Law of Attraction

Teal Swan – How the Law of Attraction REALLY works! (1:2)

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Hello everybody a warm welcome to wisdom from North my name is Jana key and today I am so thrilled to have been able to manifest this very interview with one of my favorite spiritual teachers till Swan teal was born with extrasensory abilities such as clairaudience clairvoyance clairsentience she’s a medical intuitive and she communicates with thought-forms now until was young she had to endure some traumatic experiences being in a cult for 13 years but she managed to escape when she was 19 and today she is internationally recognized as a spiritual leader and spiritual catalysts that utilizes her abilities to help people and to teach them find bliss in the midst of even the most dark circumstances till much much welcome to wisdom from northey’s an honor having you here it’s an honor being with you um I discovered you like six months ago online and I gotta say it was kind of like love at first sight yes your teaching just resonated with my whole body and I was so happy when I found it and I realized you spoke a lot about the law of attraction and I thought to myself but I’m going to attract this into my life to have you on my show and I imagine that and that’s so wonderful and it was mainly like coincidences or synchronicities that made it happen but I there are several things I would like to speak to today but I thought we could start with if we can try to understand in a way how it’s like to be you because you’ve been born with these abilities and I’m so curious about how you perceive reality that’s always a difficult thing for me because it’s like I don’t find people who are able to ask guided enough questions yet to really get into the heart of the difference between the way I see in the way that they see that’s always our biggest issue especially in philosophy is how do you know whether two people’s realities line up when in reality we could be going the same color purple but we’re seeing two completely different things right so basically so far what I figured out that’s different is that I can’t perceive negative space so what that means is it’s like if you’re sitting in a room and it’s you and me in between us most people see clear and what they call air or space but that doesn’t exist in my reality at all what I’m watching are these vibrating energy fields that are highly multicolored that are always bleeding into one another so it’s not possible for me to sit in the room and not bring you to you in make sense I’m breathing you and your breathing me and I’m breathing the wall in and so people seem to sort of bleed out into the reality that they’re living in more so than have like a finite definite separation or division to what is them so this applies to external and internal which is also why I work as a medical intuitive when people are standing in front of me this has been the case since I was born I’m looking at their skeleton I’m also looking at at organs that the way that their veins are set up at their whole nervous system all of that is something which I don’t have to focus to see if this is what a person looks like so to see what you look like at the skin level which is what most people are looking at when they see the average person I have to like really concentrate well and specifically focus on that one layer so that I can see it well can you shut that off or are you seeing through people all the time all the time and that last play that was the always the issue if you want to ask what it was like for me living it was it was like a basic health because you’re taking in so much more information than the average person is that it the best way I could describe it based on other people’s understanding is that it’s like permanently living on ayahuasca in a reality where nobody else lives in that reality so when you’re young it’s like talk about feeling completely isolated when you’re talking about all these these souls that are not incarnated yet and about these different portals and different dimension different realities the first thing that most people do in the society is to throw you into the institution and say there’s something seriously wrong she’s schizophrenic or schizoaffective her it’s always that something’s gone horribly amiss right so you sort of learn to shut yourself down that this it was sort of like growing up with like a prison of glass I used to say where I could see out and they couldn’t see in because there is a whole lot of things I couldn’t talk about without getting in some serious trouble so even though I mean you’re millions of miles away or thousands of miles away you can perceive my energy through a computer watching it Wow okay okay so your is there like can you watch or see spirits around me then all the time yeah you know like the the better that our our cameras get the better that it gets so like when I look back at some of the pictures that were taken in the 1950s you can still see all of that I can still see the work field I can still see into their Bourne structure and everything but depending on the quality of the camera shows it more or less and this is doing nicely today okay I think we might go into that later to ask who’s around here but I think it’s important that we start to talk about the law of attraction because that’s something I really want to understand because I’m a spiritual seeker that’s why I’m doing all these interviews and I’m finding that I’m the more interviews I do the more questions I get and I get I have I guess I have a skeptical mind and at the same time as I’m very open so it’s a paradox there no wait for your auric feel as a paradox so I would expect them all right huge wall of the purple with the outside of that being green so you’re basically a violet with the the compensation which you came up with in this life is very logical so it’s that sort of rift between those two dramatically different colors that creates that ah I see I had to go on a tangent sorry well I I want to understand the law traction because if it’s true I really want to get it before I die you know I really want to start applying it so to the people that are new to this can you explain what is the law of attraction the law of attraction is a highly misunderstood universal law what we mean by a law is the same as the law of gravity it’s basically a binding tendency which exists in the universe all laws are created within universes to assist in the expansion of our universe and when we say expansion what that means is the mind of source or the mind of what we would call God which we are infinitely part of is continually trying to self realize in order to understand more it needs to gain as many perspectives as it possibly can so it creates what we call a time-space reality our earth is one of those things that’s a time-space reality and prior to beings incarnated in that time-space reality they agree upon tendencies which will help them to learn so a tendency of earth is gravity upon coming into this light all of us agree with our thoughts to participate in the collective reality of gravity right knowing that that experience that contrast of not being able to fly of having that kind of restriction is going to cause certain desires to emanate within us it’s going to give rise to a specific perspective so the law of attraction is a much larger law than gravity is what we would call this the single binding law of our particular universe so this is beyond our earth this includes our entire galaxy so of the universe which we are living in specifically the governing law that’s law number one is the law of attraction what it means is as you came into this time-space reality you agreed to the fact that your thoughts would be mirrored externally that’s it so if you want to understand law of attraction that simple it’s the law of mirroring so well the reason we call this a lot of Attraction is in the law of mirroring there’s no such thing as not you can’t step in front of the mirror and say I’m not here and have the mirror reflect not you no matter what anything you think is going to show up in there in the mirror so so they say that basically with a law of attraction this is not an exclusion based universe it’s an inclusion based universe anything you think of is so if I’m thinking no shark no shark then I’m focusing shark it will mirror make sense so that so we can use this to our advantage once we’re aware of it we can say okay anything I focus on becomes part of my reality and so I can attract mirror in my reality anything I want to so if I think teal Swan tiel Swan teal Swan she must show up in my reality yes that did happen but I mean you can’t manifest the things that are not possible like flying for instance I mean you have a suit in you can yes you can this is this is where we need to get so far outside of our reality so far because what we’re calling reality is just us agreeing to certain principles and beliefs if you wanted to sprout wings today you literally could but how many of us honest-to-god believe that we can do you believe you can know otherwise I would sprout them but that’s because of the way that I was raised but this is the frustration of my life I also bought into a collection of beliefs which do not mirror what my other self that I canna Langguth completely knows ultimately and this is the case with the majority of us the majority of us at some level we have this innate knowing about who we are where we come from why we’re here also what we’re capable of doing yet on the other hand you know mom and dad has said those people aren’t here stop pretending so we have created a mental rift between what’s true what is not true and those belief systems are so strong that it’s not possible either perhaps – yes make your lot foremost but this is this is where it it’ll gets like really skewed because we all know that in this universe there are many things which cannot be explained through modern science right you have the mother who like has a two-year-old child who gets trapped under a car and even though she’s a hundred pounds she lives a thousand pound object off of her child this is not new this is something that we’ve seen over and over again and it gets even crazier when you go to the eastern world where you know what last time I went to China I was watching five-year-old children bend bars of steel but not even like your average Hulk Hogan could have even made a dent in what it is is that they have trained their minds to get so far outside of reality to see this so much as a matrix that they are capable of bending the time-space reality sub laws which we experienced people who levitate are able to raise their frequency and their mind open it to such a degree that the lesser laws below Law of Attraction no longer apply so you can think of Law of Attraction the law of mirroring as something which rewrites all laws below it makes them okay so how does this work with the destiny and fate because I’ve interviewed several people and written many books on how we plan our lives before we come down here we plan who to uh meets like soul mates you know who we’re gonna spend our lives with and our purpose in life I just don’t get it to fix with this law okay well it’s applying basically because our universe the basic law is law of attraction that applies to us even prior to coming into this life so let’s say you’re sitting in source perspective you don’t actually conceptual life as yourself as separate but you can understand because you can project for Thought what the progression of your understanding might be it’s like a curiosity vibration well let’s see what it might be like if I could experience freedom but you understand from that perspective that the only way to experience freedom is to to understand the exact opposite this is what we have in our in our world is the world of duality the reason we have duality is because you would choose into a life of black of freedom so you could understand what freedom really is you can only understand white when you are standing in the perspective of black that’s the universal law so you choose into black so to understand what so what you would do is you would you would observe frequencies which is all you’re doing so if you watch let’s say you watch a child or you watch a mother or a woman okay she’s in let’s say that she’s in give me like the worst most rundown portion of your country where is it the worst place yeah like do you have a pair of your country that’s like notorious for being super like impoverished and like people are miserable there no well I couldn’t say that I would fence the people but I’m not afraid of it so let’s go here let’s figure that we’ve got like in USA it’s like Detroit is probably the lowest vibrational place we have okay so so let’s say that you’re watching like in inner city Detroit you’re watching a girl who’s 15 and she decides to sleep with this guy because she has super low self-worth and she works at McDonald’s right so it’s the lowest of the low job so you watch her and you think you know she’s so inhibited by her thought patterns that she feels not free so if I go down as the child of that particular union I will experience the frequency of no freedom I’m going to grow up in poverty I’m going to grow up with mom who says what the hell do you think you’re doing money doesn’t grow on trees so you do whatever you can to get into that perspective knowing that that will bring forth within you tons of desire for the exact opposite so you will have the context needed so essentially what you’re doing is you’re choosing into the vibration that’s the opposite of what you want to experience so that you can comprehend it that’s that perspective thing and anything you focus on you can become so so what you do is you assume the vibration that makes you a match to that person those parents you also assume the vibration that makes you a match to the specific planets that are coming in and into alignment at the place and at the time of your birth it’s like everything that you could possibly associate with a person’s life they choose into that upon coming into life but there’s a quite a lot that you can see from that perspective in terms of potentials so let’s say I’m looking at those particular parents and that choice and because I’m in a vibrational reality I can see that if I make that choice I’m a match to this and this and this and this may be it to my mother dies maybe at four she’s a match to this maybe if I come in she’s going to feel even less free and so she’s going to give me up which you can see these potentials sometimes years and years in advance even all the way to your death but what people don’t get is that you can always amend things once you’re here amend meaning we can change it once we’re here also once you come down here there are certain things you opt into prior to living there are other things you make yourself a match to by being here so if we understand potentials we are we as humans we like to think of life cats like I was just describing at 2:00 I get left at 4:00 my teacher scolds me at 5:00 I married that or I need the guy that I’m unmarried whatever it is so those potentials there are sometimes thousands if not millions I’ll brandish a look yes branching off of just the one choice that you make to come into those two parents how is that possible with all souls having a meal and some options how does that go together well you’re the only reason you would ask that question is because you’re trying to apply a human understanding to the source perspective it is it is not a feat at all from source perspective to have multi billions of potentials for each living being including insects a blade of grass as a human so so what you’re doing when you come down into this life is you are then by virtue of your thinking you are essentially lining up with one perspective or another perspective one potential versus another potential so like for example my life I’m before coming into this life it was a definite potential which I chose into to experience the experience I did being abused so badly when I was a child that particular reality was a vibrational match to me in multiple potentials now I could have avoided it by coming down here and thinking differently why a few little things going differently I could have been a match to a scenario where my parents decided to take a job that was in another place not in the place where I ultimately got abused so it would not have happened but because of the way that I started thinking because of my incessant focus on my mother’s panic and worry I made myself a match to that victimhood vibration and thus land up with the particular potential of that happening in my life make sense yes thank you for such a you know thoroughly explanation of this it was not a simple answer but I do understand it more it goes hand-in-hand and that’s what my intuition has been saying it’s both it’s not either/or here but do you think that you would have been a spiritual teacher without these heir expenses no I didn’t see it in my potentials if I was if I was to go back like I’ve done several times and said that the perspective that I was in prior to coming into this life there was no potential that I saw of doing that if I did not go through that particular experience but I had multiple potentials for this life one of my potentials which would have been the one that I would have gone towards if I did not experience that experience was to be a chief surgeon for obstetrics huh so I guess a lot of people are curious about you know are we supposed to be with a mate you know am I supposed to be with that one man or that one woman are we destined to be together because I just have to ask about that because uh well I see a lot of couples or some couples like my parents for instance it seems like they’re just so meant to be they they met each other so early and they have this incredible bond while me you know single and free and uh not I don’t know how I feel like I have another destiny in a way and so other people who have are supposed to be with one person for instance their whole life it’s definitely a pre birth intention for many people to meet a specific person and thus have that aid their expansion and progression in terms of perspective but the major issue when it comes to this is of like could be its own like series of 85 books I’m telling you the issue with most people is that you can’t separate your current relationships from your relationship that you had growing up with your parents and we can’t sort out the relationship we had growing up their parents unless we start going back and realizing the imprints that were made on us so this this okay law of attraction let’s just be so totally honest law of attraction is awesome some some ways the worst thing in the world in other ways because it’s going to mirror whatever frequency we contain within us that means if you’re if you were let’s say that you were born and then your sister is born and when your system is born your parents pay more attention to her than they did to you for a little bit like most parents do and they have babies but that made you for some reason feels super replaced that experience alone is enough to generate within you at what they call an imprint it’s an emotional body imprint where you exude the vibration of I am unimportant now because of Law of Attraction it’s going to be responding to that vibration within you and mirroring in your reality that means as you grow up men treat you like you’re unimportant your friend we’re girlfriends don’t call you back because you know I mean and so we get awfully confused and are like maybe I’m just completely out of luck why am I the only person who seems to like not be surrounded by people who care we don’t realize that it’s because we have adopted that particular vibration from that experience and we’re that young that we’re still having that reaction mirrored in our relationships and by the universe so what can we do with that I mean okay so let’s say I’m I’m starting to believe in this I’m starting to see that it might make sense you know how can I change it I mean we all have these patterns and I’m even aware of my patterns and I see them but I can’t change them like oh here we go again Yannick I’m doing the same thing but it’s like it’s solid I can’t change it it’s gonna have to you know climb on Mont Everest it it feels like it’s so difficult to change them okay I’ll tell it what you do is you get completely in touch with your emotions in the minute you feel something that upsets you instead of trying to make yourself feel better we do the exact opposite we sink back into the feeling completely and we use our emotions like a rope attaching to our past so imagine that so let’s go back with that scenario you’ve got the sister who’s born you feel replaced straight now in your future life you’re not going to have conscious awareness of that you don’t know that it’s because of that it’s far as you’re concerned because you’re adult now that’s normal for a kid to feel right so so when you like let’s say you have a girlfriend and you keep trying to invite her over but she has like puts no effort towards you at all I mean this woman is like flaky and it makes you feel sad and like you’re not important to her the minute that she doesn’t show up for that lunch date you feel those feelings arising within you now at this point you don’t realize that the same feeling you felt when you were three and your sister before but what you do is you close your eyes you sink completely into the feeling with the intention of feeling it lately in your body when you do that you after you completely accept that and it’s not comfortable I’ll tell you it’s like really tortured but once you sit in that emotion for time and your mantra is I’m completely here with this now you asked when was the first time that I felt this feeling now instantaneously we have to understand intention asking you shall receive that’s not that’s not like an option in this life that’s an absolute of this experience you asked when was the first time that I experienced this emotion you will experience that memory but people store memory differently so some people store it emotionally and some people store it like in terms of olfactory sensation Amin smells some people store it in terms of images and based on how young or old you were you’re more or less likely to get the full memory together that means that I’m really there I can smell it and see it and hear it in all of it so you remain open kind of like a bubble rising to the surface of the ocean for that memory to come forward so that’s the point at which if you completely surrender to it maybe you can feel that feeling of being really little so wow I can’t like move my arms as well I feel me coordinated that tells me right there I’m pretty good now what am I seeing in my reality I’m sitting in my room and I’m keenly ignored because my mother’s with my sister same feeling right so what you do is then after you observe this memory then you switch into taking action on the memory so first you sit with your little child this is super step one those of you who do any inner child work need to get this the number one actually we have to take with our children inner children is to validate their emotion reason that these emotions keep mirroring is because you were never allowed to through them you suppress them so like let’s say this is what what causes you to suppress an emotion say you went up to your mom and said I don’t like my baby sister when can she go back to the hospital and your mom says you should be glad you have a baby sister you have just suppressed that emotion now that becomes like this brooming thing which is now a larger point of Attraction right you can’t move through to a higher vibration so by validating the child who’s feeling that emotion you give them permission to move through the emotion so what I’ll do is I’ll sit on my hands and knees and I’ll just hold the child we’re not telling them that they’re wrong we’re saying you know what you’re right this must feel really bad to feel like all of a sudden you’ve been replaced and what you’ll notice is just that permission allows your inner child to be like okay I’m getting better so they start to calm down you’ll start to see the emotions subside that’s your indication right there that it’s time for you to take action so what I like to do with my inner child is to grab their hand and walk them right in to mom and dad and be like you know what’s happening right now because of the attention you’re giving on just the baby you’re ignoring the fact that you’re making your other child feel replaced so your inner child gets to watch you defend it right and then you provide the child with whatever need is not met so if mom and dad can’t meet their needs right then and say oh we’re sorry we didn’t mean to you provide them with a new parent or you provide them with a new playmate or somebody that makes them feel like they’re better so once you watch that improvement this is what you’ve got to understand is going on so when we are in our adult perspective like you need we like to tell this lie which is that the cast can’t be accessed because it’s back then now that may be true in a linear timeline fashion which is limits like completely limited to the third dimension the second you step out of that into the bigger reality bigger picture all timelines exists simultaneously now this is something that science is now proving I mean you don’t need like some whacky spiritual teacher now science is now proving that time is an absolute observational illusion and that timelines exist at the exact same time in a layered effect so supple this year it gets good when you are going back in the mind oh the other thing that people don’t understand is that there is no separate thing between thought and thing right thoughts become things they are things a human being is a thought that thinks right okay so this is where it gets really good by going back and your childhood mentally and altering the vibration of that causation that experience which caused all that chain of events in the future you are altering the root of that particular branch that we would call nobody likes me so by taking care of that you have simultaneously changed every branch that branched off of that particular experience that means if your friend blows you off again you’re not going to feel the same way more than that means that because right now the vibration you are offering is the vibration of the improvement so it’s that same feeling you felt when your child now has a playmate or now has a new parent or now has whatever because that’s your current vibration and the law of attraction is responding to it you can no longer be a match to people who take you for granted wow that’s amazing I mean it’s amazing to hear that it’s actually possible to do something with it but I assume that it might not be that easy to perhaps find that memory that one memory that was the route that might that’s a practice yeah it takes practice but that’s okay too because what you have to understand is that when you ask that question when was the first time that I felt this whatever experience comes up is valid so if what happens which you’ll find sometimes because here’s the thing with children up into age eight your cerebral cortex is not formed yet so you’re experiencing the world mostly through felt perception so you feel the world before you conceive of the world okay well most of your memories therefore at that age which is the most important age is only going to register in you through emotion so what will happen when you ask that question is that the emotion itself that you’re having might intensify what that means or it might shift into something even deeper what that means is that you’re having the memory and then what we have to understand the most important part of this particular experience is not that we’re altering the memory like I explained the most important part isn’t that we’re like saving the child the most important part is that we’re allowing ourselves to feel something which was priorly suppressed because what’s causing us the most problem in our life is those suppressed emotions that’s why their subconscious I mean consciously you know you don’t want a friend that takes you for granted so obviously if this was all conscious that wouldn’t be an issue we have this we struggle with what’s subconscious subconscious means we’ve disowned something subconscious means we have rejected something subconscious means we have suppressed something so just in the experience of allowing yourself to completely experience that field like surrender to it you’re flowing downstream in a river if it kills you that it kills you that type of surrender is what it takes for you to integrate that emotion and no longer be resisting it see so yeah so you must move through the emotion this is what we got to get about emotions if we let our self really feel appealing we flow through it quite quickly and I’ll tell you this even in my personal practice because I work mostly with people when the majority of my clients are terminally ill so you can imagine what that’s like today you just found out BAM you have two weeks to live right now you try to imagine a brief process for that one now what I know this is that the people who suffer the most are the people who try to suppress that emotion try to feel better about it we don’t want to go there so what we’re calling for if you understand law of attraction is a complete reversal of what we would normally do the self-help industry says look you have the power to feel better I’m going to tell you guess what if you’re trying to feel better you’re trying to avoid something so basically if we let people completely go through the grief process that means when they get now they get really mad they smash crap they get super pissed right if they get sad they let themselves sink into a perfect depression sit and then stop trying to get better and guess what happens they move through it oh damn quickly would blow your mind in two weeks I can have these people happy about the fact that they just got a death sentence not only happy about the fact that they just got a death sentence feeling like you know what I don’t have to die oh gosh she started hearing that that it’s something on this planet that we are resisting things all the time instead of allowing yeah well because way back when we got the idea that living accessible life means being happy 24 hours a day uh yeah I know I can positive thinking I mean in the beginning I really believed in that but then I realized that that was not the right thing either that you kind of you need to look at your dark space area shadows I just interviewed dr.

D martini John Demartini and he’s talking a lot about that that you need to own all your traits and he doesn’t even call it shadows he says that because he says it’s just another trait that has light in it and dark and light has dark in it too and yeah exactly so what I like to explain to people is pretty easy to understand spiritual progression in this way what we’re doing in the very first part of our practice because like let’s say that we often to an uncomfortable life how many of us honestly got into spirituality because we felt good yeah none of us most of us often because we’re in hell and it’s like you know if I don’t find something else that’s going on here I’m gonna shoot myself have too much of it what we do is we step out of it into our first type of power so you could imagine us being down in this deep dark well and when we first hear about you can improve your life with your thoughts and positive thinking we’re like oh my gosh I can get myself free so you do you think positive of your life changes you get out of the hole now you’re still there’s still some part of you that’s like you know what now I’m not all together because I’m still resisting that hole so you take that light which you have captured and you died with it back down to the subconscious back down to all these dark spaces and so the to become one right that’s great I mean you just explained my my my path my way you know because I started out there and it helped me but now it’s kind of like okay I needed that in order to come here in order to progress further it’s it’s just magical in a way yeah so so get ready for the next step because the next uh figure it gets really magic because now you have the capability of creating your reality with your focus but you’re also not creating reality because you’re avoiding something right so it’s so that that’s the definition of pain the definition of pain is basically to be propelled in the direction of something because you’re trying to get away from something else that’s a painful condition and that’s the where most of us are coming from when we enter spirituality when we’re no longer running from something and that’s not what’s creating what we want so I’m not I’m not like wantin wealth because I’m scared of poverty it becomes choice so do you feel pain when you go into a buffet and you choose pineapple to put on your plate instead of celery no it’s just a choice so that’s what life becomes about it becomes this beautiful experience where you’re choosing what to experience and you’re not avoiding anything it’s like amazing that’s really the inner peace which people watch in these enlightened beings and say oh it must be like 24-hour joy no it’s the willingness to experience anything and the choice because you know you have it but what I’m a little bit worried about when I get in our low state or I get to live but depressed is that on no now am I attracting you know more of this feeling and I want to be happy because I want to attract good things and then I do the opposite in a way it just gets blurry so that’s the time where I need to be in that feeling and really pay attention to it right and working honest is a common fear a super common fear I hear that one all the time with people who understand that they create them in reality the thing is this if you’re trying to not focus on something that your mind is focused on which it is if you’re feeling bad then you’re resisting what you’re focused on and you’re focused on it more so we either get to spend this is the way I like to put it the people you either get to spend a week trying to avoid something that you are subconsciously thinking about or you get to spend an hour intensively looking at it and it will manifest that means that like let’s say that I’m sitting here in the room and I feel that feeling and I go into it but I recognize what that emotion is then suddenly the TV will turn on and I’ll see a horror film or you know everything will line up with that but the thing is is that you’re aware of it so what we have to understand is that the experience of the perspective and the vibration of being in an experience and observing the experience is to separate vibrations so the minute you shift into that observing mode where you are willing to experience that end of itself shifts the vibration higher so what will happen is you’ll be aware of the TV showing you a horror film and why that relates the emotion you’re feeling and you’ll be aware of why your friend is called and completely canceled on you because your worth of you and so it’s not going to manifest as the horror experience in your time-space reality it’s going to map this is the awareness of all these things occurring makes sense you ah ah ah ah