Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction – The Invisible POWER of Thought (All Things Seen Are Effects of the Unseen)

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The ordinary man in the street a thought isn’t Airy nothing a mere flash in the consciousness it comes it goes and there is an end to it to the student of the mind however thought is known to be the power that is greater than any other power a force that controls all other forces that is the origin of the visible universe all that we see around us is the result of thought we may even go further and say that all invisible forces which keep the wonderful machinery of the universe working perfectly and smoothly are simply the thought energies of the same universal mind in our world our circumstances our life our bodies we stand supreme or rather we have within us the power which properly directed can make us supreme this power is thought thought is so subtle so elusive that it has by the majority of men been considered impossible of control but the greatest philosophers seers and leaders in the world’s history have known differently all that they achieved they accomplished the power of thought and this was possible because they learn the art of thought control the science of the mind is now being spread abroad and it is a scientific possibility for anyone to learn how to control their thoughts a man is a small individualized part of the universal mind alike in essence but infinitely lessened agree just as the universal mind finds expression through all the universe so does man when awake to his own interior powers express himself by the power of the stott through his body his work his circumstances and his life and himself he is the epitome of the universe outside of the miniature universe he has no jurisdiction man has the power to do what he likes with his own life but he has no right to dominate other people or to interfere with their lives the powers of the mind are all like electricity if you used according to certain laws it produces beneficial results if you used in opposition to these laws it has the capacity to destroy so it is with the power of the mind used properly at least the success happiness and all accomplishment the law which keeps the universe running so smoothly is the law of attraction it is this law that brought it together it is this law that keeps it from falling apart all the universe and all its planes is ruled by this law in the spiritual world it is called the law of love in the mental world the law of attraction in the material world is known as the law of affinity they all mean the same in essence they are the same just as the electrons are called together in the invisible ether to form an atom so in turn or atoms brought together and by vibrating at different rates of speed create what we call form this is matter so called builds up into all the beautiful forms we see simply by the law of attraction it is this law that holds all matter together if it failed rocks would fly apart and all things would disintegrate because the power that attracted one atom to another would have ceased to operate it is the same in the mental world everything works according to the same law it is because light creates like and like attracts like that it is possible to revolutionize our lives by the power of thought thoughts said Prentiss Mulford our things thoughts says t sharper Knowlton so far from being mere brain flashes are judging solely from their effects real entities apparently composed of spiritual substance the nature of which is outside the range of discovery of our present faculties God is not says Ralph Waldo trine as as many times suppose a mere indefinite abstraction or something of a life nature it is on the contrary a vital living force the most vital subtle and irresistible force in the universe through the instrument of our thought forces we have the creative power in reality it is a great mistake to imagine that because you can see a thing with your physical eyes feel it with your hands or hit it with a hammer that it is for that reason more real than something you cannot see or feel on the contrary the unseen is vastly more powerful lasting and forceful than anything you can see with your physical eyes what you see with your eyes is only the effect of greater causes which are invisible everything exists in the unseen before it is manifested in the scene and this sense it is true that the unseen things are real while the things that are seen are the unreal the unseen things are cause the same things or effect the unseen things are eternal the same things are changing the transient thoughts inner entities are things our forces are vital subtle powers they like everything else and every other force in the universe are subject to law this law is the law of attraction whatever thoughts you think will attract to you thoughts of a similar nature accordingly as you create good or bad thoughts you determine whether your life will be blessed or ill-fated if you think a good thought and dwell upon it and as it were nourish it with your meditations it will not only bless and enrich your life but will attract hosts of other thoughts of equal power and beauty which will come to assist you do you think success thoughts and affirm them and cling to them in the face of a parent defeat and failure you will attract yourself such a wave of powerful of building and inspiring thoughts that you’ll be lifted right over your difficulty and carried as by invisible forces along the path of accomplishment on the other hand it is equally true that if you think a weak thought a low thought or a thought of failure they’ll be attracted to you a host of thoughts of light character which by their nature will haunt you and drag you down onto him that hath shall be given and from him that hath not shall be taken away that which he has it’s simply the working of the law of attraction think success and thousands of invisible forces will fly to your aid and failure and innumerable forces will help to make your failure even more complete if thought is the greatest power of all powers the most vital subtle and irresistible force in the universe and if your thoughts have the power to attract other thoughts of a light character then the choice of your thoughts is the most important act of your life by choosing your thoughts you choose either success or failure happiness or misery health or disease hope or despair the things that we see are but a very small fraction of the things that are real the real vital forces at work in our own lives and in the world about us are not seen by the ordinary physical eye yet they are the cause of which all things we see are merely the effects thoughts are forces like builds like and like attracts like for one to govern is thinking then is to determine his life by the right use of your thought forces you can make yourself a magnet and attract to yourself all that you deserve we each get what we deserve as we improve the quality of our thoughts we become deserving of better results as we become deserving of better results that our things flow to us by the operation of universal law by the use of carefully graded denials and affirmations we break the power of negative thought habit and in its place create a new mental attitude hopeful strong cheerful successful confident an attitude of mind that knows no failure can never be discouraged but stands firm and unafraid amid the changing scenes of life an attitude of mind that overcomes conquers and achieves an attitude of mind that lives in a sea of positive helpful stimulating thoughts that are the products of the best minds of all ages it all comes down to this is by the use of denials and affirmations and by persevering in their use the life can be changed circumstances altered and ambitions realized by denials and affirmations we can concentrate our consciousness on thoughts of power success and courage and these in turn will attract to us multitudes of other thoughts of a similar nature do you realize the extent of the wonderful power that you hold in your hands make denials and affirmations to suit your particular needs whatever you desire to do affirm that you can do it that you will do it when the time for doing it comes whenever disagreeable or difficult duty lies before you deny failure and affirm beforehand that you can and will do it that already in your mental world it is accomplished then visualize yourself doing the thing calmly and without effort mentally see yourself dealing with a difficult or unpleasant matter with calm dignity and ease when the time for action arrives you will succeed through meditation we have the ability to concentrate the whole of our attention and harness the supreme power of our thoughts if you find your thoughts wandering through lack of concentrated power make use of the following affirmation I raise myself into the perfect mental world and breathe the pure air perfect mental freedom my wandering mind can not affect me I’m a perfect mind part of the great universal mind that is everywhere and works in and through everything therefore my mental powers are perfect it was a mistake that made me think I could not concentrate it was simply a delusion of the physical senses now I know this is not true because I am a perfect mind gifted with godlike powers now I know that I concentrate on any subject I please my potential powers are infinite I only have to develop them I only have to try and I will succeed using this affirmation often will develop the tremendous powers of concentration that create and manifest desires try the following exercise to strengthen your mind’s ability to concentrate and focus take six small articles and examine them very carefully one at a time for instance if one article is a pencil look at it and see how it differs from the other pencils notice its color its shape its point well sharpened or otherwise the makers name and trademark the name of the pencil itself its condition scratches on the surface of the Polish all these and any other points should be minutely noticed examine each article in turn and just as minutely when you have examined them all shut your eyes and visualize each article and see every point and detail in your mind’s eye just as you did with your physical sight change the article for new ones from day to day if you lack knowledge of a certain subject and desire to gain this knowledge and tell your subliminal mind what it is that you require it will then either directly supply direct knowledge that you need or bring to your notice the very book or course of lessons that you require also in solving your problems your subliminal mind they bring a sentence to your attention which tells you that it is the answer to your riddle the more you can quiet the senses and the objective mind and rely upon your subliminal mind the greater will be your wisdom and understanding