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Page 1 Ranking Formula Review Plus My Custom Bonuses

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What’s up internet marketers this is Ike Paz and this is my Page 1 Ranking Formula review okay inside of this review you’re gonna get the method breakdown I’m gonna break down the course for you okay not only that I’m gonna show you why my custom bonuses are the best out there and you can only get these custom bonuses via my page okay also I’m gonna show you what the upgrades are all about Plus this is really important plus watch the whole video for a unique video SEO tip okay so Page 1 Ranking Formula this method is all about ranking videos on YouTube okay so I’m gonna I’m gonna show you one of the methods I’m gonna give it oh I’m gonna give it away on this video it’s never before seen you’ve never seen it before okay and it works like a charm also make sure to LIKE and subscribe to this channel for more reviews and if you have any questions whatsoever at any point of this review video make sure you ask them down below I’m here to help and I’ll answer them ASAP okay first thing I want to do is go over the sales page really quickly to let you know if this headline is grounded in reality a lot of times some of these sales pages are overly high P so I want to let you know what I think because I rank on YouTube I get traffic on YouTube I wanted to know if this is a crazy wild fantasy that they wrote here discover my top secret formula for getting page 1 rankings and tons of free traffic without any Content creation or technical skills needed well the technical part the the part that leads the rankings is taught within page 1 rankings the actual method the actual formula so I would say this is accurate okay you do need to put in work you do need to put in effort nothing comes easy ok I know a lot of these sales pages make that promise but I’m letting you know nothing comes easy ok but definitely once you learn inside page one formula rankings are sorry Page 1 Ranking Formula does work I use it myself and because I used myself I’m offering my premium bonuses really important my first bonus is an unannounced premium bonus I’m announcing it here for the first time this is specifically made for page 1 ranking formula okay so basically it’s a youtube affiliate program search engine okay I’m calling it that it has a different name it’s not Clickbank it’s not YouTube itself it’s something very few marketers actually know about okay it is clink back already related and the reason why it’s clicked bank related but not Clickbank is because Clickbank allows anyone to promote their products it can be in any niche from battery-charging digital products to the MMO niche to the weight loss niche Clickbank does not discriminate okay so I have a search engine for you that will help you find low comp buyer keywords for YouTube so you can rank on YouTube using the exact same techniques you learn from Page 1 Ranking Formula and applying them with these buyer keywords and these products okay my second or I should say my first announced bonus is my youtube video keyword tool the best video keyword tool there is it’s absolutely free and it’s different from the one mentioned in the in the program okay they’re both good but I also want to give you this one because it does more competition analysis you get that as well on top of that you get the most important ranking factor okay this is what has led me to high rankings on YouTube and this is a very very very important ranking factor that some people just gloss over talked about briefly or I don’t really get into it I’m gonna let you know what it is and how you can increase that really important I think personally this is my um my most important bonus because this really really works it’s really important plus coupled with the for unannounced bonus here you know the YouTube affiliate program search engine a coupled with that you’re gonna you’re gonna get traffic to the offers you want to promote regardless of the nice on top of that you get my complete video track toolkit all the tools all the free tools I use to actually get tags on YouTube to actually take a keyword that I’m looking for a long soak keyword and just put out all those related tags in one click one button without looking for them individually okay so in the in the course they teach you how to look for them individually I’m gonna let you know how to get it automatically saving you lots of time you also get my traffic and profit case study I’m gonna show you traffic I’ve gone on a particularly fired keyword and how much I made on it it’s a case study showing you what I I know what I’m talking about okay you get that as well on top of that get all the bonuses that come with Page 1 Ranking Formula okay I want to make sure that you you don’t feel left out okay so these are the other different bonuses all the other marketers are promoting and reviewing my custom bonuses plus my I’m not unannounced premium bonus or made by me okay you used by me and I know they’re effective okay so I’m not only the case study but the ranking factor the toolkit okay the best video keyword tool plus the YouTube affiliate program search engine you get all that via my page you want to click you want to check out the link on this video or down below and look for this page and get page 1 formula formula ranking through that page okay okay now before I jump into the actual course itself I want to quickly go over the upgrade of the upgrades okay now it’s it’s my it’s my rule okay my personal rule to never promote a product that requires the upgrades okay always the up there should be supplementary should add more value or save you time in some way making something semi semi passive semi automatic okay so this is knowing that this is page one sorry upgrade number one the Ultimate Edition this comes with two more case studies for a villian for video ranking except 47 bucks second upgrade online Academy get more support and help to profit online in any niche that’s a 1995 the third upgrade is done for you sell script sales video template important for all marketers these templates will turn you into a sales machine regardless of your niche that’s a 67 bucks and the fourth upgrade is the ion traffic Academy and multitude of traffic methods using different free platforms that’s a 97 bucks and then there’s a live bootcamp fast way to learn to earn online as a 147 bucks these are all created by the product creator of formula rant formula sorry the name is long Page 1 Ranking Formula okay and they all you know they all suit different types of needs that depending on your online journey right now where you’re at you might even even might need more support if that’s the case I definitely go with upgrade number two okay if you’re looking for more case studies which I’m always looking for myself I definitely go for upgrade number one okay and if you want some done for you sell scripts so you know if you’re not a sales person you just want to be a marketer then you might want to go for upgrade number three and so forth okay just pick those pick the one that that suits you best or pick none of them okay again I only promote products or software that actually the the product itself does what it’s what what it claims okay that’s why I’m showing you this product right now okay so make sure you check out that page below okay so I’m actually inside of Page 1 Ranking Formula once you step into this course you’re gonna find over six steps but the one you want to focus on is step three it more about that later step one is a welcome video step two is the VIP community basically it’s a Facebook group you can join or you get added support and help from Vick and the other members okay just like you okay there’s a bonus area and you can claim the bonuses right here all the bonuses that have to do with the product itself not my bonus so you can only get my bonuses if you get them through my page down below okay including the unannounced premium bonus really important stuff now how this is set up it’s really important to understand step four Step five step six are actually the upgrades you don’t need them okay let me repeat that you don’t need them they’re there to add added values give you more support or make things sim automatic for you there’s different upgrades and stuff so for example the sales template that I went over if you don’t want to do I’ll create your own sales video or on sales template you can use that okay but the crux the the core of this course is step three let me uh let me blow that up for you let me click on this so as you can see there are over 15 different videos within this module step three and this is how the course works you’re gonna get well you got the first video here but basically let’s go to let’s go to video for real quick you’re gonna get the concept video and then the training video down below and I really like this because the concept video helps you understand what you’re gonna do with this within with these techniques okay not only that how you can apply them to different areas at YouTube so it’s kind of like an overview of the actual method then you jump into the actual training itself to show you that specific technique okay now this is the layout for every video in this module okay basically you get the contact video and then the training concert video and then the training video and there is a lot of value in this training I’m gonna tell you right now I completely agree with what Vic teaches I do the same thing myself but I also want you to focus on some things if you get this to Mike if you get this to my page I want you to replace certain things that he teaches with with what I’m teaching you okay because I outrank him on certain videos okay I know why number one instead of his come instead of his a keyword tool use my keyword tool really important okay also I want you to talk I also want you to use the very important ranking factor that I talked about with my bonus you’re gonna get that on my bonus page okay he talks about many very important ranking factors but I think he glosses over the one that I’m really critical about and that is well I’m not gonna tell you it’s my bonus but it’s really really important okay also I want you to focus on my case study here okay so I want you to watch and learn what he teaches within Page 1 Ranking Formula but also want you to take note of my case study and show you what I did and how I implemented this most important ranking factor to succeed with my case study really important stuff okay ah what else another well another great thing about this course is in this course he talked about the types of queue is usually looking for right this is where I came up with my premium bonus for you because there is a resource again like I mentioned earlier where you can find buyer keywords that have to do with Clickbank that are relatively new keywords that people are searching for right now okay now again the beauty about Clickbank is you don’t have to be get approved by any vendors anybody can sell their digital products and there are hundreds of niches which is a cool thing okay so that’s that’s my take on the Page 1 Ranking Formula I’m not I’m in complete agreement with what he teaches but I would change I would focus on certain things more than others number one is that ranking factor that I’m gonna give you as my bonus number two he teaches a really good he has really good videos on how to find affiliate programs and how to promote those products but I want you to use my search engine in conjunction with what he teaches within page one ranking and again please take note of my case study okay okay please take note of my case out of here okay if gonna is gonna make sense a lot with my ranking factor plus what you learn within this course okay now as I promised you I’m gonna show you one of the techniques that I learned inside of this course okay check this out let’s say this video right here okay I’m gonna right click it okay really this is a really important SEO tip that I learned within this course and I think it’s it’s amazing and I never knew about it check it out you’re gonna right click it go to properties yeah and you’re gonna want to go to details okay and in this section the description area you’re gonna write out the keyword main keyword you’re gonna be targeting so this is just for example sake is how to take care of your poodle okay just for examples sake I’m gonna I’m gonna copy that and I’m gonna repeat that in the subtitled version as well the tagged version as well and the comments section as well and I’m going to give myself a five-star rating and click OK okay really important stuff okay this is such an important SEO tip I hope you enjoyed it as part of the course there’s much more to learn within page one ranking formula and plus my with with my bonuses you’re gonna get lots of traffic to affiliate offers okay so make sure you get that bonus don’t forget to Like and subscribe to this channel and see you on the inside bye bye take care

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