Flat Belly


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Five of the best standing ab exercises. So no need for an exercise mat with these exercises. This workout will hit all muscles in your core from your abs, to your hips, to your pelvis, to your lower back. We’re going to be doing anywhere from 12 to 15 reps today. We’re going to try for three rounds, and just try to keep your rest periods short. The first thing we’re going to start with is a standing bicycle. You’re going to put your hands behind your head. You’re going to think about driving the opposite knee to the opposite elbow, but the key to this one is really thinking about rotating, and bringing the opposite elbow back. So what I’m talking about is, if I’m driving here, it’s really about – see how I’m really pushing that back elbow back? That’s what we’re really going to look for, along with really thinking about contracting the muscles. This is going to be hitting our obliques, and our rectus abdominals.

So here we go. Hands behind our head, and we’re just going to rotate, and down. Rotate, and down. So think about really rounding the back, drawing the core up, and thinking about driving that opposite elbow backward. So once I’ve done that, I’m keeping my rest periods short. We’re going to do the same on the opposite side. Thinking about rounding my back, literally crunching that ab in. Pushing my opposite elbow backward. And here, and here. So you’re really going to feel that focus here, a little bit here. Okay, next we’re going to go into a one legged superman. With this one you can either do no weight, or something very light. Trust me, this does not need a lot of weight. So what you’re going to do is, you’re just going to hold your dumbbells here, or your hands here. And what’s great about this one, it’s really going to hit every part of your core.

Everything from the front, to the back, to the lats; everything. So you’re just going to start with a knee raised. You’re really going to think about that Superman. What is he doing? He gets into a straight position here. So you’re going to hold, and you’re going to come back here. We’re holding, and we’re coming back here. Super great for the lower back and all of this area here. We’re working here. We always want to remember you want to work the back, too. So we’re just pushing, coming straight forward, pushing our body up as straight as we can, and coming back to start. So once we finish our 12-15 reps we’re going to go onto the opposite side. This is a great stretch and strengthen. Really, stretching out, and back to start. Okay, next we’re going to go into an oblique crunch.

With this exercise we’re going to go into a deep, lateral lunge, and then we’re going to go into a straight leg kick. So this is really going to focus on the oblique area. Think about going as low as you can. When you come up, explosively reach for the leg. Whatever you want to do with your arms, that helps you with your balance. So we’re down, we’re kicking up. Keeping our legs straight, and we’re just focusing on crunching the obliques on the sides. In, and down. Crunch, and down. Crunch, and down. All right, other side. We’re going to crunch again on each side. Crunching, lowering, crunching. Definitely a nice little target of the obliques. Now we’re going to focus more, once again, on the front, or the rectus abdominus. We’re going to do a kicking toe reach. With this one we’re going to reach our opposite hand to our – actually, our hand to our opposite foot. You’re going to go as high as you can. With this one, once again, I’m thinking about rounding my back, really engaging my abdominals as I’m reaching for that toe. Really crunching in. I’m not thinking about how high I’m kicking, or anything like that.

I’m just thinking about the crunch because if you think about that you’re actually going to be able to kick your feet a bit higher, just thinking about that crunch. Crunching over. All right, you’ve done your 12-15. Take your short rest period. The last thing we’re going to do is a high knee tap. This is great because it’s really metabolic. It’s going to get our heartrate up. All you’re going to do is think about very quickly bringing your knees up to your hands, but the main thing you want to think about is your abs being engaged the entire time. You’re going to have a nice, tight core as you’re reaching in here, and bringing your knees up to your hands. They’re literally tight the entire time. I’m just trying to keep my posture nice, and straight, and driving my knees up to my hands. With that one you can do it timed. Let’s say you want to do it for 30 seconds. 30 seconds knees, take a break, 30 seconds high knees, take a break, and 30 seconds of high knees.

All right, no need to get on the ground. Tons of great ways to work your core while you’re standing. We’ve hit everything from the front, we’ve hit the sides, we’ve done some work here, to hit the lower back, even our lats; everything. Got that heartrate going. Okay, you guys. Five standing exercises. Make sure to do 12-15 reps per side, three rounds. Check out ATHLEANXXforWomen.com, leave us a like, hit the subscribe button, and leave us comments. We love hearing from you guys. Work out with you guys soon. .