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Mantak Chia: Techniques to Activate The Second Brain

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The British scientists discover that we have a second brain human is a very important bio battery that can be charged in store and get energy or some people depending on coffee depending on a smoke to stimulate the body we food the body to give us anything people are successful because they they know how to focus and concentrate the energy when people are not success the micro one way the I go one way the Hat for one way so energy very scared and you lose energy you’re 73 years old you don’t get sec to you know a long time she is an energy in Chinese we caught Chi in individual prana in many system they have different name for them what are the west collar what are the americans by requirements of energy or electro magnetic power and we are electrical man we have electricity in science we need that it is t to run our life we have bio electromagnetic energy but we never focus it the first step you focus and now even focus to her energy immediately so so the dow discovered that four thousand years at least written down and tap on the war two thousand five years that a terminal area where you can store in abdominal area yes okay now you cannot store it in the brain you know store energy in half human is a very important bio battery that can be charged can charge in store and get energy and that is a domino so the Westerner discovered that intestinal intestine doesn’t know here the structure of intestinal is like a battery negative positive negative positive it can charge anything they discover that but they never go on what to do it scientists they discover the second brain there hundred years ago and you know they still don’t know what to do but now this just after 100 years they have a breakthrough now they discover that we have another Hawkins in the abdominal they called a man in mustn’t hurry this organ actually control all the digestion exception and elimination so they have one like conductor it’s a big August cover the the spleen the stomach the pancreas the liver the small intestine the last interesting the tower and they dialect now so now I understand all this what the Dow will talk about this the center of this new organs is in the center of the nether right here right in here okay actually about this big of big organ but they are on the back however all the digestion because you see digestion you have liver gallbladder stomach thank you spleen also hard up now we leave that and this big and including the stomach they are doing so many job in digestion and everybody doing different job if you don’t have a director control them like the brain so the the British scientists discovered that we have a second brain and this second brain amazing they’re conducting everything and the DAO discovered that if you keep this second brain here warm and this also a battery can store energy people are draining that so all what we do now the other people now is exhausted because the battery the bio battery ran out now your mobile telephone when your battery don’t charge yes okay so we’re not charging up our abdomen which is where our growl is right and we’re using our stomach really to just consume things right but but now we know that this is more than just digestion they can remember they can stall so now that I’ve talked about this one stall emotional negative and positive stores emotions yes now the rest know that love in half right right and what happened the other organ yes so I love joy happy in the heart but also hatred impatient hastiness is in the heart so the negative positive now you have to fire balance some of them is too extreme when to extremely hate people hate people and cue people so now love and hate have to be fire balance so no negative in no sin and no evil or goodness because you had to fire balance everything in the world have to fire balance okay so the heart has those emotions yeah and the liver have are angry jealousy envy frustration it’s a lot of emotions how do we know that’s in the liver I don’t know cause the Dow or we talked this four thousand years which we know yeah the hot star look and why not the other I don’t know we always say heart I don’t know I don’t know how we know just like you say trust your gut yes I don’t know where that came from I guess because we but this is important yeah when people shouted you boom you feel like something hitting in your stomach because the liver actually take the angry and store in here okay so that’s why the dow say hey if you don’t clean out this one you only you cannot clean up from the brain right okay the brain people think that everything emotional is the brain no negative emotional library card record out in the office organ by organ like kidney now the West discovered that also the fear in the kidney alright so we have to start paying more attention to our bodies yes you’re not just our biceps and our other things like the ins the internal parts internal my master told me say if you take care of your five major organs the five minutes all major organs strong you can take out million problem all right so that’s the first step recognizing these organs are important what’s the next step in the master chia process for me you know it’s good to be just do some simple exercise okay I’m a sitting position because we have the fluid inside and everything is a free-floating so the first step in a dowser hey there’s first step we have the particle free-floating in the spine and when we sit we sit on the panel so that we have the second pump and cranium okay so that is the major part so a very simple exercise we say moving the spark of fluid and the brain fluid okay so what we do with inhale we call like this we inhale you expand your chest you expand your stomach and your neck go and now when you exhale you cup down so you’ve curved everything now inhale exhale cook enough that you feel because we have a to tendon that when you curve them we activate the pump also inhale exhale you know my breathing in golden light into your spy and your brain and exhale cloudy and created an owl sometimes we just let go all the emotion or everything doubted about when you do for a while you rub your hand on and you cover the sacrum and you cranium so now when you when you rest for a while you can really feel like you feel that warm your second warm and your cranial this is the cranial pump so we have a hump because we stand up so the doll step when we stand up we last 24 story when you move them something move and now when you can feel them okay conscious feel about some something moving and is he moving we call the beginning practicing the Chi okay the energy the chief of the Jersey Boys so Chi flow so when you feel that warm night and your host and your rec woman when you smile and you feel your whole spine nice and warm and you inhale that’s how the fruit go up when you inhale dr.

Co-op when you excel the three core now inhale so you’re just your circum and lumbar have to move because the doubt say we have seven pounds way important because we are pumped if we sit too long we sit on a pumpkin okay and humble look okay we don’t work what we do with height exhausted okay and we depending on coffee or some people depending on a smoke to stimulate the body to keep up with food the body to give us anything okay okay there’s no key okay and now this is the frog now we have 2/3 of the fluid in here 2/3 of foods we started with the spine of the work of reading that breathing technique was to get the spinal fluid going okay and you would do that longer normally we nominate breasts feel the energy flow and not a99 if you do nine nine eighteen or twenty or thirty six that’s a good number of you so you would do that and you wrap your further flow that’s that is how we call energy okay you feel chief oh okay and then you warm your heads and you put it here afterwards I’ll just record a little poop I’m a big place to warm them up okay to warm them up and you feel there’s something moving okay and you do this sitting down or you can do that standing up to standing up is the best is the best for that exercise okay okay the same exact but the next one we divide here because this is the fluid right this is the most important part more important part because two-third of the fluid come in here okay because we have all the organ you have the leeward text so must walk a blood kidney take so much blood that makes more interesting when we eat so much blood coming to take nutrition everything it’s a so much blood right and the whole key is the sickness it comes from the signals come from that when the fruit don’t flow okay okay and this TechNet now every sickness come okay we take so many million and million a method try to fix this or can problem when you walk through like a Western hospital and you see all these sick people do you just think man why don’t they just get breathing get the motor moving and then what half of them would be are the hospital they see all of them would be I have so many student that come to me they so sick like in France this time they said I’m came here two days only they say I feel so much better just by this breathing by the fluid flow aware of the free flow and aware the Tanjung can starchy and not have because they drain themselves and they don’t do you keep on using your mobile telephone and you don’t you don’t track them it’s gonna go okay okay so now it’s racing and all happen in here we said we we have lower abdominal yeah meat dough okay Apple okay so lower part we have sexual organ okay and we have elimination that is the last intestine in here we have small intestine the exception and kidney and here we have all the digestion people don’t care about it okay and people so stressful stress we come not the Western day the definition is that stress is when you in stress we call fight and fire Expo you are photo wall or your running ok fight-or-flight response with stress okay and now when you are in when you in the resting mode you are in rest and digestion but when you stress digestion nearly slowdown or non digestion okay now no no food supply we’re gonna we’re gonna lose the wall so you’re very simple except you except for $10 stomach in how you put your finger and some people in a warmer place they can use the mouth and when you nighttime your ass you see and you feel the Chico is this after you exercise your right to feel the energy and you learn how to control and you learn how to guide the energy and the fruit flow and it is flow wind when wind blow the wave code when no wind no wave when no we’re all like on you in the seaside say oh my god so hot and the fish and everything cannot cross okay no wind no cheese no nothing flow you