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PART 2 || ALEXIS REN’S 30 Day Ab Workout

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What is up you guys so today I am finally going to be filming the long-awaited part 2 of my Alexis Wren 30 day AB routine challenge before we get into it I just wanted to thank everybody out there who had really positive things to say and for all the support I got I never imagined this video would get more than like 100 views so like 50k plus it completely blows my mind but you guys were so nice and just all the things you said you were super supportive and I really really appreciated it I know you don’t know me but you put a smile on my face and I’m a total stranger so keep spreading the good vibes because I totally appreciate it let me just first off start by saying this it was definitely a challenge there was no way this was an easy workout I struggled most of the time doing this do you get a little bit better built up some strength worked in that playing form and you guys noticed my plank form was trash trust me well aware terrible planking not something I ever do I will say that I was still unable to go the full 30 minutes without stopping like she does I did pick up the pace though I managed to speed up and not take so many breaks the other thing is I did try to do her diet routine as well throughout this I definitely ate more fruits and vegetables and I managed to avoid red meat for the entire month in the morning I would have oatmeal mixed with chia seeds and coconut flakes before the gym to kind of feel my workout and then I would come home and I would have a protein shake and then a little bit after that I would make a blended fruit smoothie of frozen fruit and non-dairy yogurt that I have for dinner I would have some type of fish or shrimp with vegetables so I definitely noticed a huge difference I don’t know so much about like in the like stomach region but more so I just noticed my skin cleared up and looked a little bit brighter so I was pretty happy about that and also I finally got it came the mail I or hit like a month ago but it just came in yesterday so perfect timing okay now I’m going to shut up and film the final part of my 30-day workout then I’m going to do some hip and waist measurements again see if we have any changes in that region but before I completely shut up if you’re new here don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and make sure you hit the little bell so you never miss one of my posts and if you like this video please go ahead and give me a big thumbs up I really really appreciate it wanna know somebody’s playing you’re Batman I got the docume 17 shots no 38 yeah I gotta get my 50 shots up and I got this we’d never have an Okie on the profile catchin feelings is let me show you how the worst fears about three what you as you can see from the measurements my waist went from a 25 to a 24 inch so I lost one inch off my waist just from being consistent and doing the ab workout every day and cleaning up my eating a little bit and then as far as my hips go I actually lost like a half an inch off my hips I went from a 33 to a 32 and a half um I’m not sure if this is related to the ab workout or just that I’ve also been hitting the gym and maybe like burning some fat and I guess I need to work on building the booty a little bit more but yeah anyway I’m really surprised with the results with the waist area I really didn’t think that I would lose anything really the waist I figured I would just tone and that would probably be it so here are some before and afters I know that’s really what everybody is dying to see I definitely noticed a difference as far as my ABS go they look a little bit more defined so that is it for today guys I hope you found this video useful and I hope it motivated you to potentially try this as you can see it worked for me so I think it can probably work for anybody it’s just all about staying motivated and consistent if you guys have any questions for me feel free to leave those down below and if you have any other workouts that you want to suggest that I should film please also do not hesitate to comment that is well down below and thank you guys so much for watching No