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The Secret Movie & Law Of Attraction – 3 Missing Steps To Making The Secret Work

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The movie “The Secret” was created by Rhonda Byrne and it dramatically changed millions of people’s lives for the better. And it took people to a journey to creating the life that they desire. Although the movie “The Secret” transformed of millions of people’s lives a lot of people seemed to have issues with it and so did I. The movie “The Secret” took me into an extraordinary journey into the debts of the law of attraction and how it works and how I can go and tune in to specific frequencies and force to attract into my experience what I want to manifest. And I was seeing results here and there and sort of getting results with it but I wasnt attracting the big stuff.

I wasnt creating what I really want to create in my life – the life of having freedom, the life of being able to create and have a lot of money, being able to spend more time with my loved ones, being able to manifest healthy body and mind. I was trying to attract all these things from experience but it just didnt seem to work. So I know there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of people that went through the same frustrations that I went through into getting the law of attraction to work for me.

When I did finally get the law of attraction to work for me, I manifested all the money that I could ever imagine. I was able to travel the world. I was able to rekindle the relationship with my girlfriend where I brought, we brought back the spark in our relationship. I was able to heal myself of a condition called costrodendritis. And I believe I had ADD and I found a way to increase my focus and read better, all these great stuff. I dramatically transformed my life for the better and I want to share with you how exactly I’ve done that in this video. Although the movie “The Secret” is amazing and took me on an amazing journey to help millions of people. There are some missing pieces that you need to apply when you involve and use the law of attraction in your life to make it work every single time.

So now, what I would like to do for you is share with you the three simple steps in order to make the law of attraction to work for you. But before I share with you these three simple steps, the three missing pieces to the secret of the law of attraction, what I want to do, is I want to guide you towards understanding your own attractiveness. How do you become attractive to the universe? How do you become more attractive to the divine? How do you become more attractive to the cosmos? How do you go and become more attractive to God or whatever you believe this powerful thing is going on? I want you to understand how to become attractive to it so it delivers exactly what you put out. In order to become more attractive to the universe, or the divine, or the infinite intelligence, what you need to do is first of all understand that you need to believe in it deeply and completely. You see, I didnt get results from the law of attraction, invoke the law of attraction too, I believe in the law of attraction deeply and completely.

You see, it’s a law just like the law of gravity. If I throw the apple on the air, the apple’s gonna come back down and you can catch it. So Isaac Newton figured out that an apple fell off a tree and he figured out all these stuff about gravity. Right? And now we understand the law of gravity. It’s a law of nature, it’s a law of the universe. And we need to understand that there are more laws out there. Just like the law of attraction, just like the law of polarity.

You see, there’s many many law that goes on in this universe. And what we need to know deeply and completely is that we need to believe in these laws. So what Im trying to say here is that, if I jump, Im going to land.The law of gravity. It’s a law. IT works every single time without fail. And w need to trust in the universe in the law of attraction the same way we entrust gravity.

That’s if you jump in a building, you’re going to fall to the ground. If I believe in the universe, in the law of attraction, trust the universe 100% that this thought, these processes and emotion Im creating in my mind and my emotions will come into …. And when you trust that 100%, you will be guided into an inspired movement to bringforth what you want to manifest into your experience. Now, Im gonna share with you the Steps, the Missing Pieces to the movie “The Secret” and the law of attraction. Sometimes you want to manifest all these stuff and it’s bigger than ourselves. So what we have to do is we have to go and match what we want to create in our experience.

If we don’t match it, if we are not in the same vibrations, we’re not gonna bring it. Step 1 is to change your self image. And in this example, Im gonna show you how to manifest more money. Now, if you dont know what self image is, it’s the way we see ourselves and if we change the way we see ourselves, we can reflect that with the external environment. What’s within comes without. So whatever you see in your external experiences is a reflection of what’s within and when we change our internal environment,that reflects into the external wealth. How are we going to change our internal environment? So first of all, we need to know what we are wanting. So let’s say I want to manifest $30000. In order to manifest $30000, I need to ask myself.

Who do I need to become in order to attract $30000 in my life. So what I would do is grab a pen and paper and write down the person that I need to become in order to manifest that person.Do I need to become more confident? Do I need to acquire certain skills? do I need to read certain books? Do I need to meet certain people? Who I need to become in order to manifest $30000? And once you’ve got that written down, you can see the person that you need to be in order to manifest what you want. So you see, you dont manifest what you want, you manifest who you are. So when you change who you are, you change your internal environment, that reflects in the external experience. And you see the whole life around you change. So if I want to become more healthy, I need to write down all the things I want to be first, in order to become more healthy.

I need to go within and ask myself, what do I need to do? Who do I need to become first in order to create that external experience Step 2 here is to step into the new person that you need to become. You need to internalize it, you need to make it a part of you. You need to burn it into your neurons. You have to burn it into your emotions. You need to burn it into your body. You know if you are going to become more healthy and more fit, then you need to internalize it into your body, into your mind, into your emotions, so that you feel like going to the gym. You feel like exercising. You feel like working out and working hard.

Seeing yourself sweating. So that you visualize the person that you need to become, you see it in your mind’s eye. You’re visualizing yourself working out in the gym, sweating, working hard, and feeling amazing, feeling strong, feeling your body vibering in vitality, seeing yourself drinking water, seeing yourself drinking juices and green drinks, and smoothies. Seeing yourself being healthy. So as you start to visualize yourself at the person you need to become, it becomes a part of who you are.

It’s just you, you’re it. It is you and you are it. And you would naturally take the steps in order to go and attract that body that you want, or the car that you want, or the money that you want into your experience. Because it’s who you are, you can’t help over this but go for it because it’s a part of you now. You have moved from a person that is thinking in a certain way to a person that is thinking it in a new way and new realities are now created for you. So Step 3 is to go and take action. Inspired action. Action that comes from within. Now most of us look for motivation from external experience. A motive to make them take action. But as you visualize yourself, as a person that you need to become the inspiration will come from within. In-Spiration. INSPIRE. And you will naturally take the action that you need to take. So as soon as you’re inspired, take the necessary action to take this experience that you wanted to create in your life.

The word Attraction has the word ACTION in it. There’s no ATTRACTION without ACTION so you must take inspired action in order to create in the life that you desire. Now, let’s take some action right now. Why don’t we go out and do something right now, that we want to manifest. Let’s create a new goal that we want to manifest into our experience. So in the comment box below, write down and comment something that you want to manifest in the next 30 days. And use the steps that Ive shared with you on how to create or manifest something into experience by becoming more attractive to the universe. Here are the steps again, just incase you missed it: 1. Write down the person that you need to become. Who do you need to be in order to manifest what you want? I mean, if your relationships are not doing very well right now, who do you need to become?Who does she needs to become or who does he needs to become? Who do you need to become in order to create a better relationship? Write down who do you need to become in order to create the life that you desire or whatever goal that you want to manifest.

2. Visualize yourself. See yourself as this new person. Visualize yourself as this person that you need to become. Visualize yourself taking action, doing the steps in order to manifest the goals you want. 3. To take inspired actions. Not any sort of actions. Not motive actions INSPIRED actions. And when you take these inspired actions, that means you are in line with what you are wanting. And it will work out as long as you are consistent, persistent in making that results possible for you. There’s no doubt about it, you must trust in the universe deeply and completely. And just go with that inner guidance. GO with that INSPIRATION and it will manifest into your existence. If you like this video, make sure you click the like button and the Subscribe Today. .

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