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Oprah Winfrey Interviews Abraham & Esther Hicks: THE LAW of ATTRACTION and THE SECRET (Soul Series)

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Oprah Winfrey Interviews Abraham & Esther Hicks: THE LAW of ATTRACTION and THE SECRET (Soul Series) today we continue on talk to me and our series that we’ve been doing all this year one of my favorite subjects is the human soul one of my favorite things to talk about when I’m just sitting around hanging out with my friends is that mystical part of you and me that makes us who we are and transcend even what science can tell us because what I know for sure we are more than our bodies if you have tuned in to our television show in the last few months you’ve likely heard me talk about what has I would have to say at this point I think has become a global phenomenon a lot of people have been talking about the universal law of attraction and it’s been packaged very well I think in a new marketing form because the truth is there have been world philosophers for years who talked about the idea that we are more than our bodies and there’s more to our lives and what we can actually see and that really that what we are here is really an illusionary plane now everybody’s calling that the secret the secret is in fact a universal law I’m really as I’ve said on my show very excited because for years for me the real purpose of the Oprah Winfrey Show when I first figured out that I’d been given this opportunity to speak in people’s homes every day and that was more than just a show I understood that it was about teaching responsibility about letting people know that you are responsible for your life and so for years I’ve been talking about some of the principles involved in the secret and that is that the choices that you make every day and even more so than the choices the way you think and then make the choices has everything to do with what your life is and so in essence you are creating your reality every day believe that and seen it work in my own life in so many ways so I’m really excited that the secret has at least open consciousness in such a way that other people have been able to at least see that light that moment that says you know what I am more than my body there are no accidents everything is happening for a reason and I do have a lot of control over it many of you may not know that there is a secret behind the secret and that for over 20 years Esther Hicks and her husband Jerry have been spreading the word of that so-called secret that’s really not a secret because so many people have known it they’ve been spreading that the word of that to thousands upon thousands and thousands and thousands of people teaching this art of allowing your natural well-being to come forth through the law of attraction and using the law of attraction to create a more purposeful life it was based on her knowledge she says of this universal law that she was invited to be a primary contributing expert on the secret Esther Hicks was maybe you saw the original secret tape the original secret tape you’re on that tape Esther yeah yeah hi welcome first of all hi hi and so you’re on the first tape and until probably let’s see last weekend I saw a tape and you were not on it you were first on the tapes and now you’re not on the tapes can you tell us why your were on the tape are you not on the tapes well Rhonda originally came to us Rhonda Byrne supplier of the CBS darling girl yeah and she was on a cruise or two with us were you teaching this law of attraction to like 50 seminars a year and some cruises and so I had heard that she was there even though I haven’t met her okay I clarified that just to say oh we were cruising together there were a lot of us okay clarified so anyway they came on board and they videotaped our entire week-long cruise the whole Rhonda and her crew her crew there were a lot of them nice nice Australians and then we spent one day in another little room with a green screen behind and she interviewed Jerry and I and Abraham Abraham is the entity that you ever ahem is the weird part of me Abraham is the non-physical I’m glad you said is the non-physical entity that you use the word to me they are non-physical consciousness okay I quiet my mind and I tap into their vibration and then I speak what they say okay I know now okay I’m gonna come back to that yet so when Rhonda burns and her crew who were filming the secret at the time started taping you is that what we see on the original tape yes that’s Abraham that’s Abraham’s speaking yeah and so when I read your book yours and Jerry’s book on the law of attraction which I just noticed is on the bestseller list like this nice I think that’s very nice so when I read that book what I realized is that so much of what is said on an in the secret the tape is almost directly from your book well that book we just produced that book but it’s almost a literal transcription of early recordings we did the first recording being law of attraction the second one being the law of deliberate creation the third one being the law of allowing and Rhonda had been listening to those recordings she said to us one day in fact I really thank her for the idea about producing the book because she said to Jerry one day Jay I’ve been listening to these recordings over and over and over again and every time I hear them I hear something more from them I think you should put that into a book form and Jerry said I’ve been meaning to do it for a long time he had a lot of it already pulled together and Jerry your husband Jerry my husband yes so that’s how that book came about was the law of attraction a law of attraction book for those of you who have felt you know stimulated inspired by the secret I would have to say that the law of attraction really opens that door further in such a way that you begin to truly understand the principle behind the law of attraction and how it works in almost every phase of your life I know you believe it works in every phase of our lives I do I believe that the law of attraction that everything is a about that and once you understand the law of attraction and you are looking not only your own life but anybody else’s that you have you know that you’re close enough to really know what’s going on you can see that everybody gets exactly what they’re offering vibrationally well you know the criticism of the secret which I’m using the words interchangeably today but clearly I know the difference the secret is as I was saying earlier I think and you know there are people who say well no is it marketing I think I saw some article is it marketing or is it real well the truth is it is marketing it has been marketed and packaged in such a way that people you know of our generation of this time can receive it in a way that perhaps they couldn’t receive it with other philosophers or yes and and because of law of attraction because so many people are asking our contrasting experiences are making us ask more powerfully than ever before and so more people are asking I think that watching what Rhonda accomplished with the secret was maybe the best example I’ve ever seen of someone holding steadily to a thought or an idea and not letting anyone divert them from their idea and Law of Attraction now you see things that have manifested that she was talking about things like it was going to be a worldwide phenomenon and people around the world would benefit from it and everyone would be uplifted by it I think that what happened with the secret is a really good example of someone deliberately applying law of attraction and in fairness to Rhonda or anyone who’s trying to put such a big idea out in such a short period of time it isn’t possible to explain how to make that happen she studied for a long long long long time before she began applying it you know and so I hear criticism you know we get so much correspondence from people who have been studying our work for a long time who don’t like how it doesn’t say enough or don’t like how now it’s beginning to be diverted into different directions that’s kind of turning in the wind just a little bit Jerry and I always say in fairness what what a wonderful thing this is what a wonderful icebreaker it is and anybody who wants no more there a lot of people teaching what to do yes I think it’s exciting that we’re at a time where people begin to ask those questions about what is my life it’s so exciting to me that people are beginning to understand that they can do it themselves it’s all about self empowerment okay well let’s go to some of the criticism immediately because I thought when I first watched the secret I was excited about it because I thought wow this is great because people gonna realize that things aren’t just happening out of order but things are really very much happening in order and then I think the criticism has been well if things are happening in order if you’re really attracting everything into your life then when you have cancer you attracted that these are questions I really want you to put to Abraham because they explain it so much better those are hard questions but everything that everyone is living is coming in response to their vibrational output but most people don’t know what they’re doing okay children even children so bad things happen to children children who are innocent children who don’t know children who don’t know about their vibrational output well it’s it’s like we’re offering a vibration whether we know that we are or not and we learn our vibration I hear Abraham say that even when you’re in your mother’s womb we’re picking up on her vibration because of how she feels in her life and when you were born as that little baby you’re born into an environment where people around you feel a certain way we we see it even as we move around this nation that there are neighborhoods that you can just feel how those people feel and their lives reflected and then we see neighborhoods that you can just feel how those people feel and their lives reflected and so I don’t think anybody’s saying that you know Abraham says in Abraham is the the higher consciousness entity that you channel Abraham’s the broader perspective Abraham is Source Energy the the way source energy coming from the source and we all have access to it yes and through a process of meditation I managed to quiet my own resistance enough that my own vibration raised so that he tuned into them well this is a thing I know you’ve agreed to be here because I said to you I said when they were gonna get you here I said tell her please you’ve got to come on several shows just to come back because there is no way I’m gonna be able to get all my questions out in one session so I think in our next session I certainly want you to to channel Abraham but before you do that for everybody who’s listening right now you’re going what sounded weird to me over very weird hola I wanted you to tell people how absolutely normal you used to be you know what’s really funny it used to be so normal we think we’re normal now in fact Jerry was laughing about this this morning that somebody was talking about the weirdness of this and it doesn’t seem weird to us because we’ve been doing it for so long it’s hard for me to remember what life was like before I had this connection with Abraham and how did the connection start Jerry had been looking for ways to uplift people long before he even met me and so he really had that going on with him and someone with like motivational speaking not Jerry was never a motivator he was more an inspiring in that he always looked for strengths and people and then reflected it back to them okay so he found a book in a library one day written by Jane Roberts is this got this uh death I write all this up and so Jerry’s reading the set books and I was afraid of them they just seemed weird to me and so he read them in his private time and and that is so interesting you say that because I used to read them I was reading them back in the late 80s I think it was and then one time I just started to get weirded out by them and I removed them from my shelf because I didn’t want Seth speaking to me when I got up in the middle of the night to pee well I don’t know I don’t know I think what made me feel strange about it there was a very odd-looking picture on the back of the bus and it just kind of and so and so Jerry was white and yeah Jerry was wise enough not to push it at me he just read them and enjoyed them and then every now and again he had say something to me from one of them and I would say well that makes sense to me until in time I became more interested in the message and not so freaked out by the way the message came and so then we decided that we were going to try to find these people and meet with them because now we were brimming with questions yeah and so we were going to meet them and then like days after we’ve made the decision we’re going to try to find Jane and Rob so that could meet Seth there are the people who channels right okay they never used that word though I don’t even like that word because it means so many different things but anyways let’s think your way that it does and I’m anyway so we were in a little sandwich shop next to a book store and a person said to us just out of the blue have you read any the fifth material which was odd because we had not told a soul that’s what you’re just standing in a shop and then somebody else we were eating a sandwich and this man just said that to us and we said yes as a matter of fact we have been and he said did you know Jane Roberts is dead well that was shocking to me and upsetting I haven’t heard it and I felt like somebody had told me that my sister was dead and I didn’t know it it it had that kind of an impact but then we thought well no point in trying to find them because now we can’t meet Seth and so within days good friends and business partners in Phoenix came to us and they said we’ve got a tape we want you to hear and we said they were acting weird and I said what is it and they said well it’s Channel well we even know what channel Mints we said what’s that and they because what were you doing in your life because I mean I just I’m trying to establish this because were you the kind of couple that you’re hanging out with other couples where they’re going to Chandler’s no nothing like that no we were we Jerry was already financially successful so to tell you the truth mostly what we were doing is finding a good place to eat every day and shopping I mean that was sort of the way our life mostly was nice yeah what does that feel to be able to it’s a distant memory for me too really but anyway so they they gave us this recording and we listened to it and it was another woman who was speaking for another CEO so are you saying that these things are just happening unfolding unfolding yeah it just like Law of Attraction does once you get on a wavelength and other things like that come to you so I absolutely get that and I know people are listening right now you’ve seen I mean just the other day I was thinking about something thing about something I walk into my office I open the door and that’s what everybody in the room was talking about exactly yeah yes so we visited with the oh I wasn’t sure I wanted to go it was a beautiful poem no weird stuff going on théo relaxed it changed her consciousness is way she spoke it and Theo began speaking to you aren’t worried it out I was prepared to be weirded out okay and expected to be but the feeling of it was the most loving experience that I’d ever experienced evilly did immediately I didn’t know what it was but I believed it was good I’m talking to Esther Hicks who along with her husband Jerry Hicks their author of a book that’s now on the bestsellers list called the law of attraction it is really if I may say the secret behind the secret because they talk about Law of Attraction in depth and Rhonda burns went to them when she was preparing the secret so continued I’m just trying to find out how Esther came to be Esther who’s channeling that’s a way I use cuz it’s the most we can do okay channeling Abraham which he’s agreed to do for us on next week’s show but go ahead so Jerry has all of these questions that he’s asking and he has a lifetime of questions saved up for Theo and I didn’t say a word I just sat in amazement as I listen to the dialogue back and forth and then I said I want to go back tomorrow because now I have questions so we made another appointment we went back the next day and I said what can we do to more effectively achieve our goals and Theo said meditate and affirmations and gave us a wonderful affirmation and when she said meditate we were both put off by it because that just seemed weird to us I thought of people lying on beds of nails or walking on hot coals or or people standing at the airport standing on one foot with her hand out and yeah so I said what do you mean meditate and Theo said sit in a quiet room and wear comfortable clothing and focus on your breathing and when your mind wanders and it will just focus back on your breathing again then the tape recorder clicked off my time is up and there was a girl in the room and I’m with Stevie I’ve never forget her and she said well do you have one last question because she could see I was a little frustrated that my time was up and she said like do you want to know who your spiritual guide is why would have never asked that because I had never heard that term but what a year was this this was 1984 okay yeah so I said yeah it sounded good who is my spiritual guide and Theo he hesitated I thought oh no this is bad news I thought maybe my spiritual guide with some somebody someone bad you know cuz she hesitated and then she said we are told it will be given to you directly you’ll have a clairaudient experience and you will know a clairaudient experience I didn’t know what that meant okay so do we all have spiritual guides yes hmm yes do you believe that some have more than others no I believe that we all are extensions of Source Energy and we all have equal access to this wonderful energy it’s just a matter of getting into the place where you can hear do you have one or two or three or ten I see I when I first was thinking of Abraham I thought of them as like an individual in Sanko Abraham as many entities they refer to themselves as we they say there are collective consciousness yeah you must admit that this is the sound strange it has to it has to I know how I felt about it I know how I felt about it in the beginning and I have to say if it hadn’t happened to me I probably well I can’t say that because I was listening to Jerry Reed Seth to me and I was captivated by what I heard from Theo and Stevie who was in the room stead it looked as if my heart opened I mean so who knows you can’t say what would have been okay and so when you first started channeling Abraham you go into meditation and what happened so we went home put on our bathrobe sat in a quiet room pulled the drapes sat in wingback chairs with an energy R between us because it was frankly just too weird to do it together and I just focused on my breathing we set a timer for 15 minutes and right away I felt numb detached and it was an incredible sensation so the timer went off and I said let’s do it again so we set the timer again and again I just breathed focused on my breathing and I couldn’t tell my nose from my foot now I’m excited about whatever this is because of the feeling of it and about the third that is now you’re just meditating just that you love the feeling so much the feeling of it and it’s because it’s better than shopping just been shopping and eating so you think it is now I was meditating I I didn’t know what I was reaching for I what was in my mind is I’m gonna meditate every day for 15 minutes whatever that means and I’m gonna find out the name of my spiritual guide that was really what was in my milk and so right before right at the end of that what would is now about 45 minutes of meditation something breathed me it was the most incredible air drawing in air pushing out I felt like I was a billows that someone was breathing and it was the most loving incredible feeling of well-being that I had ever experienced in my life and I wanted more of it something breathe something breathe me that’s the only way I know now it was my first interaction with Abraham but so we managed it he say I am Abraham oh no was just because I couldn’t have heard that yeah well we meditated for about nine months and nothing happened except I got numb every day and I like the sensation of it and then it gets weirder one day while we were meditating my head just started sort of moving gently and I loved it felt like flying and the next day the same thing and about the next day while my head was moving I realized it wasn’t just randomly moving it was actually like spelling letters like my nose was writing on a chalkboard and I realized they were going through the alphabet and I was on em and oh and I said to Jerry I’m spelling the alphabet with my nose and Jerry got a notebook what did you think was going on with see when it’s happening it feels wonderful and it feels normal it’s Jerry is the one that had to be wondering what was going on because I would have called the doctors we might have if we hadn’t experienced Theo we might have if we haven’t been reading all of this wonderful information from since okay so now we’ve got the combination of intellectually understanding that we’ve connected to something and we have no way of knowing what it is I couldn’t tell you I only knew that it felt so good and wanted more of it and I wanted to know okay so you start spelling with your nose for about two months it was awkward and awful Jerry well Jerry’s in the middle tonight and propped me up in bed and would ask a question and off we’d go was bizarre and tiring bizarre entirely now when you say that you channel Abraham and if it’s not called channeling what do you call it well it’s what inspiration is okay it’s what the basketball player is doing you know he’s trained his body to move well but he gets into that zone and allows his broader perspective to flow through I mean I think everybody is doing it to some extent that’s why I don’t like the word implies that only a few can do it and that it’s weird and that they are the chosen ones and it’s not that way at all everyone has access to this broader perspective why do you call it Abraham that’s the name of a cave and I don’t repeat words as I’m hearing you don’t repeat words that you’re hearing it’s not like that Abraham gives me a block of thought and at an unconscious level I match that block of thought up with the physical word equivalent okay so it’s like blending their perspective in our perspective I got it so when they said so they’ve explained that is they’re not speaking they right now I’m talking like you they’re not speaking in in English or they’re not speaking language speaking in vibration that’s why musicians can translate it that’s why artists can translate it I got that so I get this block of so where those XM listener know hang in there what’s so fantastic is that we’re talking about this on and its own vibrational frequency oh yeah XM 156 that is a vibrational frequency here so abraham explains that the block of thought that they offered me mm-hmm that the word Abraham was the best label that I could find that best defined who they are because they are at the root of every religion because Abraham is really a part of every religion you’ll hear it in yes I understand it I’m with you I know you are I’m right there with you as a matter of fact when I picked up the book this is so weird I was with my producers Sheree and Lisa and they were telling me about the book because I hadn’t heard about the book and we were at my house reading the book together one weekend and I said I bet you Esther has something to do with this but she is somehow thought of this and is calling me in I’ve been calling you in for years in fact when Abraham first came through me mm-hmm our daughter Tracy was 14 and I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to explain this to Tracy and so she’s been listening to us read the staff books and and the first thing Tracy said was can I talk to Abraham the second thing she said is don’t go on Oprah really because she didn’t want all of her friends who watched you every day yeah to see how weird her mother yeah I’ve been listening to you and people email us constantly and they say things that Oh Oprah Oprah knows this Oprah’s got Gnaeus you know Oprah understands this and so I told Jerry I said whether we’re on a television show or a radio show or whether we just get to sit and play without for a little bit it’s all satisfying to me oh that is so wonderful but it’s interesting I felt it yeah I felt it and I felt that when they gave me the book I realized that it had been a journey to that very moment you know what Abraham talks about how our life causes us when we know what we don’t want we know what we do want and so we’re creating this constant they call it a vibrational escrow it’s like our future experience that happens vibrationally before we get there and I see so many things that are NRV in our all of our vibrational escrow in other words it’s stuff that we’ve asked for that has already happened on some level and if we can just get out of our own way then all those things happen so I think you were in my vibration I think so too I must have been well so 1/2 hours gone already that’s why I told you you have to come back next week yeah will be joining again with Esther Hicks on our continued soul series and next week I’m gonna ask her to bring in Abraham that’s what we’re gonna do and you’ll explain that my head does not turn all the way around and I’m trying not to be weirded out I’m just gonna be cool with Abraham yeah thank you for joining us here on XM 156 talk to me our sole series so happy to have been able to talk to Esther Hicks book along with her husband Jerry Hicks is called the law of attraction on the best sellers list right now it’s the secret really behind the secret email me with your comments and suggestions at oprah.com or call 866 Oprah XM we’re back continuing our Seoul series last week we were talking to Esther Hicks Esther still here Esther Hicks author of the law of attraction she and her husband Jerry Hicks wrote that book along with asking a chumpy given mazing power of deliberate intent and those of you who saw the original secret tapes you will see Esther on the original secret tapes as we were saying last week she’s no longer on the tapes I never let you answer why you’re no longer on the tapes we started to ask that question well Rhonda said to us that because of the contractual agreement that we had with her that supposed to get 10% that’s what I read in New York Times it was 10% of the DVD sales and 5% of any profit from it and and when we began it we honestly did not believe that there would be any profit at all because it was a television series in Australia and our intellectual property rights attorney told us not to expect anything and we didn’t so we were thrilled with what came from it but she said that they were not able to market it maybe because Abraham is too weird I don’t know she’d ever explained to me why they weren’t able to market it with Abraham is the entity that vibrates and then she speaks the vibration I got that yeah and that it would be necessary that we sign over our intellectual property rights for the material or they would have to edit us out so it was a simple decision for us mm-hmm and then we began receiving so many emails from so many people that were so upset that we were no longer in it so we wrote a letter to try to explain because we didn’t want people to be upset about anything yeah there isn’t anything nothing went wrong everything’s all right so there’s no feud or anything you know I understand why Rhonda did what she did I think and it is better for me to try to understand because pushing against something isn’t good for me right and I love her she’s adorable and our books are really doing well but there’s no question about it the emphasis on Law of Attraction has turned a lot of readers to that book your question about yeah I happened to see it on the New York Times bestsellers list the other day and I went whoa some other people are being attracted to the law that’s very nice so at the time when you were removed were you or Jerry were you a said about it anyway it was a really painful experience for me because it felt to me like we were drawn in in one way and utilized and then sort of discarded but feeling sorry for yourself is not a healthy state of beed and so I’m like way over it yeah really yeah we’ve just been looking at the positive aspects of it and the positive aspect of it is I’m sure you see this a lot to other people of being introduced to your work even though you’re no longer on that particular tape in fact two or three people said to me recently that people are saying to them they’re excited about the secret now what and then they offer them our book because that kind of tells them what to do now what to do next yeah what’s interesting also to about your book which I really like very much and I’ve underlined and as I was saying last week when my friends and I some when it was first given to me we all read together and I think I’m on page 63 what page are you on we’re all talking about it your book does not put as much emphasis and I think one of the criticisms right now of the secret is and I can see why people criticize it is that it’s all about getting rich there’s the moment in the secret where I think somebody puts the check on the ceiling and they’re talking about money money money money money but as I was reading the law of attraction the law of attraction is about how everything is coming into your life that’s right based on the way you’re thinking and not just about money do you think that the emphasis on money and getting rich and having boats and planes and bicycles has hurt it well you know maybe but in fairness as we watched her production unfold and the original secret I haven’t watched the second one but the original one she had a balance she had people talking about money and people talking about health and other things I think her intention was to cover everything but you know we have recordings on all those things too and the ones that are about money are the ones that outsell all of the others that’s the thing that people seem to think will solve everything we know that it doesn’t I have to say too I think that’s why people are so attracted to the secret because they think can help them get rich some people do anyway so today we’re talking about and with Esther Hicks who’s the author of the law of attraction and also I like asking it shall be getting that’s on my bedside right now not that I really need to ask for anything else I’m doing okay well you know though you never stop do you no I mean there’s always something more one of the things I really got from reading the law of attraction your version of it is that what you can ask for and what I’ve been asking for and also receiving is more joy because ultimately that is the ultimate success it more joy that’s it that’s what it’s all about and so to have more joy even in all the things that you already have and all the things that you already do to do those things deliberately with joy and that’s the best of all of it isn’t it yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s a great ask one of the other things I liked about what you wrote in the law of attraction you and Jerry is that we do not want to alter your beliefs and I just wanted to say that because many years ago I was doing on my show something called remembering your spirit and I was so attacked by it I believe that it was a way of introducing people to the best part the higher part of themselves remembering your spirit and everyday for about five minutes we take a moment and we’d have people look at their lives differently spend a quiet moment and so forth and I received so much criticism about it because some people thought I was trying to tell them what to believe I really wasn’t I was just saying that who you are is so beautiful just spend some time with that and let that revolve to its high itself but I love in the law of attraction I think it’s on page 21 where it says we do not want to alter your beliefs what does that mean again I want you to ask Abraham that because that is them saying it but what I hear Abraham saying to us is that everyone gets to create their own reality and Abraham’s not interested in telling us what we should create they’re only interested in showing us how we go about creating what our life path is about right I’m gonna ask you to bring him in in a moment but I just want you’ll be glad we want you to know your value for in the absence of that understanding you do not attract the legacy that truly belongs to you because in your lack of self appreciation you deny yourself your natural inheritance of continuous joy now I read that and I think about all the difficult things that are happening in people’s lives and difficult things that have happened to me so is it your belief were understanding that we’re all here everybody’s supposed to have continuous joy yes what about the yin and yang of life well the contrast is what helps us to define from our personal perspective what it is we want to create and once that explodes in us if we would just turn our attention to that we’d get that but somehow most of us it’s like getting back to money we’ll say I don’t have enough money well every time we know that we don’t have enough money we ask for more and when we ask it is given but we keep beating the drum if I don’t have enough money and I say I said this on the show that what you see people saying all the time is if I could only make it to the end of the month I’ve heard people say that if I could only just make it to the end of the month and you do yeah you make it to the end of the month and you don’t have more so are you saying that the law of attraction says that whatever you give your attention to that’s what you attract exactly knowing what we don’t want helps us know what we do want yeah but we keep talking about where we’re at so we don’t let ourselves become a match to what life has caused us to ask for I got that you say also in the law of attraction page 25 once you understand that all people circumstances and events are invited into your experience by you through your thought you will begin to live your life as you intended when you made the decision to come forth into this physical body and so an understanding of the powerful law of attraction coupled with an intention to deliberately create your own life experience will ultimately lead you to the unparalleled freedom that can only come from a complete understanding and application of the art of allowing so much fun see law of attractions working all the time whether we know that it is or not but when we deliberately set forth an intention and we deliberately try to hold our thoughts on that by paying attention of the way we feel and guiding our thoughts that way then to watch things begin to unfold that’s when life’s really fun I got that yeah I’m talking to Esther Hicks here who is I’m saying today the secret behind the secret because she was a big big big part she and her husband Jerry of the creation of the DVD that Rhonda Burns did Rhonda and her crews went to sit with Jerry and with Esther and she was on the original tape she’s no longer on the tape but she is here in our studio and I’m gonna ask you to channel Abraham and let me just say before you do that the reason why I wanted to do this on the radio is because I really do think that the television audience is I’m ready for it yeah so I just know and so I know all the people listening you’re gonna think it’s a weird thing and maybe it is a weird thing I’m gonna see for myself how weird it is myself that’s why I thought I would do this version I do my virgin run with Abraham radio in case of weirdo thing happen so what happens what is the process can you tell our listeners what this means I just relaxed and quiet my mind I usually focus on my breathing are you gonna help the saying yeah nothing’s gonna change it’ll be all right okay it’ll be all right my eyes dilate is about the only thing that’s different that happen every time can you do it does it happen do you just say hey shows up the only time that I was not even able to bring Abraham in was when the neighbor’s dog got in our chicken yard years ago and mutilated some of our chickens and I was so upset I couldn’t relax enough to receive them but so once you channel Abraham here on XM 156 once you do that then I’m talking to Abraham are you hearing what it is I don’t go away but I become more it’s the best way to explain it because tell me again what you said last week that it’s a vibrational field yeah I don’t repeat words I just they offer a vibration that because I’ve practiced for so many years I tuned to it easily mm-hmm I think you do it too all right I think you are every bit as weird as me you just don’t use the label and how how do you see that I’m weird how so oh oh I don’t see you as weird I only say weird in the sense that I believe that you are weird in the way that I’m weird in that you receive broader perspective or you’ll get an impulse that when you follow it it just at the right time it it’s exactly right yes you know yeah I’m gonna ask you to bring in a bride you don’t like it I’ll like it we are not really as strange as all of that it is nice to have an opportunity to visit so Abraham do I call you Abraham do I call you Esther what’s what’s the protocol most call us Abraham some call us Esther him as to him Abraham is fine mm-hm and so when I is so weird so as I sit here on absurd from your perspective but as you try to define it through the eyes of others yes you see them as seen it as weird and so then it feels weird but in reality it is not weird everyone is doing this to some degree to some degree yes thank you for that clarification so may I ask you some questions about some of the feelings that people have after hearing that they are attracting into their lives everything that is happening so you’re saying are you saying that everything happens in our life for a reason we are saying that but differently than that in this way everything happens for a reason sounds a little bit like it is an outside reason that has been assigned we say everything is happening because of the vibration offering that you are setting forth everything that is coming to anyone is coming in response to what they’ve been thinking about as you think a thought it activates the vibration and as you continue to think it that vibration becomes stronger until eventually you call it a belief a belief is just a thought you keep thinking and once you have activated a vibration enough that it is dominant within your vibrational patterns then law of attraction matches it up with things like it so that’s why the law of attraction is that you bring into your life that which is unto itself that is it exactly then why do such bad things happen to people who not thinking about those bad things well the best way to describe that is by saying to you that the thoughts that they have been thinking have the same vibrational essence in other words someone might say I did not think about that specific thing but there is no question if something happens what you are living always matches what you’ve been offering vibrationally there are no exceptions to that so the confusion comes in where what it means is people are offering vibrations that they don’t know they’re offering because they’ve been thinking thoughts the thoughts are normal it’s like even what’s going on in your nation today there are so many thoughts that are fear-based and people accept them as normal but they are not good for people to think those thoughts for instance for instance as you are thinking about terrorism and worried about it coming to you wanting to be aware of what color the terror alert is today and things of that nature as you hold your thoughts upon those things in time they begin to feel normal but why shouldn’t we feel a sense of terror because we’ve experienced terror in this country that’s what what was the purpose of 9/11 things do not happen because something outside of you is assigning you a lesson it is that as you are living life your response to life causes you to offer vibrations that then law of attraction responds to so if it’s a little tricky to say that 9/11 happened for a reason unless you understand that it was the culmination of a lot of people giving a lot of thought in other words it was sort of a a a trigger point you might say to people feeling powerless large numbers of people feeling powerless over a long period of time I asked the question because the terror alerts resulted from 9/11 and that attack on our country on our beings and our sense of security and our sense of feeling like we were safe and so the terror alerts are there as a warning to people supposedly to say you’re not as safe as you think you are yes yes well there are all kinds of things that are happening people have cancer and people get run over by trucks we are certainly in agreement with you that there are things out there that are happening that if you give your attention to them you would feel those emotions of terror or fear but what we are suggesting is that if you are able to not just look around and take what’s happening as it’s given to you so something bad happens you have a fearful response something good happens you have a joyful response but instead you decide how you want to tune your responses so you become a more selective sifter you don’t just look and feel instead you decide how you want to feel and then you look so now you have control of your vibrational offering which means now you have control of your point of Attraction because we’re all vibrational offerings we are all vibrational beings everything and you are attracting to yourself the vibrational frequency the vibrational offering that you are putting out every time no exception even if you’re four years old even if you are one year old even if you are in your mother’s womb vibration abounds and you are right you see what happens your senses work this is where we get hung up here because I don’t understand and I’m sure many people listening to us don’t understand how an innocent child attracts being raped an innocent child attracts being abused an innocent child try attracts being kidnapped and butchered the first assumption that makes it hard for you to come around to understanding is the assumption that in order to create you must have language you must be speaking and so if a child is not speaking then they must not be attracting where what is happening is you are attracting as your animals do you even though they do not have language they are communicating in very powerful ways vibrationally but the question that you asked when we began we want to come back round to that because it is a good basis for this people often when they first hear about law of attraction or that you create your own reality most are very excited about the idea because they want control they want control over the bad things and they want to be able to bring in more of the good things then soon after as they discover that control of their own experience means control of their own thoughts then they’re not so sure about all of that because it’s not an easy thing to control one’s thought with so much stimulation around and so that’s really what you’re speaking to if there is the responsibility of a parent or a mentor it would be to teach the child that they have guidance within and if they are listening to the guidance within they could not comfortably ever settle on the thoughts that would then attract something unwanted okay I’m here on XM 156 trying to attract a very good vibration here talking to Esther Hicks who is channeling Abraham on the show and my question to you though is not about the vibration I understand the whole vibrational frequency thing and that’s why I feel that in terms of the secret that it’s a great tool it’s a great tool but I don’t think that it’s an answer to every single question in the world because there are many other universal laws at play everybody is born and everybody is going to transition everybody comes to earth everything that comes to earth eventually takes another form and moves through the earth and out until wherever we go I could ask you where do we go you withdraw your consciousness from this physical experience and yuria merge into non-physical and you feel yourself as the culmination of all that you have become it is an exhilarating experience in one fell swoop to leave behind all doubt and fear and worry and self-denial and to become in one moment the full recognised being that you are it’s important to know that you came into this body from your own fears perspective mm-hmm may I interrupt a second because I just thought this are we making too much of the whole body thing are we kind of caught up on it because that’s what we are are we making too much of it and so people say for example this person has a bad life this person has a good life and the way we define good life is by how many things you can have and bad life is that you didn’t have as many things and I asked that question because as you visit different parts of the world I see people with absolutely nothing who are far happier than most of the people that I see that have lots and lots of different things so are we are we in the wrong frequency are we thinking the wrong things about what is good and what is not well it isn’t wrong to seek material things you are physically manifested you have a material body and so it is right that you would want to surround yourself with things like that but what happens whether you are in a in an environment where there is very little stimulation about wanting things or whether you are in an environment like this where there is so much stimulation about it the important thing to understand is that whatever life you’re living your life is causing you to define what it is you are wanting you’re constantly emitting these rockets of desire as you sit through the contrast of your experience it’s a not a complicated story to unravel and we can give it to you in a very short period of time if you’re wanting it please do so you are Source Energy every one of you and you make the decision to come forth into these physical bodies because you know that this leading-edge experience on planet earth is the leading-edge experience not just for man but for that which man calls God so as you express yourself forward into these physical bodies the environment that surrounds you and the contrast of it helps you individually and uniquely to define what you desire and as that desire is born within you even before you can put words to it it radiates from you like a rocket and the source that was you before you were born follows that rocket and literally the the vibrational equivalent of every hope and desire and dream that every one of you dream so out of the contrast is born the ANU they renewed the expanded version of life we like to refer to that expanded version of you as your vibrational escrow it’s who life has caused you to become but most physical beings even though life is causing them to become this they stand looking at what they have rather than looking at who they have become so they effect a separation between who they have now become and who they are letting themself be but the source within them always calls them toward it that’s why when you feel enthusiasm you are on the same vibration Joseph Campbell said follow your bliss and we think those are the best words that have ever been offered but sometimes you cannot get a whiff of bliss if you are in despair if something bad has happened if you’ve witnessed something and someone is saying you should follow your bliss even though source is calling you you can’t hear it because the vibration of where you are and the vibration of source is different enough that you can’t hear it not that it isn’t calling but you can’t hear it so do you know what the call of source sounds like people say it must sound like harps and angels and they say it depends on where you are if you are in appreciation the call of source feels like ulation if you are in despair if you feel powerless the call of source feels like rage if you are in rage or anger the call of source then feels like frustration in other words it’s a slight improvement from where you are is what the call of source always sounds like so 9/11 came out of so many people feeling so powerless for so long that the next logical step for them was something we always say we want to call you through the rage and revenge so that you don’t act on it but it is a logical place to be if you’ve ever been depressed you know how much better you feel when you get mad and your friends don’t want you to be mad they liked you better when you were depressed but you’ve got to admit at least you’re breathing now you do feel better so everything about coming into alignment with who you are is about closing that gap between whatever you’re focused upon in your now experience and who you really are well this has been very interesting very interesting Thank You Esther Hicks Thank You Abraham but it’s time to wrap this chapter of our exclusive sole series here on Oprah and Friends XM 156 fascinating to me next week more on how we can apply the law of attraction in our own lives which I know lots of people are talking about these days and does it work or doesn’t it work and does it make you a victim that bad things happen and find out if there are other universal laws that also will help us begin to live a more purposeful life we’re still talking to Esther Hicks I can’t get enough for her hopes written the book the law of attraction those of you who are stimulated by the secret or have questions about the secret that’s a great follow up book to open the door expand your thinking really understand and to be able to begin to put into practice the law of attraction last week Esther was here channeling Abraham I have to tell you I couldn’t tell the difference between you and Abraham you don’t find him a lot smarter no I think you’ve been listening to him for so long so I think I do have it but they do have a clarity that I don’t have a clarity I think I noticed that there is a difference in articulation I mean I think the sometimes the words feel a little sharper more succinct more direct that’s that’s what I feel what does that feel like to you when you’re doing that it’s the best thing I ever do mmm flowing through me it’s like flying mm-hmm I love the sensation of it it’s the feeling of utter well-being and it’s the feeling of knowing everything yeah yeah and you say utter well-being because how do you know what your state of being is to me it’s the absence of anything that’s bothering me yeah I doubt our well being it’s just that feeling you know that everything’s fine and then everything’s all right and is a feeling of elation so as I sit here talking to you I wondered when I read yours and Jerry book on the law of attraction which is now the New York Times bestseller list this is written so beautifully through the words of Abraham that you say that you Channel and I’m wondering because you know all of this now do you ever have a bad day yes well you attracted that two years absolutely and when I have a bad day I feel guilty which makes the day worse and then I remember Abraham saying you are where you are you know just reach for a thought that feels better they say you can’t set your radio dial on 6:30 a.m.

And hear what’s being broadcast on 98.7 FM or XM one or that so when something happens and you focus on it you you feel what it is but we have choices you say on page 49 of the law of attraction that your attention to anything is drawing it closer to you so that means even when you’re saying and I loved it when you say try not to think about snow everybody listening right now don’t think about snow and immediately you think about snow falling snow on a mountain and snow snow and you’re saying in the book the law of attraction that the vibration doesn’t hear no or don’t the vibration hears snow every subjects two subjects it’s like picking up a stick and on one end of it is what the absence of what you want and on the other end of it is what you want so you pick up the the subject and you activate it and depending on how you feel is which end of the stick you’re on it’s like am I really thinking about my lover coming or am i noticing that he hasn’t come yet it’s the subject is my lover yeah but if I’m thinking about him coming I feel high and happy if I’m thinking about the fact that I have no idea where he is or if he’ll ever show up I feel terrible yes so that’s why you speak about and have written about the law of deliberate creation yeah because I think for most people they can’t even figure out what it is they really want and I say this to also my friends and people who work up through me all the time don’t say you do want something but then subconsciously but the layer is but when you go beneath the surface of it is it yeah I’m not so sure I’m really gonna get it I’m not just sure I can really have because that then what was going to be working for you that’s right the universe is not responding to our words it’s responding to the way we feel so the more you think about for example you say I don’t want to think about it I’m sick but I don’t want to think about it I’m worried about my child but I don’t want to think about it what happened the best example that I’ve seen of that a lady was talking to Abraham and she said I’m in such pain I have arthritis in my hips and every moment I feel uncomfortable how can I think about a good feeling body when my body hurts so much and Abraham said you have to separate what’s happening from the way you feel about what’s happening in other words they said you’re in a painful arthritic body and you feel frightened or you’re in a painful arthritic body and you feel hopeful and the difference between hope and fear is the difference between recovery or not so the way to begin to use this as a tool to do as you and Jerry say in the book law of attraction to lead a more purposeful life is to follow your feelings toward that which is good you have to find a way to quantify the journeys it’s like we we Jerry and I drive from Phoenix to San Diego and we know how to get there it’s 400 miles we head west we never feel discouraged we know we’re going to make it even though we’re not happy out there in the desert we can’t wait till we get to San Diego we never worry about making it or not we don’t get halfway and lose our way and then fight with each other over whose fault it is we’re not there and then go back to Phoenix Yuma Phoenix Yuma Phoenix Yuma phoenix joomla and then say San Diego’s an impossible dream or incurable because that journey we understand but sometimes people who are sick who want to be well they are well along their way to wellness vibrationally Abraham said 99.99% of every creation is completed vibrationally before there’s any physical evidence of it so we’re well along the way to our recovery but then because we can’t see the evidence of it we go in for another test or whatever which gives us bad news and then we turn around and go back to Phoenix so Esther Hicks author of the law of attraction that we’re sitting you’re talking about here today so the source is calling you and it’s up to you to be able to figure out what the calling is or is it up to you just to decide what it is you want it’s like Kate is five we played with her in the hotel room a couple of months ago she hit a little car and then it was our job to find it and she’d say you’re getting warmer you’re getting colder you’re getting warmer and we found it every time and it’s the same sort of thing somehow we’ve got separated from our understanding that an improved feeling is moving toward the source that which feels good and I think but but doesn’t that mean though Esther couldn’t that also mean that there are some sick people out there you know I don’t know what Abraham would say about that but there are some sick people out there who feel good hurting other people and that as they feel they feel good as they’re moving in the direction of doing harm to other people Abraham tells the story this way so imagine taking your barber hammers the entity that you channels if you’re just listening for the first time okay take your boat down to this river’s edge with your paddles in and they say most people deliberately turn the boat upstream and begin paddling very hard and they say why don’t you just turn and go with the flow and people say well that just seems lazy and what Abraham’s wanting us to understand is that everything that we want is downstream I’m smiling because I say that to my people all the time and I don’t have Abraham and I how did I know that if I don’t have Abraham I’m not sure you don’t have Abraham okay I know that I bet but I but I use that exact phrase I always say that there is a current to everybody’s life and there’s a flow in your own life and if you’re struggling it means you’re moving upstream turn around find the flow and you don’t even have to turn the boat and paddle downstream just let go of the oars the current will carry you that’s what I always say and see so you know so that stream is what’s calling us and here’s what I think goes wrong with so many people is that when we’re in a really strong negative place yes we don’t have access to joy we don’t have access to elation the vibrations are too far apart yeah but we do have access to something that feels a little better and if we could just know that the thought that feels a little better is a step in the right direction and then the next thought that feels a little better is next-step erection you’re getting warmer you’re getting more exactly warmer it’s Kate saying you’re getting warmer exactly yeah so that’s how you know that’s how you know it feels better that to move toward who you’ve become always feels better to widen that gap always feels worse how does the law of attraction mesh with religious beliefs because I think that’s one of the things that when we first did the secret on the show one of the questions from one of our viewers was well where is God in all of this and I said God is the sea God God is at the heart of everything that is so Law of Attraction is responding to our thoughts and and our thoughts equal our point of Attraction but now consider this so we’re Source Energy we’re born into this physical body the contrast causes us to ask for this and ask for this and ask for this so there’s this vibrational escrow that’s amassing and The Source Energy part of us doesn’t stay over here in the contrast it rides that rocket and becomes the non-physical vibrational equivalent of what we’re asking for so God has expanded through us and is standing there in that expanded beingness calling us toward it when we move in the direction of it we feel better when we move in opposition to it we feel worse how did we get so far off course I think it’s because well-meaning people it’s like our mothers say listen to what I say instead of listen to how you feel I think it’s because when somebody adores you and they focus on you and they hold you as their object of attention and because they’re adoring you they’re connected to source and they’re flooded all over you it feels so good and then you want more of that from them yet then if they’re not connected then you don’t get that you get whatever it is they’re that they’re offering but this is so wonderful that’s why you know I have a hundred and fifty one girls at my school I know and one of the beautiful things about raising children it’s so amazing how I attract AddThis to myself because I used to say the reason I would want to have children is so that I could begin to teach them the power of themselves just like in The Wizard of Oz which i think is one of the greatest spiritual stories you’ve always had the power you’ve always had it my dear that glenda the goodwitch says and to be able to let them know that they come from the source as you call it and that there’s a part of them that because you do come from that that you can do amazing things in your life and so now I have this school and all of my girls meditate before they go into their tests they meditate and before they do any sports games they meditate they all meditate and they have their own religious beliefs we have muslims and hindus and we have christian girls until all the girls have their separate religious beliefs but then all together on Sunday afternoon we all do yoga together and I was in a yoga class with these 12 year old girls talking about the benefits of meditation and how because they now learned that they that they can go inside themselves before they take a test and calm themselves and when I see that I realize that we have all been taught how not to trust ourselves and my goal with my school and these girls is to teach them how to begin to trust themselves and Steffan power yeah to trust themselves and also trust that which is greater than themselves to use this source there is not anything that’s greater than us when we’re aligned with who we really are yeah that’s what I teach the girls that when you are Gary Zukhov calls it authentic power when your personality is aligned with your soul that that is authentic power when you are in alignment with your source yeah was there a moment after you were taken off the secret tape because we said that in the previous shows you were on the original tapes and now you’re not with were you upset because it’s since it’s been such a great success maybe I felt some you could call it jealousy initially because I didn’t understand what happened but then the more I thought about it the more I realized that the world wants the message but they might not be ready for the messenger and then meeting you and meaning Abraham Abraham so why didn’t you just why didn’t you in don’t you just want to speak as yourself well I think that when Abraham flows through me there’s a clarity that is beyond anything that I can give I ask you this because the reason why I’m not talking to you on television right now is because I know there are too many people who would be weirded out by the whole prospect of Abraham and so in that way maybe it hinders you it does I think and and I think maybe see now I’ve seen the secret this has opened something for me because it makes me realize I can visit with you I think I can express the message there’s hundreds of thousands of people that have been listening to our recording you know I know so if I were on television and I were doing the teaching when they are customed to hearing it from Abraham they’d probably be alright with it but I’m sure they would say where’s Abraham but you must know that the fact that you talk about Abraham and that you channel Abraham and want him to speak through you want them sorry want them to speak through you that that makes people feel weird yeah I know I don’t blame them it made me feel weird too but so what do you watch it’s weird they think you’re a kook so what so what I’m not calling your cool but you know so what do you do when you’re having this phenomenal experience where source energy is pouring through you it’s just what is what so what do you do I don’t know this is so interesting I was talking some prints about this recently and I was thinking that too bad I won’t be around but maybe I can channel myself here a hundred years from now because I think 50 years from now I think first of all the secret your books all of that are elevating conscious to the point where this won’t be so weird you have in a decade from now this won’t be so weird 25 years from now will be so weird and I’m gonna take this to another level of weirdness and I way if Jerry were doing this I’d be mad at him but I’m gonna do anyway right after we met Abraham we were living in Phoenix and I was receiving them and we were having a wonderful time and Jerry was teaching from the book Think and Grow Rich and he was telling the story about a share krumpers daughter who said my Mami’s got to have fifty cents and she just stepped right up in the face of this man and demanded it and he reached in his pocket and gave it to her which he couldn’t believe that it happened and while I’m sitting there in the audience I feel consumed with this energy that I recognize must surely be Napoleon Hill it was strong and he was so excited about Jerry’s delivery of this story so as soon as Jerry got off the stage I said Jerry I believe that Napoleon Hill has something that he wants to say to you and we went to the car sat in the backseat of the car and there’s probably on hill I know I’m sorry but it’s okay you know no one’s dead okay you know it and so Jerry has activated this by his lively expression from this book and so this energy is now interested in what we’re talking about and Jerry asked Napoleon Hill what would you have done differently and Napoleon Hill said I would have stoled where I got it from and Jerry said why didn’t you and he said the book would have never been published so then boolean he’ll author of Think and Grow Rich yes so then years go by we receive Abraham I had never heard the word Law of Attraction I had never read any of this stuff Abraham encouraged me not to read because they didn’t want me to worry about where I was getting anything so we’re bitter along we’re doing our thing and then my dad died and so we went out to the funeral and Jerry doesn’t go to the funeral he goes to the book store and he finds this book Think and Grow Rich and it’s a weird-looking book and he picks it up and it’s the original manuscript that it was just now being published so he buys this original manuscript then he buys a copy of the book that he had been reading all these years and compares it line by line and every reference to vibration everything that’s vibrational everything that that talked about the ethers all the stuff that’s like Abraham stuff is is edited out of the book original so Jerry and I just thought it was so funny so now here with come full circle we’re interacting with Rome the reason it was edited out is because the people can’t can’t receive it’s what you’re just saying they’re not ready for it and so so then we meet Rhonda she’s run a burn to secret listening to it and now she’s making a movie called the secret and as they’re in the editing production early in our process with them we get this correspondence from her that Rudd has been told that they have to edit out the word vibration and they so they edited the word vibration and Jerry and I said 70 years later we’re still editing out the word vibration you’re right Oprah the the reason is because people might not be ready to understand yeah that they are Source Energy and physical bodies yeah and that we are vibration we are vibrational now in your book the law of attraction you say an all-inclusive never-changing set of rules doesn’t exist when I read that I thought well geez when people read that they’re gonna think well this is conflict with Christian teachings specifically the 10 commandments Christian teachings are in conflict with Christian teachings – yes you know they’re well I can’t argue that but specifically I’m just talking about the law of attraction saying that rules change that people evolve and so rules also should be evolving with with people then when someone stood before Jesus dripping their illness he did not see them in their sickness he saw them in their wholeness he saw their vibrational escrow he saw who they really are and he held that in his mind so powerfully that he dominated the vibration of their being so that they were well and then he said go forth until no one yes and that’s why you say in the book also you say that the greatest thing which that really was the sentence that changed me that Abraham said through you that the greatest gift you can give to someone is your highest expectation of them so when you see the best in them because when you see the best in someone you’re tuned in tapped in turned on to Source Energy so it’s not just you looking at them you’re flooding all over them with Source Energy and by Source Energy you mean what most people call God yeah Abraham doesn’t use the word God because they say it just makes you think of what you already think about God and what they think is different than most people it makes you think of God in the religious context yeah I feel so much more closer to Christ as a result of what I’ve learned from Abraham then I ever knew before because I feel like I feel how he felt I feel like I know what he knew when he says the kingdom of heaven is within you he was talking about this connection to sources I would have to say that – for all the people who feel that it conflicts with your religion you know I obviously was raised not just Christian but Baptist and you know still hold to my Christian beliefs and I would say that everything that I’ve learned metaphysically has really only enhanced what I believe about that which we call God you have time for a really quick story sure we were doing some telephone consultations a few years ago and there was a woman talking to Abraham and what she really wanted was a fortune-telling and Abraham’s a teacher they don’t tell fortunes they try to empower people and so she wasn’t really having very good time and so abraham said to her let’s pick some subjects and activate them and then they’ll show up in your experience and then you’ll know your power well she wasn’t having any of it she said like what they said light blue glass and then they described different blue glasses they said a feather think about feathers on birds on hats think about butterflies and she wasn’t having any about the car think about them and then see how they show up and about them and and but she Abraham was just wanting to get her to talk about them with them long enough that it would activate the vibration of them so she got off the phone and I said to Jeri she’ll probably ask for her money back because I could tell that she didn’t was not having a good time with Abraham because they wouldn’t tell her her fortune so then we were in La Jolla and we went to George’s restaurants which we found the interview and ate that wonderful soup so anyway we were on our way to George’s and we parked the car got out of the car and right in front of me was a store that I had not been in before and we got clear in the back of the store there was a wall of blue glass unlike anything I’d ever seen in my life and I didn’t make the connection between the consultation but there it was so then we had to George’s and had lunch then we walked down to the cove and we were walking across the grass right before you get down there and there was a flurry of butterflies that surrounded us that was so intense we had to stop talking to keep from eating them and then all of a sudden I see a little boy running across the lawn and he came right up to me and handed me a pigeons feather that had picked up off the ground and when that happened I was stranger me a stranger and when that happened I realized that all three of those things that Abraham had deliberately activated in that woman’s vibration and apparently in mind within an hour of that consultation the universe had delivered them all to me because when we activate something without resistance it comes fast boy I love that yeah I love that yeah if you activate something without resistance that means also without doubt so start with something easy don’t work don’t work on the boyfriend that you’ve been trying to get for twenty years or the money that you’ve know that I have to tell you the first time we were started talking about this that’s what my best friend Gayle says well I don’t know how come I have a boyfriend then that’s why I don’t know really that’s why cuz guess I don’t know why I don’t have a boyfriend is that where is he he’s not here is the dominant vibration oh I’m gonna tell her that she just needs to sighs honest-to-goodness when we started talking about that she goes well if the law of attraction works and I should have a man by now no because her vibration says I don’t have a man where is he where’s my stuff and he’s over there in vibrational escrow she’s been adding to him he is so magnificent and so beautiful and in the moment she drops those oars he’ll flow right into her experience really absolutely so tell me again what she needs to do she needs to she needs to stop stop talking about him not being there and start saying things like well maybe he’s coming and I’d like him to come and I believe that he’s out there and wouldn’t it be nice if I she does so she did say that on the road trip I believe he’s coming I believe he’s there and so when that is the strongest vibration within her he will be there but as long as he’s not coming she’s holding him away with those other thoughts so you’re saying start small start with something easy meaning something that you’re not already worried about so it starts at what because you’re testing it you’re just testing it well you can test it you can test it I would test the law of attraction I would deliberately activate things in my mind and that I would watch law of attraction bring them and then you’ll trust the law and then you’ll start to feel worthy and then you can start shifting your vibration on the things that you’ve been beating the drum of that aren’t working for you so I also understand it in terms of because you know you’ve watched me for years those are your listening heard me go up and down and up and down the scale I understand why the struggle that just exactly the word struggle with weight has made it such an issue because of the struggle and so in order to be freed of it you must release the struggle of it no longer fear potatoes or potato chips nobody gonna make me fat they’re gonna make me fat as you’re eating them they’re gonna make me fat or getting on the scale okay guys everybody who’s listening you’ve done this you get on the scale and you feel worse the numbers make you feel worse and then you decide well okay I’m just gonna eat to make myself feel better yeah so you can’t get the thing that you are worried about because the worry is the indication that you’re offering the vibration of the lack of it a worry worried isn’t keeping you from it it’s your indication of where your vibrant because the thought creates a vibration and the good thoughts create good vibrations let’s see how can I say that the vibration what we’re always feeling is the vibrational interplay between who we really are and who were being in this moment so life caused me to want to be prosperous let’s say but I’m beating the drama I can’t pay my bills today okay the emotion that I’m feeling is the relationship it’s the vibrational discord between who I really am and where I’m being in this moment so by reaching for a thought that feels better I tune myself up that vibrational scale in the vibrational alignment with the money that is waiting for me or the lover that’s waiting for me or whatever might happen for you so what I’ve been saying for years I’ve known this because when people ask me you know how did this happen to you how do you have this life I have understood that I am where I am in who I am because I really believed when I was a child I was told that I was God’s child I used to call him my daddy Jesus he’s my daddy so I really did believe everything that I was taught about the kingdom of heaven is at hand and asking who shall be given and greater things these that I have done you I really really did believe that because that’s really all I had to believe so I grew up thinking that I could I could be whatever God wanted me to be that a nice thing for you to know don’t you want everybody to know that yes I do yes yes and that’s why we are where we are yeah it’s a joy just have been able to yeah share this time with you it’s a great fun for me thank you for coming bringing Abraham and the gang yeah Thank You Esther Hicks the law of attraction on the best sellers list right now it really deeply defined explains and opens the door to all of the notions of the secret so I’m really happy to have been able to have the book I underlined it so many times I now need a new book thank you so much for being with us thank you too on our soul series next week more on how we can apply the law of attraction in our own and find out if there are other universal laws that also will help us begin to live a more purposeful life I’m Oprah on Oprah and Friends XM 156 it’s not so much about what you think but about what you really really truly feel whether we know it or not the law of attraction is working whenever we use the words don’t not a–not in that very moment we just gave attention energy and focus to that which we didn’t want what do you want I always thought I would never have to worry about money simple steps to make the law work for you even when I was making $22,000 a year my father said you better say that because you’re not gonna make no salary like thank you for watching this video my friends I hope you really enjoyed it make sure you leave a comment below and please subscribe to this channel I want to give you so much more thank you and I’ll see you next time Oprah Winfrey Interviews Abraham & Esther Hicks: THE LAW of ATTRACTION and THE SECRET (Soul Series)

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