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Good morning insiders how are you all doing change of scenery today huh so we’re currently not at my house I’m currently checked into a hotel as I’m attending yet another self development business event as you guys know I’m regularly traveling all around the world attending events in self growth or business or marketing as I truly believe you know although they require investment the investment pays off tenfold right especially when in self-development I’m a big fan of you know hiring coaches as well as getting leverage from attending events and so forth anyways the reason why I decided to record this and quite early right now is a 5:38 a.m. is because I’ve been getting a lot of requests on by Facebook as well as even on YouTube comments asking me to post my morning ritual in fact if you type in success insider on YouTube you’ll notice it comes up with cologne right I’m not sure why you guys typing in what aftershave but I have placed that video I use but you guys have been typing in ritual when morning ritual so it’s clear that there is a demand right so I decided to post this video just show you what I do I just wanna I just want you to bear in mind though because I’m not at home I didn’t have all the supplements I take I don’t have all the water and I’ll show you what what I mean by all the water because I do drink a lot of water and that I would like to have and I didn’t have everything available such as meditation mat and so forth so I’m just gonna make the most of it so the first thing I do because I’ve literally woken up by the way is I go onto my phone right and I’m aware back on my mind that one hour after you wake up and one hour before you go to sleep you’re the closest to your unconscious mind young conscious state so I’m totally aware of that therefore the first thing I’m gonna do from waking up is I’m gonna start playing some empowering let’s say motivational videos in the background so it’s positive positively brainwashing my my unconscious state or I’m gonna listen to some podcast um you know right now listening to some inside quest for it’s a very good interview podcast and also lets me see on which which guests to invite next you know it gets me some ideas and so I’ve just got that playing in the background the moment I wake up right just some empowering stuff from great people and then basically this is what I’m gonna do so I walk into usually my into my kitchen by the up kitchen it since I’m at a hotel so I grab usually more than this because I used to have much more water this is literally about 300 ml I usually have have about hmm around 750 I would say and this is where the magic happens so this is called called a go stack and basically this is where I store my supplements when I go traveling although I’m going to Bali in December probably have to buy a couple of these because it’s going to be a two-week trip out there so basically what I do is let me just put the camera down is a literally take there you go so I take a scoop right and I’m a genius I didn’t bring my scoop I’m just going to do a spoonful and I literally wipe that in my mouth and swash it down on the empty stomach by the way and then you’ve got some creatine powder here by the way guys in regards to anything that I recommend in this video I’m going to chuck it into the description box below so you can learn more about it about why I take it as well as you know if you want to purchase it straight away I’ll chuck a link so you can do that as well and so these are particularly brands that I use and have basically experimented with over the years and as you can see from the top and there are supplements supplements are we take it after breakfast today you probably want me see you probably wouldn’t see me having breakfast today as I you don’t have to get changed go downstairs so forth but I’ll be keeping that my pocket and I’ll have it straight after breakfast okay there you go some green powders amazing that’s one hardcore way of doing it cause you can actually just mix in the glass but you know I’ve been doing this for a while now so yeah it tastes quite nice so I’m used to it you know again I’m not having it because of the taste I’m having it because of the benefits and one of the benefits of benefits I have noted and from just basically not having it literally when I was in Florida about a month ago I’ve forgot to take my green powders and the moment I remember literally after like day two my skin just starts flaring up right I started getting spots everywhere like all over my face as well as just losing mental clarity first thing in the morning because they might have this on the empty stomach and you know it’s got literally over 20 vegetables in here natural vegetables right and if imagine taking 20 vegetables or eating 20 vegetables first thing in the morning it’s a hard job but with with the use of green powder it’s all possible and that’s why you know I like to have it first thing in the morning once and I’m on a empty stomach and I’ll jump in the shower let it all just digest and my my body has got all the goodness to to really start my morning ritual so after this I’m gonna have my creatine on empty stomach as well I’m gonna wet that my stomach and yeah I’ll go from there this looks like drugs guys look at that white powder straight my mouth god I need some more water what’s up with this okay that’s shower done and as you can see I’ve got my podcast usually got my empowering video thing playing in the background whilst I’m having shower and also during that shower period I do a lot of reflection of the day before and I always like to think to myself what am i truly truly grateful for and I just wanna say it’s just for me what I’m so grateful for is as you guys and it can’t be any more true because it happens a lot nowadays especially since the viral growth know you guys know that my my youtube channel exploded a couple months ago where it went from around 10,000 views to a million in literally under three days as a result you know I do get end up being noticed and there at this event yesterday I saw especially one of my coaching clients I’ve never met face-to-face Tiago Suoras massive shoutout to you and I saw two or three people who’ve seen my youtube channel I think it’s free people who came up to me and they were like wow great work I really admire and literally you when I was going up my basically up to my room yesterday had another guy approached me last minute he’s like oh can I please shake your hands and you know it’s just I’m just so grateful for that I’m grateful for the fact that I can truly truly say that this YouTube channel is truly making an impact what I envisioned literally like 14 months ago when I created this YouTube channel is now becoming true all those hours are dedicated to basically just putting in every single weekend you know recording videos coming out new content is now all paying off in regards to just making the impact leaving a true legacy and you know with almost 60,000 followers I just I’m blown away you guys know that I’m doing a speech in London sharing the stage with likes of Jairek Robbins you know business leaders like Eric Ho like all of these great guys is truly that’s the fact that I took action on what I believe to be right from in regards to my feeling with as to what my heart is saying I literally followed my heart and took action it didn’t make logical sense it didn’t but guess what it just felt right and I thought it needs to do it and this is the only reason why I’m here and there only reason why I managed to transform my life is because I took action on what I felt is right it felt weird knowing that you know when I used to hang around in gangs it felt like almost strange and my friends were saying not to do it when they told me Tim don’t move to London why’d you want to do that why do they leave us behind but something told me deep inside that I needed to take action and because I took action that single decision change my destiny as Tony Robbins likes to say it’s in the moment of decision your destiny is shaped and my decision that single decision although might my peers were trying to pull me back because I followed my heart and took action I ends up getting all the results right I went from somebody who’s dead broke to truly living a life of freedom freedom and abundance so I urge you you know I’m not here to just preach on today but I urge you whenever you have a feeling over something don’t let the fear get the better of you because some people mistake intuition for fear fears which one to hold you back your intuition the feeling sometimes doesn’t make logical sense but you got just got to do it because that’s the thing I believe your destiny is just trying to pull your toes but the more you resist and say no no no leave living my comfort zone the more you never get to really live the life you’re born to live anyways on that side no so that’s what I do the morning that’s almost what’s going on in my internal voice box in the shower okay guys so that’s me dressed and I’m gonna put on some socks anyways um so I forgot to mention in regards to the shower I do do cold shower first thing in the morning especially when I’m thing feeling bit tired or bit fuzzy-headed as it really wakes me up and they’re really you know as I like to say to you insiders it trains that action taking machine because cold showers especially when you’re not used to it basically what is doing if you really think about it let me turn on some more lights if there are any let’s have a look turning off alright gonna leave it like this um basically yeah so I have my normal shower which is warm and is comfortable right and then I step out the shower and make it full blast cold and then once then I can feel the cold cause you can feel it just kind of out spraying a little bit like that you know the water droplets and you can really hear your mind that mind that holds you back saying not to do it that mind which has held you back from for this this length of time it always tells you not to do it and that’s the moment that I’m smiling like to myself saying shut the fuck up I am gonna do it anyway and I say out loud I can I will I must and I take action on I must and I step forwards and I just embrace that coldness and basically what I’m training my unconscious mind is basically I’m gonna take action no matter what right so I’m just basically from first thing in the morning I’m telling my mind I’m gonna take action I ain’t gonna procrastinate and this little habit alone I believe has really resulted in me in never really procrastinating you’re right people who know me personally know that I never procrastinate alright hardly ever procrastinate I think what of the reasons is because I’m really aligned with my mission really love what I do and also secondly is because I train my action taking machine this is a habit I’ve created you know over the years right whenever I feel fear I just do it and people nowadays you know almost here these these quotes and they say these good stuff but people don’t do what they do they know right people nowadays say yeah it’s great to do this great to do that but they don’t do it themselves so I always felt like the need to be that person who actually practices what what he preaches and I always felt like this whole industry of self-development of coaching you know I only fell into it because I my life change from having a coach myself but at the same time I found out there’s a whole dark shaded area the shady area of self development coaches where a lot of them don’t even do what they preach that’s ridiculous and that’s one of the reasons why enter this market to be that congruent person who actually practices and does what he actually knows because it’s so easy to say stay motivated but actually doing it yourself totally totally different matter right anyways rant over rant over so what’s next is um the good old Gatsby returns good old Gatsby returned and I just figured out and I just thought to myself then I don’t know where the hair hair dryer is so might you just have to wait until my hedge rice but this stuff guys if you’ve got an Asian hair and it’s really hard to style this stuff this shit is the best seriously oh I will check this in the into the description as well because this is like literally I’ve been using this for like seven blushes this stuff is the only stuff that actually works for my hair and I’m a big fan of gatsby I get it and this particular product I bought like a bulk over whilst I was on holiday in Thailand now I remember seeing in the stores because you can’t buy it in England’s you got to order it internationally and from like Korea or Japan so I just bought like like so many from the shop and so I’m just gonna wait until my hair dries and then I’ll go from there okay guys guess what I’ve finally found the hair dry but things is a bit too late it was hidden here like a gun almost right love the love the positioning of that okay in the meantime I just basically brush my teeth and I was just going through some messages I received on Facebook thank you so much guys for all of you who do message me and you know leave me wonderful messages although I didn’t always get the time to get back to you I do tend to read every single one I do receive and so just want say for all of you who have you know said you know you love my work and then it’s been changing your life thank you thank you forever so the particular person I would like to give a massive shout out to is a guy called Chris Lee so Chris Lee has just left me a message saying Tim I love your story and you were one of the people that really resonated basically in this group that we’re in for this event and he said that he was hoping to meet me before he left and he said you will probably come find me today so Chris Lee if you’re seeing this massive shout out bro I’m sure we’ll meet if it’s meant to be if it’s meant to be if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be or if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be I’ve even talked this morning but I’m sure we’ll meet bro and so now I am debating in my mind whether or not I should wear a shirt since it’s my first day at the event I probably probably will but for the time being I’m gonna do my hair okay guys hair is done and now there’s gonna be a time to relax so what I do it depends recently I’ve been experimenting with a thing called dynamic meditation which is a crazy jump jump jump and moving around sort of meditation it’s a bit crazy but I found it to be quite powerful actually I was probably down to the fact that is bit of a pattern interrupt and different from my normal routine and so that’s probably why it’s been so effective and then if you guys have not heard of dynamic meditation before simply type it into YouTube and you better find out what it is but today I’ll be using my typical usual meditation routine which is using the app called headspace headspace is an app that’s very popular and I’m sure you guys heard about it before if not check it out you know they’ve got a free 10-day trial and it’s definitely worth it investing an investment in yourself so I’m going to just do a quick ten minutes today so yeah it’s gonna play a video ok so I’ll see you on the other side hey insider it so basically that’s all done and I’m feeling all zen then I’ve also worked down the shirt I decided to go for a smart look instead today instead of the casual look now its supplement time but I’m not gonna take it until after breakfast so I’m gonna go downstairs in a moment to have breakfast and then basically after my meal I’m gonna basically take my supplements and that since I would be taking my camera down there I decided to just show show you what I’m gonna take this morning and that will be it for this whole morning ritual as you can see this is quite a simple morning ritual I’ve got but it honestly makes the difference but again it’s all about finding what works for you because you know you may find that some of the things I do in the morning doesn’t really prime you for the day ahead but the most important thing is that you do try the things you’ve never tried before such as if you don’t meditate try it and then try it consistently don’t just try it for one day and say it doesn’t work try it for at least a month give it a time for it to really set in and you’ll notice gradual changes same with these supplements right these aren’t instant like fixes right it’s just like going to the gym first time to go for a gym for seven hours let’s say for one day do I expect to gain muscle no you got to be consistent with the actions right so fast going one hour every single day after seven days year I would probably notice some little level difference by if I was to go for a whole month guess what I will notice some games when it comes to maintaining your action taking machine when it comes to priming yourself so you feel absolutely 100% for the rest of the day it comes down to habits how often are you doing these things every single morning because if your constantly slipping if you constantly not meditating every single morning but you get let’s say you meditate only on weekends guess what you’re not gonna get the full benefits so just treat it like how you would treat the gym right it’s going to be consistent actions and so with these supplements you know I’ve been taking them for last you know probably like seven plus years ever since I decided to you know embark on this journey of self reinvention I looked into supplements and I noticed as a habit of highly successful highly productive high performance is that they all supplement really really well with natural supplements so let me just show you this is called udo’s oil and I’m going to check a link to every supplement I’ve got in here just so you know the brand I buy so this is I take three capsules omega 3, 6 and 9 is for brain health as well as joints and so forth and I just dropped one okay now it’s gonna be a lot of you guys who have been following me for a while you notice that I take the vitamin thing called alive alive multivitamin and I take three of those it’s all-natural it’s got so many fruits and vegetables and then in addition I’ve got here here this is a probiotic I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you the benefits of probiotic it’s just full gut health and we need to really absorb everything you eat throughout the day because they have you know the healthy bacteria within your gut and then in addition we’ve got a new supplement I was recently recommended called lion’s mane mushroom which is basically to increase memory function and then increase recall in a memory recall so basically this is a small sample cause but well usually when I’m at home I do take more supplements like turmeric and cinnamon extract and so forth but this is what I take usually when I go traveling when I’m abroad or when I’m just basically going to conferences as these are my primary base supplements so these are the supplements I recommend and I have noticed a difference no after a day of course but over the long duration and again if you’re you know nowadays people think oh yeah what if I just eat a healthy diet well you’ll find even if you die it’s 100% on point you are probably deficient in some nutrients some vitamins and minerals as a result you aren’t performing at your peak and for me I’m all about all or nothing right if I want to go all in if I want to go all in it to health guess what I’m gonna buy the supplements cause that’s what it’s all about I believe if you’re gonna commit commit fully so that’s why I got into supplements enough honestly notice the difference ever since I started you know adding a green powder to my regime in the morning then taking the creatine which is for your memory taking things like lion’s mane mushroom which is for memory multivitamin which is for your your energy levels throughout the day literally it does make a difference but again these supplements can’t supplement a shit diet right you got to have your diet in check as well so I don’t eat you know the foods that are bad for your performance such as junk food and I’m sure I don’t have a lecture on you guys know what a bad food is I didn’t eat that because I noticed when I eat bad food guess what my performance dips right my brain performance really dips and I start procrastinating if I if I don’t eat healthy food because I crash right and so that’s why I never really fall into that trap of procrastination is because I I’m fully optimized you know I eat the foods I I drink just nice water to play waterway and then so I’ve never really just get that dip in energy like a lot of people turn to get so I believe it’s truly about committing if you really wanna truly commit to this high-performance lifestyle go all-out but again this can’t supplement a shit diet good diet is not in check if you’re not eating the right foods you can’t supplement him thinking is going to sort it out you got to fix a diet as well and literally when I was you know back in the days when I used to smoke and when I used to hang around with negative peers I used to have a really bad diet you know I skipped McDonald’s Burger King all the fast-food joints and I recall the moment I made a shift in my diet you know my productivity increased I stopped procrastinating purely down to the fact that my energy levels throughout the day was consistent and whilst on the other hand for people who don’t know you know the the basics of what they’re putting into their mouths the energy is kind of like this as a result you know no surprise and you begin to feel like the need to rest or begin to feel like the neither of doing something different us more fun in your eyes and so I really recommend something that seriously supplements is there one of those things I’ve done from the first day I decided enough is enough I’m willing to do what it takes to become the best version of myself anyways guys so I’m gonna go get some breakfast and then I’ve got a whole day of conference I just want to say that is my morning ritual I hope you enjoyed it anyways guys if you want to leave a personal comment or if you’re gonna asking me question or anything to do with success insider right this is our family after all you can do so by joining our Facebook success insider secret group which is our Facebook community and this is a secret group where we will hang about this is where we all network where you get to meet you know highly successful people as well as people who are literally starting their journey and also I’m always posting live videos in there so you get a chance to speak with me one-on-one and ask me questions live and video and so forth and you can join that group and I’ll check link into the description box below along with all the other products I recommended during this video today so guys I just want to say thank you so much for tuning in and as always my friend follow your heart and take action and go live the life your born to live speak to you guys soon and have a superb day see you soon you