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The Law of Attraction WORKS! Ft. Rafael Eliassen (The Secret is Not Giving Up!)

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I’m often asked the question does the law of attraction really work the short answer is yes but the law of attraction is more than just thinking a thought and having it happen it’s about our overall energy it’s the assemblage of our thoughts feelings beliefs and actions or our total vibration or state of being the law of attraction is always working whether we pay attention to the details or not this concept was not invented by people within the last few years popular books such as the secret simply brought this information to a larger audience in more recent times however what is known as the law of attraction is timeless wisdom and throughout the ages many authors and speakers have attempted to inform others of how and why it works and how to implement specific techniques in their own lives this is because they learned this power through their own trial and error and once you reach this level of comprehension and prove to yourself the magnificence of it you almost burst at the seams to show others the importance of how and why it works what we focus on expands our minds instinctively look for more of the predominant information that is given to work with and through this type of perception we automatically find more evidence of such it’s a cycle that constantly reinforces itself the next question I received so often is if this concept is true then how do young children attract a dark reality to themselves my personal belief is that our conscious awareness is eternal and that what we have focused on prior to this reality in existence has simply been carried on into this life from previous awareness throughout that process also believe that we sometimes give ourselves the opportunity to take intensive training to incite conscious transformation it’s the chance to test the ability to create life in a deliberate way there are many people who have endured things in their childhood that they wouldn’t want to repeat however those who have learned to create their reality specifically say with certainty how great some of these lessons can be it’s a chance to prove to themselves that they are capable of creating great things in fact there are many successful people who have transcended unfit beginnings and show us the power we have to transform to see another do it confirms and builds upon our beliefs that we can also Rafaela liason is one of those individuals he intentionally use the law of attraction to transform his life he was able to go from being deeply depressed and socially anxious to becoming a motivational speaker and a high performance coach which is truly inspiring I enjoyed watching his video entitled does the law of attraction really work he offers a great explanation to this question and I want to share it with you here his videos and speeches energize people to live their dreams by positively impacting their thought processes and beliefs the more information of this nature that is absorbed the more you strengthen your mind and fuel your desires if you feel inspired click the link in the description area to subscribe to his channel does the law of attraction actually work a lot of people are asking this question is it real well it helped me can it change my life or is it a bunch of woowoo nonsense that people that are into self-development made up to trick the rest of the population that there’s a way to actually change your life when in all reality it’s hopeless and you can never be happy and never have what you actually want well the law of attraction works if you work it if you apply the strategies and the methods and you believe in it it will be like a self-fulfilling prophecy because the very basis of the law of attraction is that thoughts become things so whatever you hold in your mind for long enough whatever you have is your dominant thought will turn into a reality a lot of people argue that and say you know what if I think about flying around like Superman all day and beating up giant aliens does the law of attraction work for that Raphael I’m thinking about it right now how come I’m not flying around and beating up aliens why am I not a hero why don’t I have the perfect soulmates with me right now because I’m thinking about them why isn’t it working well it doesn’t quite work like this there’s something known as a delay factor when it comes to the of Attraction there’s a little part of the technique that says the fine print you have to keep doing it over and over and over again not just temporarily so it has to actually become a deep-rooted belief something that you actually are behind for it to work it’s not just oh I thought about flying cards so now it’s there but if you concentrate on enough and you spend the rest of your life dedicating to research and making progress with technology so that you can create a flying car then yes it could be real but please understand that the law of attraction is not some magical secrets that will fix everything for you and just create the perfect life in an instance see people are looking for a quick pill and so when they hear about this strategy they try them because it doesn’t work straight away they write it off and say clearly this isn’t valuable well look no long-term success actually works like that if you have a vision in your mind and there’s something that you want to accomplish chances are it’s going to take time because the things that are easy to get are never what we dream about we always want this extravagant amazing result in our life where everything is beautiful and perfect well if you want it to be that way you’re gonna have to put in some work it’s not just going to happen automatically and just because you thought of it doesn’t mean that it becomes real sure the law of attraction works but it doesn’t work the way that you want it to work it works when you work it when you do think about what you want and strategize and concentrate on it and treat it like it’s already real in your life you just keep moving towards it it will work amazingly you will get everything that you want more and more so every single day as you’re taking a step after another towards that goal or towards that dream or towards that mission but so long as you’re sitting there saying it doesn’t work I’m never gonna get there my life is never going to change I’m just a victim of circumstance is as long as you’ll remain there and the reason I know is because I’ve been through it myself I used to say to myself that I can’t control anything things just happen to me I can’t help it the world is a bad place and everybody’s against me and it made me want to kill myself now as I started changing my thinking – you know what there is something I can do I do have a chance to actually make my life what I want it to be I can fulfill my dream my vision I can make it a real thing and I started concentrating on okay what can I do today how can I get one step closer it started happening for me and all of a sudden guess what the belief system kicks in to back it and you start thinking ah you know what it’s actually possible all you really need is a little bit of success some progress to tell your subconscious mind hey you can actually do this because you can actually do this but you have to set your mind to it 100% there can’t be any room for oh it didn’t work yet so now I’m gonna give up and you have to keep moving towards it keep moving towards it and keep moving towards it until you get the results not until it doesn’t work and then give up and stop trying it’s reserved the law of attraction and success in life in general is reserved for the people that keep going no matter how tough it gets no matter how many setbacks no matter what kind of resistance that they face they keep moving through and instead of complaining and making up excuses why this is ruining or this person is in my way or there’s this law that I can’t get around or whatever that you’ve made up as a reason for why you can’t have what you want instead of complaining and bitching about it they find a way they keep moving they keep thinking they keep concentrating on it and thereby finally they reach their goal and the law of attraction works for them and these are the success stories these are the people that year about that transform their lives that’s my experience with it although I’ve seen a bunch of people complain and say it doesn’t work so does the law of attraction works does it work yes if you work

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