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The Law Of Attraction Process That Works For Me EVERY SINGLE TIME! (The ULTIMATE Way to Manifest!)

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The Law Of Attraction Process That Works For Me EVERY SINGLE TIME! (The ULTIMATE Way to Manifest!) the following meditation is my personal go-to visualization process I use to manifest I use this process as I’m drifting off to sleep while listening to a guided meditation I’ve decided to create it as its own meditation for others to use it’s also a fantastic technique to use whenever there is uncertainty about something overall this is the best technique I believe I have in my arsenal of mental tools and it is the one that works for me every single time I use it this process will show you how to reach a pure state of consciousness it is slightly advanced for some but with practice you will be able to do this easily from this space you are working from a blank canvas and can create anything you wish to manifest in your physical life close your eyes take a deep breath and as you exhale allow all tension to release from your body imagine each part of your body becoming light and carefree starting at the top of your head and working your way down your body all the way to your feet just imagine a large wave of relaxation and ease moving through you keep drawing in deep breaths and visualize that with each exhale you are releasing anything that feels tense in your physical body if all of that tension does not immediately disappear at the beginning of this meditation know that it will release fully as we move on as you continue to relax I’m going to take you directly to the space of your natural essence this is also the space or absolute creation occurs you have access to this space anytime you choose to take the journey there with your eyes still closed just feel how you your consciousness is separate from your body take a moment to concentrate on the fact that you are an infinite being in a physical body and that the real you is more than just the material figure that you inhabit imagine the energy of this infiniteness within your body as a pure white light it fills every limb muscle cell and fiber of your being as an intensive creative energy as this pure white light you have the ability to float and move into any space you choose you are not confined to your physical body feel the light of you beginning to expand so that it starts to reach out beyond your body visualize it growing becoming larger and expanding out past your physical shell in your mind’s eye see how your physical body appears to becoming smaller in comparison to the size of your light you are now extending yourself past its confinement now as this light visualize yourself floating up and completely out of this body as the pure consciousness you are just an inch or two above it with no part of you touching anything feel how light you feel from this position you are just this pure white light floating freely like a balloon with helium in it once you had the sensation of moving out of your body imagine that as this pure white light of consciousness you are continuing to float up past the room and even the building that you’re in just easily drift upward like that balloon to the outside of the space you were in let the room and building just fall away as if they’ve disappeared they are no longer there you’re outside now as this pure white light of consciousness now use your willpower to move the light of consciousness that is you up and above the city town or region where you reside your consciousness can move anywhere it chooses and this is totally safe to do feel yourself continuing to float upward effortlessly easily going beyond the place where you reside now you should willpower once more to float up past the country you live in and even further up past the planet itself you as the pure white light of consciousness are easily able to travel beyond these things just imagine that they all easily fall away there is no longer a planet below you you have floated up so far that you can no longer see it it is not needed at this time and you can return to it later now from this position in space allow the energy of your consciousness to begin expanding and growing in all directions just visualize it starting to grow and extending itself outward expand it out beyond all of the other planets the Sun and the moon as you do this everything you reach with your pure white consciousness is absorbed by that it all becomes a part of your white light just keep imagining your energy expanding out deep into the universe until you’ve moved past everything and connect with the light that matches your energy you will know you have done this when there is nothing else to move past and there is only this white light of pure consciousness it’s everywhere and you can feel how soothing and peaceful that is from this awareness there is no one thing there is only this pure white light which is everything it is the full potential for everything and it is also you everything else has faded away you are the full potential for any and everything there is only this pure white light of consciousness which is you nothing else is here and yet you still have the awareness of being there is only beingness here nothing else exists there is only you when you view the world through this pure state of light and consciousness can you see any place where you are not you are everywhere because you are everything you are the one thing feel the peacefulness of this resonating through you the light of you is connected to the light of everything it is all there is and it is all just one thing in this space of pure consciousness you can manifest anything you are a blank canvas void of anything else you are literally pure potential you have stripped everything else away and you are back to the essence of the creative energy that you come from that you are made of and that you can use to create with feel how wonderful that feels for just a few moments now imagine something that you want to show up in your life and how it makes you feel to have it visualize this thing beginning to form on this blank white canvas of pure awareness and consciousness see how it starts to show all of its qualities to you as if it’s being painted into a masterpiece right in front of your eyes examine it from every angle and use your willpower to make any adjustments so that it is perfect to you as you see this thing forming to perfection begin to possess the feeling states of having this thing in your life and how much that enhances your physical existence from the state of pure consciousness there are no limitations you can create anything you want here allow yourself to feel how wonderful this creation of yours is and sit with those feelings for as long as they feel good to you now I’m going to lead you back to your physical identity from this space of pure consciousness because you have floated up past and beyond your physical identity and because you are pure consciousness which is the full potential for everything the only place these things from that identity can go is inside of the space of pure consciousness which is you you are the space of pure consciousness now with the things you have just created in that space that is your creation and we will now add back everything else to the canvas of creation that you are all of these things are going to be placed back inside of you inside of your pure consciousness that is the only place they can go because you are in the space with the potential for everything and you are everything nothing exists without your consciousness of it it must go inside of you this pure white light of consciousness which is you and which inhabits everything is the only place available for this to happen imagine that I am now adding the universe back to your blank canvas of pure potential see how I place the planets and stars back to the masterpiece that you have created envision the earth the country you live in and the place where you reside beginning to form on this canvas now imagine your room and all of the things in that room showing up as a part of your masterpiece and finally add your physical body back to your scene put the body back inside of you inside of your pure consciousness that is the only place that can go it is not external from you it is created within your consciousness and pure awareness you are both everything and no thing you are a canvas of creation you are what’s here and what is and we can let what is include all of these other things because you are not of these manifestations and manifestations are the creation of your consciousness nothing originates without you you are both the creator of the manifestations as well as the embodiment of them there is no separation between your consciousness and your manifestations they simply cannot exist without you in fact this entire process has come from inside of you it is a part of your consciousness this is the teaching you have given yourself there is only one thing and you are it you have created your manifestation from this space and you have added back everything else that you have created to go with it and just know that you can move back into your state of pure consciousness anytime you choose to create something new or to revise anything in your life now you can choose to return to your usual level of wakefulness and alertness or you can just gently drift off to sleep if you choose to awaken feel your body of mind becoming more aware of your surroundings and if you decide to go to sleep just allow the relaxation of this process to deepen when I count to three you will be at your desired level of relaxation or alertness one to three The Law Of Attraction Process That Works For Me EVERY SINGLE TIME! (The ULTIMATE Way to Manifest!)

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