Flat Belly

Sassy Water Flat Belly Recipe

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel and in todays video I am going to show you how to make Sassy Water and basically Sassy Water is a detox water that is great for lowering belly fat or shrinking belly fat This water contains 5 natural ingredients that are really good for you and it tastes great and it really does work guys!!! This drink is known to decrease belly fat Sooooo if you are interested in knowing how to make the detox , flat belly water stay tuned…

And also guys at the end of this video I am going to post a few pictures of my abs just so you can see that this water does work. I drink this water 3 to 4 times daily The results are amazing!!! I hope you enjoy this video and stay tuned The ingredients for Sassy Water will be listed on screen as well as in the description box First wash and slice a medium lemon into thin pieces Lemons are great detoxifiers that detoxify the liver which will increase your metabolism.

Next wash and peel a medium sized cucumber You also want to slice it into thin slices as well Cucumbers are great diuretics which will pull excess water from the abdominal region. Next wash and add 6 fresh mint leaves. Mint leaves will help the body to digest fat. Next grate a tablespoonful of fresh ginger which will boost metabolism and will help calm and sooth your digestive tract.

Last add four 16 ounce bottles of water and allow it to sit in the refrigerator and steep for 10 to 12 hours. Then enjoy this delicious, refreshing detox drink. As I promised her are some photos of my results of drinking Sassy Water and of course moderate exercise. As always thanks for watching and don’t forget to share, like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE!!! Have a GREAT DAY!!! BYE!!! .