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Shilpa Shetty: What I eat in a day | Lifestyle | Pinkvilla | Bollywood | S01E03

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Hi guys, I am Shilpa Shetty Kundra and you are watching me on Pinkvilla showing my solidarity, umm.. So today I’m gonna tell you what exactly my diet comprises of and what I eat So, hope you guys get some motivation out of it and, umm.. chew your food The first thing I do as soon as I wake up is, I kind of, cleanse my system with warm water It’s not hot, just plain warm water and before I have the warm water, I have 4 drops of noni juice, the concentrated noni juice, and it really gives me a lot of strength in the morning, to cope with all the crazy stuff that I do the rest of the day And the other very important thing that I do as a ritual Every morning is oil pulling, so I take at least 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, cold-pressed coconut oil, and I basically, roll it around my mouth, between my teeth It looks really funny So, I do this for like a good 7 to 10 minutes They say you should do it for 20 minutes, but, you know, with our fast-paced lives, if I get in like 10 minutes, I am like, Yay! So, everybody knows, I swear by Yoga, and yes, I have started doing a lot of different workouts that have been inspired by Yoga as well..So I’m a fitness freak You can actually call me a freak now, yeah, self-confessed fitness freak, but I don’t do it to lose weight, or I don’t do it to, umm..

Prove a point to myself.. Most people think that you have to contort your body into different pretzelic forms to do Yoga, but I don’t.. There are a lot of asanas that I’m still surprised with, and I’m kind of rediscovering my inner strength, and my flexibility, with doing it over a period of time So no, you don’t have to be an expert contortionist to do Yoga, so I do a lot of workout regimes that help me with that so it’s a mixture of high-intensity, you know, interval training, there is core-strengthening, I love doing planks, different kinds of that, I enjoy burpees I know it’s crazy, like who can enjoy burpees I enjoy these animal walks, so it’s not one kind of training, it’s an amalgam of a lot of stuff, yeah..

So, I discovered Yoga around 17 years ago, when I was injured I had injured my neck, and my physio had told me to start doing Yoga to strengthen it And I had a Yoga teacher to come home and teach me, and then I went on to, umm, learn much more about Yoga, I realized it wasn’t just great for strengthening an injured part, and rehabilitation, but also great to, kind of, tone your body, and as I kept learning more and more about Yoga, I realised, It was not just for your body, but also, for your mind.. So, I think we all need help in that area (laughs) So, I started off with Ashtanga today, I do Vinyasa, the Bihar School of Yoga, I’ve tried all different kinds of Yoga forms, but what I would tell people, is that, it doesn’t matter what form you’re doing, try and keep to the basics of inhaling and exhaling throughout the asanas, and that’s what will affect and oxygenate your muscles, rejuvenate your mind and your body, and that’s what is important.

So, I get time in the mornings because I have a son, and he goes to school, and there are many a times that I’m also inundated with work in the mornings, you know, if I’m shooting, umm, so then I try, saying that I will compensate for the next day, so, it doesn’t matter as long as you are not, umm, they say Yoga is preferably to be done on an empty stomach, or you can have maybe, warm water, or a cup of tea..

Some people who are addicted to tea, or you know, a small piece of banana, that’s about it.. You can’t go on a heavy stomach and start doing Yoga, so even if you do eat, try and maintain a two and a half hour gap, and then do Yoga So, it can be in the afternoon, mid-afternoon, after your lunch They say working out, even in the evenings is great, you know So, it gives you a boost of energy, and umm, I prefer to do it in the morning, so.. So my day is pretty simple, and I eat like people used to eat 70 years ago, which means, my mornings start at 7 in the morning..

I try to get my breakfast in between 7 and..7.30 and 8, and it’s a very high fiber breakfast, so it’ll be either oats, or muesli, coupled with fruits I start off with a raw food, so i’s either a banana, or grated apple, blueberries, in my muesli, and umm, I try to keep it low sugar, so I would..I prefer to use natural forms of sweeteners like honey, or powdered jaggery, that is very readily available in the market Now the newest form of sugar is coconut sugar Even that’s great for your oats So that’s my breakfast, that’s if it’s a vegetarian day..If my morning starts earlier than that, then I start off with this simple smoothie, which is, umm, a mixture of almond milk, and banana, and raw oats and honey, and I can add whatever fruit I want into it, so, that’s on-the-go, and then I have 2 eggs So, if I start very early in the morning, there are basically two breakfasts So then I have 2 eggs around 10-10.30 with either avocado..raw avocado, and maybe a whole wheat toast with butter..

“WITH” butter and then I have my tea, again with coconut sugar So I try and avoid all kinds of sweeteners, and, umm, I like to keep it natural and clean. My afternoon meal is my heaviest meal actually, and it comprises of either brown rice, white rice, whatever is available, umm, there’s a chicken or a fish, some kind of protein, and, I like my vegetables, so there’s vegetables, and I have my salad is very very simple, it’s just cucumber and carrot (laughs) with a bit of sea salt on it, so it’s nothing fancy Then there’s sometimes, I may be alternate my heavy lunch, with like a, Yogi bowl, and that’s what I call it So in that one bowl I basically put-in everything I’ll put in salad leaves, I’ll put in barley or you know, rice..brown rice, and I’ll add some chicken bits, grilled chicken, I’ll add beetroot, so it’s like a salad, cum food, cum everything, all-in-one And the very important thing that I forgot to mention that I try to get in a spoon of ghee into my lunch anyhow When I say a spoon, it’s like, a tablespoon So yeah, I have a tablespoon of ghee every day with my lunch So whether it be in my roti, I also like my parathas sometimes, so if it’s paratha and sabzi and dal and chicken, I even have that, so I like that..

Then comes my snack, which is like a mid-meal A thing that I like I don’t like to keep too much gap in between my food, I mean between my lunch and my tea So, my mid-meal would be just maybe 2 eggs or, umm, a sandwich with beetroot and cucumber, and potato..I love boiled potatoes, just sliced, and a bit of chaat masala, and make it into a sandwich and just bite it..it’s yum! And that just keeps you from getting peckish before dinner Then I have my tea in the evening, and, umm, around 7-7.30 with my son 7.30 to 8, my son, my husband and I sit together, and we have our dinner So that’s my last meal, which is a very light, fairly lighter meal than the rest of the day I like a soup..It can be veg, chicken, whatever and I don’t eat anything raw, I prefer not to eat anything raw So most people have salads in the night which is not a concept that I believe in I have something, umm, grilled, or even if it’s a vegetable, dal, whatever I try to keep it low-carb at night, I try But then, if I feel like having a mushroom hotpot rice, I’ll have that So there is no hard and fast rule So that’s my day basically, and if I feel I’m craving for something sweet, I have a piece of chikki after lunch So that’s my biggest rule! When you have a child, you have to be an early riser I love Indian food, and I also love Chinese and Japanese..

I’m a foodie! See, that’s a really interesting question Now because I belong to the beauty business or maybe, the “body business” We have to take care of how..how we look, and, umm, people can be judgemental, and I totally get it But I don’t make too many changes, because I’ve already made a big lifestyle change I don’t eat after 7.30 in the evening, I eat very healthy, clean food, so I have a clean diet, so I don’t have to make too many changes if I’m walking the red carpet, or I’m showing my stomach, yes obviously to look more chiseled, like to have washboard abs and to look flat, you have to make sure that you eat a lot of high fiber, high protein, and making sure that maybe the previous day you don’t have carbs, so, it’s very low-carb the previous day, if I’m showing my abs..

My favourite cheat meal, oh my god I love deserts! And I love..I love Biryani! I love lamb Biryani I love, umm, I love roshogolla! And I love rabdi and hot jalebis..it’s my absolute favorite! And, umm, yeah yeah, I can give you a long list! I’ve seen people try it I think it works a lot for a lot of people It’s a very hard diet to do – The Keto The Keto diet, where you’re eating high amounts of fat high amount of, actually, adequate protein high fat, and no carbs, no sugar, no fruits So I’m like..what are we gonna do (laughs) It’s scary..so I mean, I would suggest something like that to maybe someone who’s a body-builder, who has maybe let themselves go for some time and then need to shred, so, you know, it works really great for them But there are some people who barely have like 3 kilos to lose and they are on Keto diets And it makes you very crotchety, it makes you very angry because your body and your mind is not getting what it wants, so, umm, I don’t know, I find it very strange, so yeah..

So I really hope this helps you guys in the long run, and if you like this video, do like, share and comment, and don’t forget to subscribe to Pinkvilla and The Shilpa Shetty channel! (laughs) .

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