Flat Belly

Simple Steps to LOSE STOMACH FAT Fast! (Hindi / Punjabi)

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Hey thanks for tuning into my Bollywood body map the host sunny thank you very much for so much support make sure we do be starting me hit the like button I got apnea better come out a channel to subscribe Nikki or make sure to subscribe our channel or niche any notification get delete them are they not be made then I’ll almost touching though million subscribers like in a grab Cathay upcoming video postcard a notification a re reason is opening Google you barely which I have a Google keep LBJ out just a friend of me home will be like a punk you see the security they Connecticut does enough of it to the Kaka long story short arm up these are marketing a up Cupid cupid ferrata will jump in me up get this energy method Unni honest Arabic up record with a clear map good night Tito died – tonight – tonight Billy died Kota died – died sorry and I can try cornea made a pedicure Persephone’s other matter so it’s wrong your suturing Matthew gastric bypass caralluma – Patrick surgical we have to split banner column when you do so McGee caramel keep the mend appear immediately karna reason number one reason kya kar made it paid Cooper say bad news first huh me about to understand can a preggers how weight loss works when I do off the belly upset video shaky these kinder me explain yeah that even weight lost the concept kiss the heart rate to put a Turkish turnoff Nippon in micro counts got me okay Mario just series Sharia talk shows ski make sure I’m watch clean up once and LJ gap but now we’re gonna talk about he appeared Cooper separatist Ramana Chia about course of savelii understand man hockey Marlo yeah Oracle Johanna you know when we start working out hum SC about crafting again I make a big work up my gear Javon jacket gym may work on a super-thin sub sub LM lurking about cutting solar cage of work up commercial hooker thing is subset belly on the moon there’s a fire escape a donkey chipper which is your buttocks up get but under jet name and that’s how you start to shrink escape idea graph D body Hanna this is your body it starts to shrink to a point chaos Arrakis are afraid you stomach pay another loose keyboard eventually use that a girl it’ll kill me Bob Kerrey angry alert can subsequently be on the moon there’s a fire escape authenticity which is your breast bone da da da and paradise Tyler complete rank a page Francona’s wrote our peer saya dorky friend a petrified friend said you take that burger was over kids at the end now Jerusalem is a medium re body fat Costello Scotty Abner charm in you near a blue scarf getting our mere appears a fat new the number one squ is just so concerned about take-up crunches mama oh there goes way too complicated to mangu crunches Martin it doesn’t work like this does not matter object namazi obscure work up curling up get paid queue Persephone Jaya just like up Kathy Marie oh I have you know like man boobs or chest Kip or fat or up Tesla dies in solution and no it’s all in your diet how many understand karma is Mari bodied you have accomplished over Christy you pick Hana kotti hang a beer together captain York which is cutting who can W Cooper yoga it does a parrot in there barking in the Rajah need to give person everything gets stored into your stomach now the thing is Agora began the block herring automatically junk food carrying a keyboard in Aragon DAF Cupid cupid is torque at 9 so up up honest ok I will be maintenance they need each other up and row so those are carry anything up on so calorie burn car the thing you are not in a calorie deficit optical is – meaning nothing happening dude okay Jim measuring a proper diet current looking after pure benefit Amora so number one up we understand Carnegie up the body has to be in a calorie deficit for you to lose weight up it’s a loose cannon Chalmers is a loose cannon number one yup it died principally a sullen sub several appetite I agree graph kid died TK automatically activate Nietzsche John a Shiva Linga great Nietzsche jag automatically after paid on the Janice will again now are kept there you are Matthew Sturrock which currently may repeat if you persist Padme you a few reasons that we can set up a Hum Aapke without they happen a a based on experience kala say as a trainer K CUNY after fajar up the a question Melissa Jimmy both automatically may not clear to you methylamine upon me the pepper soup in fact you knew table number one I get up lip a depressive factor on teen muscle group could be missing occurring but Congo which is your legs chest and your back these are three major muscle groups it this back and legs when you train these automatically these are your bigger muscles but a muscle has open up in brain muscle school training Luton are opti body muscle faster grow curry justanna opti body muscle faster grow Cragie watanabe body constantly after muscle stress merengue boredom and Crisco food though agar apni body cook clean food there is no sorrow then up ki aapki body calorie deficit maybe yea even calorie hitman a happy body even number progeria poop on the nose okay Lu Cheng happening body coupon also calories there you licking up the protein intakes are the hot car king did come her card is a source of energy to aku you know there’s simple cars is complex cards with different different food item is a melt a route the optimal gear I smell her cheese in a matter of fact there is cards Pisa the end of the sup toothpaste economies are at nilani windows curve another pieces up to west Oh nothin number two the Domino’s Pizza well no story short so agar apni body could even be there you opti car kiri show coming up if fatty ratio car map you should be ratio Carmela can protein ratios of that because protein is essential for muscle building so Bob Knepper cup key our chest will guide you back later your legs will guide miss you go Jim maybe train car array a fat loss Kelly what would teen Linney exercise fact I have me 18 muscle train carrot enchilada bother buzu shoulder Pina Pina to entertain trained in karate so job obligates a teen big muscle train create their bigger muscles they demand food you give them cleaner food about flipping body cook clean food the after muscle Grove way rest ki aapke muscle Grove way next up cure to crappy body boo-boop Liguilla up kid massage cupola give you the constantly one energy they pump day you know they blunt an oxygen there then they go to the stored fat deposit up side after campus or a cat however today cooper automatically warped it did miss a fat kitchen along sega that of number one reasons loco gotcha he gave paid the fare kinesiology who Tsubasa’s on that pedal guys are a smaller muscle groups biceps repair extension flexion tricep perhaps shoulder front head you up can period hair lateral head up career hand hygge shortage for a pina hugging obliques okay abs who get Showtime asana you don’t have to worry about it because of the fact that you automatically wondering it unless you are into competitive bodybuilding I’m a bodybuilder boy this situation in different looking I’m just giving a basic idea cake repaired if you participated on Acharya three major groups you need to hit your chest your back in your legs up jitney you scope him on that is art okay dedication kiss on the lobby what a nut shell the up your purse if I add up to take you press especially for at Oregon after to Haji gear Sarah minute curly Alec and me repair Cooper say fat Anita am now a October chicken divan kisi ki assessment courtesy for training gym iam sub super nasty consultation cut pain assessment caffeine can take it detail analysis okay and they stay Gharib open take a potential get man who’s psychologically Whakatane involved have record connect in there the reason why we do in a second matter of fact which are shown that assessment if we don’t do the consultation for free but it’s will assemble a consultation Kurt a we need to understand champion but the key aged explain higher they they weighed this their BMI BMI body fat percentage lean muscle mass panikhida show kidneys custom not get my rep max get my blood pressure cooker with so fat get now solid they kick profile when they given up their those profiles affair Moscow guide cut the embers profile Kentucky I hate to 3/4 pup named weight scale cupid cupid steal too hard in it especially have lady kirara candidate the chart came in ethology who condemned the chart Kato low okay you know Mary bed check Romero great niche any genre so subset Valley about an average check our thing take get you up near a check here number two opening measurements late thing about Nick paid key tops etc say bottoms a measurement let just a lame Vaculik bazoom killing for arms killing shoulder killing but key like words delayed penalty Lane booty body get paper will equip measurement scales secretly measurements be curly and most importantly take your pictures some may say sides say would packs a guillotine pictures last meal a so after hearing apnea G workouts you look here America will be fat loss series liinahamari beginner series lemon intermedius little ain’t advanced it’ll then echo ABC there’s never a bad plan Lily about mr.

Lukey a.substr Pelican up neat the sphere in kitchen monkey little Cajun have a topless lemme let it kill you a sports bra where apparently front side and back to Sweden Lily up now beat paper mill okay who’s capable if the jeans snap jab to Hannah Taylor’s capacity measurement cut any measurement killing boobie licking every 20 days 20 days which becomes a month 20 means workout is a graph five days a week workout car there so you can mean a bond up need to speed in the model a up any measurements Tamar a layer of knob rattling there is no point gap every week apnea pitch echoing ghostified the name Mahina me Egbert Nevaeh chakra or you see time check current a garage Tsubaki art with you happening where course you look here super KRW measurement linear Tsubaki art with the opening up Nabil Czechia Mina body you see time capable if you see time of APNIC Yuma Tsubasa Shami kabab empty stomach apne measurements Larry and without workout key way of measurements Lorraine about me we check our mean about Rock occurring at panco different rugged okay Luca with ASIMO today so keep that in mind when you’re doing your measurements when you’re doing your own assessment do it at the same time I could work out calculator I mean a body workout same muscle group luckily pakia quirky body effect pretty mellow go go get down day one saved 8:30 up a pinellia work up can I just make up Kofi latch on Egeria I feel good day 32 days 16 log up to commenting AR lakiya alert care to both the Chilcotin workout car thieves day 62 day 90 teen mini Bob up knees up this video taking in a pillar of psycho faculty by thinking oh yeah walking with a far better deal you’ll do ever do surrogate Alicia brother no matter what you do up opening body could be a Cheney leg a purchase you know doesn’t become currently up your abs Vinny come and pick me up okay nothing city muddy happening you I will be your man move nickel I gotta be a boob nicolayevitch a thermal paper you going to be mu motoring a morphological archaea burying it so you need to understand paid safe fat to run equally important is your dedication because a octopus has been equal on our part percent body fat with me are me not gonna have to pay a barnacle attack because of peopie bodies are of fact would restore country make a goal or teen muscle group chest back and legs could be missing occurring apnea assessment occurring her 30 days of me assessment caring what a proper plan key through apne buddy okay dr.

Banner belly poor thing my trick curtail the street massacre pay period fseek left Mayfair be a secret an offense cream a medical schools I think plan hapua government benaiah medical schools name he seasoned apne penny boarding coconut banana new body corporate acronym for you correct plan when IJ is Amina mera year plan uncle I mean a year shaming about the a or Hispanic to replant Amitabha captain Baudricourt target cream that’s how you will be able to get rid of at the end of the day there is no special workout K you know honestly speaking Creole Ginobili gollu I got paid over a workout karaage the most paid to work out can I say it’s gonna happen is after your muscle but I need home you know you know up endurance Benari who just like it bicep the operators are curvy car leaves off the dole apartheid range it renew you know nothing’s really gonna happen you just tearing the muscle fibers so same has you get a paid career up cap a joke or have a strong hygge up gain muscles you throw do or lean or define hojin cannot opening apps can be we need except cookies after happy body fat percentage single-digit mana which is less than ten simple fact very simple that he can say this is how you can get rid of your stomach fat by training three major groups with a proper plan and proper nutrition plan there is no science there is no special workout together to your stomach fat and there is no pellet kamo aapke severe pain q per se factor die there is no such thing as a spot reduction I get up we eat cheese chili te Amare effort agility and make sure up hit the like button you to pay him a subscribe kendama truly a my Bollywood body follow us on Facebook Instagram and Twitter Coffee logo maker theorem on a Facebook Cooper Instagram to put you tripping on care sorry I missed we’re going to the car he boozing and of my Bollywood did body my Bollywood buddy my buddy buddy buddy my Bollywood body that’s the name on all on all the channels make sure up subscribe grey over how many messages choreograph or make sure leave a comment in the comment box again up Choptank with your questionnaire you want me to make a video about it I’ll be more than happy to