind of the trick. The next manifesting habit is to use visuals to attract your desired reality, and I’ve talked about this many times. You can use a vision board. I recently made a vision board video. A vision board is just images on a board – either digital or physical – that represent your desired life.

That’s really powerful. Another one that I’ve shared in the past that’s in the Artist of Life Workbook is Current Me vs. Future Me. That’s an exercise that I started doing in 2012, just kind of painting the picture of my current state, and then my ideal self in the future that I want to be. When you kind of lay it all out visually, it really helps to see how you can bridge that gap and how you can move from this current self to the future self. After doing that exercise for so many years, I feel like more and more, I’ve become that future ideal self, especially when I look back at the first one that I ever created. I basically have almost everything that I wanted back then, now. And it’s really amazing. The next manifesting habit that I’ve done in the past is listening to Deepak Chopra meditations or audiobooks before I go to sleep. As you can tell, before I go to sleep, I have a lot of time before I actually fall asleep, so I like to use that time productively.

I just started listening to Deepak Chopra meditations. I was like, “Okay, let me try this. Maybe it will help me fall asleep.” And in listening to his meditations – he has audiobooks, I’ll link my favorite ones down below – he has some on Creating Affluence, the Spiritual Laws of Success, all of these amazing, amazing resources. And for some reason, I really enjoy Deepak Chopra’s voice, because he speaks with so much wisdom. It might just be his accent that makes him sound wise, but I just really, really love his stuff. I feel like, listening to something that deep and that enriching before bed, it’s a way to let it marinate in your mind and infuse it into who you are, your subconscious, and thus, your reality. Basically, these are resources that you can listen to over and over again.

And he actually recommends that you listen to it multiple times, just so you understand. I think my favorite one is probably the Creating Affluence one where he goes from A to Z on all the values and principles that you want to live with, to create affluence in your life. And it’s just something that I really enjoy. Maybe it’ll work for you, maybe it won’t, but give it a try. The last manifesting habit that changed my life is actually the most important. And I should have started with this first but I didn’t want to bore you guys because it’s not new. It’s something you’ve heard over and over again, but it’s to cultivate a practice of gratitude, and also cultivate this feeling of abundance and feeling blessed in your life. It’s so important to feel that joy, that gratitude, because when you feel like that, you’re going to invite more of that feeling into your life. You’re going to invite more realities, opportunities, material things that will make you feel even more grateful, even more abundant in your life. I realize that, back then, when I was struggling, I saw everything through the eyes of lack, like “I don’t have this.

I don’t have that.” I felt like I was just lacking in so many areas. That just made me tumble down into a more negative cycle of “I’m not enough. I’m not successful enough. I’m not good enough. I’m not smart enough or talented enough. Nothing’s working for me.” Shifting that mindset and starting gratitude journaling, starting to look at the beautiful things in life: what’s working, what’s going right. Once you shift your mindset to that joy, that love and gratitude, then you invite positive things to come into your life, to actually represent that reality.

The world is really just shaped by your perception of the world. If you see negativity and lack, that’s what you’re going to create more of. And if you see love, joy, abundance, then you’re going to create more of that. And I really have shifted my mindset completely to: Every day I feel grateful. Every day I feel blessed and abundant, and I have more than enough in my life. And thus, once I have that mindset, money comes easy to me, everything is beautiful around me. Even if you have bad days or if bad things are happening in the world, you still see that positive, that silver lining, and there’s still so much good and beauty in the world to appreciate. So it really is just that shift in perception that changes so much, and I think shifting to gratitude, joy, abundance, that is absolutely necessary. It’s the foundation, the baseline to manifest the reality that you desire.

So I hope that this video helped you. I shared some of my manifesting secrets. Let me know if you’d like to try any of these, let me know if you have any manifestation stories of your own. Leave them down below. And if you have any questions or more videos that you want me to make about this, let me know. Sending you so much love. Bye guys! Have a great day! .

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