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P.1 – The Most Powerful Law Of Attraction For Dummies Guide You’ll Ever See (Beginners Guide)

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I’m about to share with you a dummy’s guide to the law of attraction a beginner’s guide to the law of attraction so you can begin manifesting more of what you would prefer just like I have in my life let’s get started hello my friend my name is Gavin Stephenson from wake up fulfilled and I’ve been lucky enough to learn the law of attraction implement it into my life and see fantastic results I’m someone that grew up in a really rough neighborhood and I’ve been able to travel all over the world using the law of attraction I’ve been able to make a lot of money I’ve been able to start a business I been able to help a lot of people transform their lives too and that’s through studying and mastering the law of attraction and now I want to teach it to you I want to share with you the secrets that I have learned over the years to transform my life but not only that transform the lives of others so if you’re watching this video right now chances are you’re new to the law of attraction you’re new to creating creating your reality and you want to learn more you want to dive deeper into the law of attractions teachings so you can begin to grow expand become your greatest version get a raise attract a partner make more money have more success and really begin choosing more of what you would prefer I’m so pumped and excited that you’re here right now because from learning this information you’re really going to be able to transform your life so what would it do for you is I’m going to create a set of videos share with you my secrets on the law of attraction and it’s going to be a dummies guide so that you can easily implement it into your life and begin scene transformation there’s a lot of information out there around the law of attraction blog posts are cause YouTube videos and you might be getting a variety of information from all different directions and it might be a little bit overwhelming and maybe you’re a little bit confused and you need some direction on how to manifest more of what you would prefer so that’s what I want to do for you in this video series so make sure you watch every single video and if you’re on YouTube premium you can download this video and watch it later or you can go to your playlist by clicking the plus button and click on watch later so that this video will come up in your feed more and then you’ll be reminded to watch it or you can just go to watch later and watch these videos later if you’re busy but this is gonna be a very very powerful video series so make sure you save it some way or remind yourself on your calendar that I need to watch this series because I really want to transform my life with that being said let’s get started so the first thing I want to talk about and make very very clear is that everything is created in your mind I’m gonna repeat that again but it’s very important everything is created in your mind everything that you’re experiencing right now is connected to your nervous system touch taste smell right you can see it’s all connected to your brain right so your brains interpreting this particular reality so now that we know that we also know and is proven by science that everything is energy everything is energy an energy cannot be created or destroyed the only difference is when it comes to energy is vibrational frequency so this camera that I’m recording right now is a different vibrational frequency to more right it’s a different vibrational frequency to you right so that’s all we need to know is that the car that you want the home that you want the partner that you want the life that you want is just energy so it’s important that what we want in our reality and what we want to create is just you it’s just like you it’s just resonating or vibrating on a different frequency right do you understand that so if everything is energy and we have mind we actually have this consciousness in our mind where we can actually take control of our thoughts we can take control of our emotions we can imagine things using our mind we’re the only species that can actually do this so what’s really powerful and what we have is we have a tool called the mind and we have emotions where we can actually tune our vibrational frequency into what we prefer okay we can tune our energy by shifting our emotions shift in our faults and by doing so we can tap into what we are wanting so let me explain this to you in another way imagine a radio right now what are those old analog radios it’s going on ten-eye and then it’s got one of those dials and it’s got different frequencies for different radio stations when you tune the radio what happens you can have different stations right and you can hear that fuzzy sound the white noise or whatever is good right you can handle sounds right so when you’re actually tuned into a station properly what happens you can hear the music what’s happening there well the antenna is taking frequencies from the ether right it’s downloading it through the antenna and it’s going into the box because you’ve tuned in to that particular frequency and it’s coming out as music you can hear the bass you can hit a treble you can add a melody you can a person singing right see how that works so how does that resonate or relate to the law of attraction well what we are doing is we are the analog we are tuning ourselves in to a particular frequency that we would prefer when you’re on a radio right you’re choosing a channel a radio station that you actually prefer whether that be classical music whether that be jazz whether that be R&B and hip-hop whether that be rock music you’re tuning the radio station into a channel that you would prefer well guess what you can tune yourself into a channel that you prefer in this reality what would you choose if you could choose you could choose anything q12 is just like choosing something from a menu what would you choose would you choose to being a loving healthy romantic relationship of course would you choose to make more money of course would you choose to travel of work well maybe you don’t want that but of course right you would choose more of what you would prefer you’re actually taking control of your mind and emotions so that you can choose more of what you would prefer now I’m using this word choose for a reason because it’s a choice you’re choosing from the menu of all the different vibrational frequencies that are out there again radio stations that are out there and you’re tapping into that so there’s a part of your brain called the reticular activating system the reticular activating system r.a.s rats now what this filter does is it filters out what’s important to you it filters out what’s resonating within your being so right now you can tune your vibrational frequency into having a particular car you can make an important to you by visualizing it by feeling like you have it imagining yourself driving it what happens is you are now aligning yourself with having that particular car in your reality and what the reticular activating system does is it filters out more of that right when you tell your reticular activating system hey we want more of this stuff guess what you’re gonna start seeing that car everywhere you’re gonna start seeing the adverts you’re gonna start desiring it more it’s the other works and the way the law of attraction works is that you are filtering and choosing more of what you would like to see hear feel touch and taste that’s what you are doing right you are choosing to experience something you’re not creating something out of thin air okay we’re not talking about creating something alpha now which you can invent something called create something right from scratch you can imagine something that you want to create and you can draw a picture or you can construct something right we can do these things but what we’re talking about is manifesting something like a partner or or money or whatever it is we’re literally shifting our vibrational frequency into what we would prefer so what all we have to do to manifest more what we desire is to tune our mind and emotions into what we want all right this is a simple easy way to understand the law of attraction you are not creating something out of thin air what you’re saying is I am powerful and I have the power to shift my force to shift my emotions to shift my energy into more of what I would prefer and when I do that more and more what begins to happen is my outer world begins to change your outer world is a reflection of what’s within as above so below what’s in you is what you’re experiencing right now in your reality now this might be hard to hear because basically what I’m saying is well what about all the people suffering around the world or what about this person who manipulated me or what about this person that cheated on me and what about this person that abused me or what about this and what about that right all of these negative things now this is where it gets really deep and it’s not for everyone to hear but once you understand this you’ll be more comfortable with the law of attraction and you will believe it even more but again after you hear this you might feel like you know I don’t believe in the law of attraction at all so it’s up to you again it’s a choice I choose to believe in the law of attraction and that’s why it’s work for me I choose to manifest my reality and that’s what I’ve been able to do and I’ve been able to help others do the same – so when it comes to people going through some bad times and bad situations when they never thought of it or they never felt it or whatever it is we all have to understand this principle of energy okay energy is very very very deep all right we have to understand that it’s more than we can even fathom for example right now you can only hear between specific vibrational frequencies you know like what are those whistles that you blow for a dog right you can’t hear it right but a dog can hear it it can hear those vibrational frequencies but we can’t so there’s vibrational frequencies that are outside of the band that we can actually hear what about seeing what about touching right what about all these other senses so we have to begin to understand first of all there’s so much more beyond your senses so that’s the first thing I want you to understand next we need to realize and understand that when it comes to the law of attraction we’re not only dealing with this particular life-form when it comes to manifesting more what we prefer is not just this particular lifetime not only that we have to think about the vibrational frequencies energies that we took on from our parents and their parents and their parents and their parents now you might be watching me right now and thinking well Gavin you know if all of my parents affected what I’m able to manifest today and my past lives right in the facing what I manifest in today then you know I’m never gonna make it or whatever is right you might be thinking all these different things but here’s the thing you learn this information for a reason and you have the power to dramatically change your life so again we have inherited vibrational frequencies from our parents through DNA right now if you believe in past lives we got past life karma which we bring into this life so when it comes to manifesting more what we prefer we actually experience more luck more success more abundance in our lives when we actually create good karma which I’m going to be talking more about in another video in this particular series so I’m going to be diving deeper into the law of attraction we’re gonna be talking more about the subconscious mind we’re gonna be talking about inherited vibrations we’re gonna be talking about DNA and I’m gonna be sharing with you exactly how the law of attraction actually works okay in this video we kept it a little bit basic we moved on to some advanced stuff because I shared with you how we experience bad stuff because again from past lives we carry over karma but not only that we carry over certain vibrational frequencies from our parents and we have that within our beam but now that you know but law of attraction you’re going to be to change all of that and let you change your vibrational frequency so that your past lives and and your inherited vibrational frequencies no longer affect you I’m going to show you exactly what that’s all about in the next few videos so what I want to do now for you is give you an exercise to begin manifesting something that you would prefer in your life and I want you to keep it very very simple very very easy and very very believable right so that could be if it was money just one penny you know there’s a small amount of money or someone buying you coffee or getting a call from someone or someone buying you dinner or someone telling you that they love you or someone giving you good news I want you to manifest something very very simple and very very basic the reason I want you to do this is because it’s important for you to start small what a lot of people do with the law of attraction when they just start learning it like I did they try to manifest the big stuff but what we have to understand is we’re dealing with the subconscious mind which I’m going to be talking about in a video in this series and sometimes we have these conflicting voices in our mind we have these limiting beliefs that hold us back from really creating our reality so it’s important to choose something that is very very believable to you it could be dinner it could be someone smiling at year someone making you laugh it could be anything but keep it very very simple and once you’ve manifested that celebrate okay that’s an important part of this exercise to celebrate wow this actually works yeah I did it okay because if you’ve manifested that then you can manifest something bigger and there’s something bigger and it’s something bigger and it’s something bigger something bigger right you want to start small and simple keep it easy and then all the time you’re gonna be able to manifest bigger and bigger things into your life all right so I love you I appreciate you I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I enjoyed making it for you comment below something that you’re gonna manifest comment below something on the manifest into your life stake it out to the universe this is the first step to manifesting right declaring it saying hey I’d like to do this and once you do that once you’d be clearing out into the universe it’s more likely to happen alright so comment that below and I’ll see you in the next video peace peace hey you’re here because you want to master the law of attraction and take your life to the next level well you might like to join my notification family by clicking the bell icon so that you can get notified when I release new videos so be sure to do that now and I’ll see you in the next video peace

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