Law of Attraction


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our consciousness exists on multiple plane simultaneously however as the human mind we generally only perceive the physical our thoughts occur on a higher plane there of a much higher vibration than physical matter on these upper planes thoughts become reality instantly they’re as real as you and me the moment we think of something it appears on this plane and the moment we stop thinking of something it begins to fade away this proposes the advantage and the disadvantage of the physical world when using thought to manifest with the appropriate amount of energy placed into a particular thought it will be created into the physical world during this energetic time frame there’s adequate time to fine-tune and mold thoughts before they take form which can allow us to get exactly what we want however the time delay between thought and manifestation can be frustrating for many this is because in many cases we do not put enough energy into our thought desires to actually allow them to manifest and become created in the physical state but with thoughts we have time to work out the negative and reinforce the positive before they begin to manifest in the physical world wording however is much more powerful in fact the words we speak are potent form of magic within the universe through speech we don’t have the extreme time delay that we have we are emitting positive or negative thoughts directly into the physical realm why is this because the act of speaking creates physical energy speech uses sound waves with an intention behind the words that charge the energy within them they’re using words rather than using thoughts and waiting for them to manifest from the higher planes into the dense energy of physical reality we have already brought the intention into the physical form of sound waves sound is physical in the sense that it physically moves your eardrum when sound is heard that causes a variation of pressure and physical changes in the states within the brain unlike light which can travel through a vacuum sounds must use something to travel through or what is known as a medium such as air or water it physically manipulates the medium to produce what we know is sound you can also note that a sound wave will reflect off something the same way light will reflect off a mirror or water waves will bounce off a sea wall and go back out to sea stand some distance from a large flat wall and clap your hands repeatedly almost immediately you’ll hear a repeat of your clapping slightly out of step with it what you hear is of course sound reflection better known as an echo it’s the sound energy in your clap traveling out to the wall bouncing back and eventually entering your ears have you ever noticed that often times when you wonder something aloud the answer immediately presents itself this is because the spoken word carries a physical component containing immense power as previously mentioned thoughts occur on a higher frequency plane we generally have some time to work out the negative and reinforce the positive before these thoughts begin to manifest in the physical world with wording there’s already a physical component being used the words will become something they’re mastering the skill of deliberate speech there is a greater chance to master reality the effort required in retraining yourself to use the word as a tool of manifestation is very minimal it’s as simple as becoming aware of what you are saying or just said as many times each day as possible and what energy that particular speech carries with it through realizing that a negative intention has risen to the surface to be spoken or has just been spoken there can be conscious awareness regarding whether it is beneficial to manifesting what is desired or not it’s important to note that habits take a little while to change and it will take some work to get to the point where all speech is being intentionally filtered as an added bonus this teaches the brain to eventually filter the thoughts that produce the wording making it easier to keep everything aligned and on track towards the goal of specific creations just becoming aware of it constantly allows a person to naturally transform these skills until they have become very concise with thinking and speaking to produce positive results because physical reality is only one fabric when you begin to notice the power of your word you’ll begin to understand the true power you have over your reality when it comes to deliberate creation it is important to learn to stop creating negatively through the use of words but it is equally important to learn to create positively by simply stating positive thoughts out loud this power can begin to immediately better a person’s life in other words when you think of something that makes you happy stop for a moment and say it aloud say it aloud two or three times and feel the implications of what you are saying then let it go and go back to what you were doing another way to use this power is by speaking intentions aloud during meditation and visualization exercises there is no reason to worry about the tenths of the subject at hand simply speak the noun or verb intended for instance it cruises the Caribbean my dream car a big beautiful house a wonderful relationship whatever you want speak it aloud you can also use a willful demand such as I will have a cruise to the Caribbean I will have my dream car I will have a big beautiful house I have a wonderful relationship now both techniques are powerful with the I will method it Siemens the fact that you are willing your desire into creation steadfast will becomes reality and is very powerful the strength with which your spoken word can manifest your desires into reality is beyond measure becoming deliver it with your speech is one of the greatest skills to be mastered when creating life intentionally however it doesn’t have to be mastered in order to be used for benefit it can be used right now in this moment experiment with these techniques and remain aware when you speak give special attention to the intent or energy you are putting out into the world around you when you’re using your conscious awareness your results will be obvious and will quickly be able to verify the process and advantage of intentional verbal expression these techniques take a little practice and some persistence if you begin today in the future you will be able to look back and see that you are already where it is that you want to be