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Slim Legs Workout | Thigh Fat Burning Workout (No Jumping) | Free Program

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Everyone will come back so I’ve got news 30 days limp I challenge for you guys and today’s video is the first episode of the program which is a full leg workout that’s not gonna back up your legs it is going to help you to get that clean and telmex also if you want to do this work on its own it’s totally fine but I definitely recommend you guys to try the full program up to get better results also guys to show you before and after photos using my hashtag on Instagram and also share your progress in comment down below so everyone can support one another so to help me to keep trading free programs for you I’ll really appreciate it if you could smash that like button smash it real hard and drop me a comment as well as this really helps to make my videos to reach out to more people out there now today’s workout consists of two sets you have two exercises for 30 seconds each back-to-back followed by a quick five seconds break let’s start with some lunch tabs make sure you go down nice and low and tap your foot with your opposite hand this is going to give a nice stretch on your inner thighs next whip in the toe taps keep your chest up and bring your foot up and inwards and tap it with your opposite hand this is really great for inner thighs as well also remember you’re working your legs here not your hands so focus on your inner thighs Max Weber each enter bring up the art behind you like so and tab you chose with your hand ramp it up guys so you can raise your heart rate now on to the other side stay focused and coordinated don’t stumble that idea here next website lunch cross over tap really stretch out those inner thighs and use your right leg to lift yourself back up and cross over and do a tap this is really great for both your inner thighs and outer thighs now on to the other lady now time for some kicks first give a kick diagonally at about 45 degrees and then another kick to the side now on to the other leg time for some single leg that lives and kicks lower your body down by pushing your hips back while having one leg extended make sure your back is straight and stay neutral don’t arch your back then bring the leg back in and kick it forward you’re going to feel the burn in this one so stay focused stay balanced and stay safe now on to the other lay we’re doing some lake circles next draw circles with one leg while balancing on the other feel free to alternate between clockwise and anti-clockwise now on to the other lane curtsy lunges and kicks and eggs bring one leg behind you diagonally and as you come back up kick it to the side just a couple more to go guys and we’re almost at the end of set one now on to the other side back to another round off in the toe taps keep it up guys we’re halfway through the workout now to end that one we’ve got plie if you’ve never done this exercise before make sure your feet are wider than your shoulder width apart with your feet pointed outwards like so tuck your butt in and lower your hips down then leave your heels to get that extra burn on your inner thighs then get up and repeat all right we’ve got a 15 seconds rest now grab a Fitness mat and get on the ground we’ll be starting with some inner leg lifts while lying on your side you can live your hips off the ground like so if you have more advanced and get that extra burn next you can be in a low or high side plank and raise your leg like so I prefer it with a high side plank because I can feel it better on my legs also you can keep your hand on the hips for balance all right now shop around and we’re going to repeat both exercises on the other side next we’ve got sight playing lake racers again let’s whip up plank to stand get in a plank position and bring our left leg forward and get up using a left leg while having your right leg extended like sorry try to do it slow to get used to the movement buzz now on to the other leg now time for some lunch taps we’re almost at the end keep pushing through the fast but in a good form guys next we’ve got some site cakes pretend that your ninja and alternating between kicking the bad guys on the left and right now get back on the mat and we’ve got fire hydrants plus the kick start with a fire hydrant and then do a kick really focus on the lakes guys not your arms here on to the other side for the last two exercises we’ve got sight line lake circle draw circles with your leg and this really burns the inner thighs you can also alternate between clockwise and anti-clockwise come on guys was so close to finishing the workout we can’t do this swap around and let’s work on the other leg great or everyone that’s the end of the workout hope you guys enjoyed this one and be sure to smash that like button and subscribe if you haven’t already and let me know down in the comments if you have any questions and I’ll see you guys in the next workout bye