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The Paradox Of The Law Of Attraction – 2 Steps To Make It Work For You The Fastest

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Hi, my name is Eric Michael, the founder of the Power Life System. Today I’m going to be sharing with you the paradox of the law of attraction and how by knowing it and doing two things you can start having the law of attraction bringing you more of all of the things that you most want faster and easier than ever before. Before I share this with you, let’s do a quick self-analysis on a scale From 1 to 10 how often do you find that the things that you most desire are naturally appearing in your life, wonderful coincidences that they appear in your life without having to struggle or work or stress over making them a reality? My goal is to help you increase the number even if it’s just by one percent every single week or every month. Can you imagine how incredible that would be in your life? Of having more of these incredible coincidences of what you most desire realizing themselves in your life.

A paradox is defined as something seemingly absurd or contradictory that when one investigates and evaluates they find that it’s actually true. The paradox of the law of attraction is that for the law of attraction to work the best, bring you what you most want the fastest and easiest, one actually needs to be experiencing what one most desires in so much detail, that one actually believes that one already possesses it. However, technically one doesn’t actually physically have whatever it is. We all desire to have certain things ultimately for how we’re going to feel and our experience when we have those things. Studies consistently show that when we imagine, we visualize, we experience mentally, experiences or having things, our body releases chemicals that are a key to the ones that would be released when we actually physically have whatever it is or are doing whatever we’re imagining and experiencing. To have this paradox now work in your favor for the law of attraction to start bringing you more money, the time, the health and all the other things you want.

Let’s do these two things. Step one is you’re going to visualize and experience the things that you most desire in an incredible amount of detail. See yourself, the other people, what are you wearing? What are the clothes? What are the smells? How do you feel that the wind blowing if there is wind or the Sun or the coolness on your face? How do you hear other people talking? Is there music playing? Then, make those pictures of yourself doing whatever it is that before you most desires. Make those pictures even larger in your mind, even more intense. Living it to the extent where this that the intensity with which you’re imagining is as great or greater than what it would be if you were actually doing it.

In so many more details notice everything around you. Then, really connect with the positive feeling that you have because when we have or we achieve or we experience things that we most desire those are going to be giving us the most positive emotions and experiences in our life. So now, connect with this positive feeling that you have related to what you most desired. Now, increase the positivity of the feeling, allow that you feel great. Now, allow it to expand so you feel even greater. Allow it to then to increase you could focus in on it go WOW, oh, it’s good to even more intense and really connect with how you see yourself experiencing and then how you feel, how you feel so positively. Step two is that now that you understand the paradox now release yourself from wanting whatever it is and believe. Affirm to yourself you already have it and you can give thanks for having whatever it is that before you were desiring into your life that it’s already in your life and you’re already experiencing and you already have it physically.

If you’re finding that maybe you need a little more boost on doing this step number two then go back to step number one and that the more you do to step number one the more intensely and powerfully then step two will come a lot more naturally. Now, relax and when whatever it is you most desired appears and happens in your life as if by a coincidence naturally, same, thank you, this is great and then, allow yourself to continue to do these steps for more and more things. One of the most important things that can help these two steps work even better and faster and easier for you is to improve enhance your ability to visualize and mental experience.

To help you with that, I’ve created a free guide. You can access right now just click below the video and put your name your email and you get instant access to this free guide how to visualize and mental experience. Please give the video a thumbs up if this was beneficial for you share it with other people so we can help impact other people and make an even more positive impact in the world and subscribe to the channel so that I can share with you and any comments how did it work for you do you have any follow-up questions that I can assist you with please you can put those below the video as well. Have a fantastic day where you’re finding tons of incredible coincidences appearing in your life of the things before you desired and wanted to have in your life that they’re now appearing and you’re using these steps more and more in your life and sharing them other people so that more and more people could have the things that they’ve most desired so they can go ahead and then go continue and make it even more positive impact in the world.


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