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STRENGTHEN Your Mental Atmosphere & MASTER Your Life! (law of attraction)

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the objective or conscious mind is the mind of the senses it learns from books person’s experience and experiments it reasons on things learned and on thoughts received from a variety of sources and having passed judgment reject some things as error and accepts others as truth things considered to be truth or passed down into the subconscious mind to add to its existing store memory and experiences whatever is passed to the subconscious mind becomes translated into action accordingly if negative thoughts are entertained then immediately physical changes take place in the body which are simply these thoughts being translated into action by the subconscious mind negative thoughts produce negative action and attract more negative thoughts as well as people of a similar character in contrast positive thoughts produce positive action attract more positive thoughts as well as positive people there’s a law running through the universe which is that like attracts like and the operation of this law is unalterable think negative thoughts and you will without doubt attract others just as negative which will help to drag you down if a person thinks negative thoughts it will become negative in word and deed in the same way if you entertain thoughts of failure if you doubt your ability to succeed if you feel that circumstances will arise that will swamp your business then you will attract streams of failure thoughts which will help to keep success away not only so but you will attract other people of a similar nature whose pessimism will help to complete your uneasiness like always attracts like therefore unsuccessful people always drift together just as men of a successful type always draw to themselves others of the same type of mind birds of a feather flock together has behind it an established law in the same law that makes it impossible to think or fear sickness disease or ill health without drawing streams of thoughts of a similar nature which caused certain cells to vibrate in the subconscious mind and consequently produce disease and not only by so thinking do you produce disease but you also attract disease to people too you who helped by their disease mental outlook to make your illness become more firmly seated the reverse is of course equally true if you’re entertained pure and positive thoughts you will attract thoughts of a similar kind from the universe and be strengthened and blessed by the same law you will attract other people of lofty minds who will assist you in your upward climb if you entertain beautiful thoughts you will draw to yourself a constant stream of thoughts of a like nature and you will attract yourself Friends of a noble and inspiring character in the same way if you allow thoughts of success only to be held in the mind and chase away all thoughts of failure you will attract yourself a full measure of successful thoughts these will strengthen your determination and inspire you to greater effort by the same law you will also attract to yourself men and women of a successful type of mind you’ll find yourself sought-after by successful people and they will bring with them opportunities for more abundant success again if you will only think thoughts of health and perfection and kill by denial all thoughts of disease if you’ll raise yourself into your perfect world of mind and realize that there is no such thing as sickness illness ill help or disease with that instead there is only infinite perfection and abounding health then not only will help manifest itself in your body but you will also attract yourself happy radiant healthy minded and healthy bodied people who will inspire and help you in every department of your life therefore you will readily see how important it is that only the right type of thought should be allowed to enter the subconscious mind the will and the conscious mind stand like soldiers at the door of the subconscious mind to them is given the important task deciding what will or what will not enter the attitude of mind of the average person is not inspiring it does not suggest success it expresses at best only a passive acceptance of life it takes like as it is things as they come it is rare to meet a person who is conscious that they are master of their faith the captain of their soul then how do we escape the deadening destroying mental atmosphere that suggests negativity to us first you must and habit of thought separate yourself from the crowd you must shut out the pessimistic belief in circumstances weak failure low type of thoughts all together and live in an entirely different world the inner world of your own creative thought this is not to say to look down on others for nothing could be more destructive to the whole what is met is to socialize with others and while holding yourself proof against low and weak types of thought seek to raise their minds with your own positive suggestions when a friend talks as though failure or a possibility in his life suggest instead that success is coming his way when people are sad try to cheer them with hopeful suggestions when they look on the dark side of life show them the bright side strive to cheer people up suggest that all is positive and resolutely refused to accept the suggestions of their minds service to mankind is one of the most rewarding things we can do when we lift others up we lift ourselves as well as all that is therefore socialize with others they are your brothers and sisters and tend to do all the good that you can but continually cleanse your mind and thoughts and build up your character and life and circumstances with positive affirmations second everything that you read and watch must be examined and criticized you must remember that books papers magazines televisions and movies unless you consciously prevent them will convey random suggestions to your subconscious mind and in the course of time become translated into action if you’ll read books written by lofty minds and take in information that is positive and motivating you’ll receive thoughts that inspire and strengthen you this is why it is so important to choose your reading and watching wisely do not accept as truth all that you read and see refuse resolutely to accept any idea that is not an agreement with your conception of life all idea is a man being the puppet of powers outside of himself of being the sport of fate and the victim of circumstances must be rigorously rejected all that tends to strengthen the truth that all things are delivered into your hands and that you have the power to conquer both yourself and all difficulty and consequently make your life sublime all that tends to strengthen this mental attitude should be accepted the will and conscious mind stand at the gate by them you must examine every thought every suggestion hold everything up and examine it in the light of your knowledge and if it cannot stand this searching test release it from you you can never be successful if you allow thoughts of weakness or failure or fear to enter your subconscious mind the one great outstanding characteristic that distinguishes successful men from the unsuccessful is their absolute belief and faith and their own ability to succeed thoughts of failure or fear never enter the minds of truly successful men if you examine the character of any great and truly successful man you will find as dominating characteristic absolute faith and his own success and with it an entire absence of fear or weakness accordingly it is certain that you can achieve any success you wish if you don’t allow doubt and fear to enter your mind it is only win by mind control you have cast out fear and doubt that you can enter the path that leads to success some people are successful and are not conscious of the laws which govern success they unconsciously work according to law by instinct rather than knowledge is because they are naturally people of large faith and unfailing courage they have become successful in order to succeed we must have large faith and unfailing courage faith in the power within and a courage that is born of knowledge this place is a person on the same footing as that of any other successful person in fact those aware of universal laws are better equipped than the naturally successful man because possessing this type of knowledge enables the avoidance of many errors and may occur through ignorance those laws and your daily life must close your eyes to all suggestions which are antagonist ik to your knowledge once you affirm in your perfect mental world is later and sometimes instantaneously manifested in your material world an affirmation has been described as a statement of truth consciously used so as to become the directing power of life’s expression this is a good and true definition scientists will tell you that the submerged mind of man acts only upon suggestion so powerful is the hidden mind and so subject is it to suggestion that we have in affirmations a weapon of extraordinary power for good and a negative suggestion a terrible power for evil when we use affirmations we make statements of truth which if repeated often enough will sink down into the recesses of mind and become part of our very life it will galvanize the hidden forces of our mind into activity and guide them into the path of achievement it is by affirmations then that each person has the ability to control themselves build up their character and shape their own destiny as a consequence there is a new outlook on life new actions and demeanors new attractions of different types of people and circumstances by affirmations we have the ability to make ourselves proof against harmful suggestions and build up the courageous confident hopeful cheerful absolutely certain attitude of mind which is the only type of mind that can readily succeed in all endeavors once this happens evidence of the workings of the newly found power begin to manifest and a person feels lifted up in a strange and wonderful way it’s as if being carried forward by invisible powers to success it is as though some impelling force is pushing you in the back and urging you forward to the goal of your endeavor this is why persistence and perseverance with affirmations is so important make affirmations to suit your own particular needs for example if you are anxious overworked and inclined to wear yourself down and rush and stress and get your own nerves and everyone else is on edge affirm as follows I am perfectly calm cool and collected I refuse to get excited or flustered I work quietly and methodically I am the epitome of tranquillity and ease and everyone around me is comforted by that then mentally picture yourself in a very calm cool and collected way without hurry flustered or excitement this affirmation constantly impressed on the subconscious mind will ease and comfort you and assist in your days being much better and consequences and conditions if on the other hand you are inclined to be a procrastinator lazy or lethargic affirm as follows I am the personification of productivity and energy I am busy from morning until night I am inventive creative and highly motivated people that see me are astounded with my level of achievements then picture yourself hard at work doing good work and serving others with a happy smile on your face this affirmation constantly impressed on the subconscious mind will help you vastly and enabling you to stick with your task and keep sticking to them day after day with this knowledge of positive affirming comes the power of which any person can overcome any weakness or on one and condition it is a key to unlock every door in life gateway to the unlimited treasure house of the universal mind by the use of this wonderful power we can turn failure into success sorrow into joy sickness into health mediocrity and a genius to you all things are possible strength of purpose the joy of achievement all the glories of life of self mastery to you it is given to taste of the delights of heaven while still on earth for heaven and hell or within each of us they are but mental states to the person who attains to the dazzling height of self mastery to the person who can stand erect and unafraid and untroubled by the things that trouble the hearts of many to the person who is master of his passions his emotions his circumstances and his life overcomes themself and overcomes the world and all its treasures are poured at his feet dear listener all this is for you persevere with your affirmations and practise visualization and you can never fail to succeed for further impression on the mind and increased condition in your life try the following affirmation and meditate on it when possible in the future I’m going to close my eyes to the imperfections of other people and endeavour only to see their good points everyone has good traits and his or her character even the hardest case has a soft spot therefore in the future I will look only for the good traits and the soft spots in everyone I will endeavour to see something to admire and respect but I will not stop with people I will also look for the good in every circumstance and every difficulty and every failure I’ll look for the good and every blade of grass in every opening flower and the wind that blows and the Sun that warms my cheek rain or shine I will see good in everything see perfection underlying all that is out of this will grow a new sympathy a more extensive and embracing love a larger and wider consciousness for everyone and everything are my brothers each forms a part of the one whole we are one with one another and the universal life and mind of which we each form an individual part continue to use these types of positive affirmations to get your subliminal mind to solve your problems do not be disheartened by failures simply try again until you succeed hold a continual vision of glorious health prosperity success love and eternal youthfulness for your mental eyes and watch your outer world trance to match it

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