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Stomach Slimming Cream | Get Rid of Cellulite | Does it Work?!

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– Hello, beautiful, and welcome back to my channel for today’s edition of Fitness Friday. You guys are actually getting this on Saturday because Noel and my mom have been off from school and work respectively all week, and we’ve just had so much going on. Noel’s birthday is also tomorrow as well as Easter, so we’ve just been like jam-packed this entire week, but I definitely didn’t wanna skip a week for you guys. So, for today’s video, I’m going to be doing a first impressions-slash-review of this Cellulite Caffeine Cream from Royal Lioness. Now, I previously mentioned this in a whole video which I will link down below and leave a card, and some of you guys were interested in seeing if it works and how it works and all of that. I got this from the same company that I got my waist trainer from, the one that I showed you guys in my most recent waist training video, which I will also link down below and leave a card, but that video shows you my tips and tricks for how exactly to work out with a waist trainer on.

So the waist trainer is from Royal Lioness, as is this cream, and it’s a cellulite remover, caffeine extract loaded with antioxidants slimming cream. It does also come with this little plastic wrap thing, so I’m pretty much just gonna try it out right now. I haven’t tried it yet, haven’t even like opened it to smell it yet. Mm, just smells like cream, nothing… It actually smells like a cream my mom used to use on me when I was little.

I feel like it smells like some moisturizer from like back in the day or something like that. So here it says that the benefits, slims and recontours waists, hips, and thighs; smooths skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite; stimulates microcirculation; restores the appearance of skin firmness and elasticity. Definitely gonna do this on my stomach. Contains no synthetic fragrances, parabens, petrochemicals… Ooh, that’s a tough word. Phthalates. It’s a ph and a th right next to each other. Like, how do you put two digraphs right next to each other with no vowel in between? So that, or sulfates. This slimming cellulite cream targets toxins and fat deposits around the waist, hips, and thighs with powerful clinically-proven body contouring ingredients.

Yay, I’m excited for this. And the directions are easy-peasy. You just put the cream on, you rub it thoroughly until it’s blended into your skin, and then you wrap the thing around the area, this thing right here, around the area, and then you let the product do its magic. It literally says that. So cute. So I am like super bummy mode, so excuse that. Definitely doing this around my stomach, because I obviously have a kid, and I have some kind of loose areas on the bottom of my lower belly which really irk me.

I do have a lot of stretch marks, which you guys are about to see. Stretch marks don’t bother me at all, just that little wrinkly skin does. So we’re gonna put this to the test right now and see if it’ll give me any results on that wrinkliness. All right, guys. So here is my belly belly. You guys can see like this area, when I sit or when I move like that, you can see it gets pretty wrinkly and weird and stuff. So this is the area that bothers me, not so much the stretchmarks but the wrinkles when I sit down. Like if I sit down right here, you can see it starts to get like this massive wrinkle right over there. So, let’s go to town with this stuff. (uptempo electronic music) All right, guys. So I think that’s pretty good.

It’s blended into my skin, although it’s still a little… I don’t know if used too much. It’s still a little wet-looking. It doesn’t burn or anything. I thought maybe there would be like a warming effect or something like that, but I don’t really feel anything like that. I don’t feel anything at all, actually, so it’s just like some super slimy, watery moisturizer. Now I’m gonna open this guy up and wrap myself like a little mummy, I guess, in this contraption right here. (uptempo electronic music) And I guess it just kind of like self-sticks to itself. Well, self-sticks to itself. That makes a lot of sense, Rocio, good job. So I’m just going to get it nice and firmly. I’m not sure if it has to be like super tight or anything. It doesn’t really get that tight. So it’s definitely comfortable. It’s not like corset, waist trainer tight. And you just kind of leave it on. So let’s see what happens. I’m all like strapped in that… Oh, and I just stepped on a big chunk of cream that fell on the floor, ew. That was not fun. All right, let’s see what time it is.

It doesn’t specify a time. It’s 1:01 right now. So I guess I’m gonna leave it on for like about a half an hour. so, I will see you guys in a little bit. We’ll take this thing off of me and see what happens. All right, babycakes. It’s been a little bit under a half an hour. It’s been about like 26 or so minutes, but like I said, it doesn’t specify any amount of time on the actual container, so I just decided arbitrarily for a half an hour. Once I put this on, like now, there is a warming sensation like I thought or I was expecting to experience.

Its not uncomfortable at all or anything like that. It’s actually really nice. It’s like a little warm massage on your tummy. I don’t know. (uptempo electronic music) And this is what I’m working with. So let me know! Do you guys notice any difference? Looking, actually, I should put my glasses on, right? ‘Cause the viewfinder is kind of small, and I’m kind of blind. I definitely notice some more tone. So everything does look a little bit more cinched and toned in, which is pretty cool. Let’s put it to the test. So, I still… Oh, it’s actually much better.

Whoa. Obviously I still have a little wrinkle there because it’s always gonna be there, but the wrinkle’s definitely shorter and not as profound. So it definitely did some tightening. That’s pretty awesome, actually. That is really, really cool. And then when I stand up… All right, I can take these off now, right? My stomach still feels warm right now, even though everything is off and like wiped off already, so maybe it’s still working its magic and still doing something.

But I’m pretty happy. Like, it definitely reduced the wrinkles on my lower belly, and it definitely tightened it all up. Because there are some times where it gets really wrinkly and my lower tummy just looks like an old lady, I don’t know. So that was definitely awesome. It’s good for cellulite as well. I don’t really have cellulite around my midsection, but I do have some like on my butt and a little bit on my thighs. All right, babycakes, that is my review of this cream, and I hope it was helpful to you guys. I will leave more information for you in the description box and this makeup tutorial, but like amplified a couple more steps, will be up on Monday for my Wild Card Monday. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, because I kind of, I don’t know, like Snapchat kind of died down for me, but I’m trying to do InstaStories more, and I will be leaving to Mexico on Wednesday, and I’ll be InstaStorying my trip.

So follow me over there @RocioLaura914 for all the pictures and like the live and directness of my trip. I think that’s everything. I love you guys so very much. I’ll see you really soon with another video. Don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you liked it. Hit that subscribe button, and I’ll see you guys on Monday. I love you, have an awesome weekend, and a happy, happy Easter to everybody. Bye, guys. .