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The Two-Minute Push-up and Plank Workout

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Hi I’m Tom Holland Bowflex Fitness Advisor, this is the two-minute push-up and plank workout. The push-up and the plank – they’ve been around forever because they work. Upper body, core, you get both of those areas of your body with just your body weight. We’re going to show you a great two minute workout with a little bit of variation. So we’re going to start with a push-up. Lisa is going to go on her knees, Ryan off, and then we’re going to change it up. Ready and begin. So 30 seconds, four times through: push-ups, plank, push-ups, plank. So do what you can do. You may start on your knees. You may end up here in a week, two weeks, whenever you can do it. About 15 more seconds, then we’re going to go into a plank. So push-ups.

30 seconds. Plank 30 seconds. Two times through. Great job. Do what you can at home. Take breaks if and when you need to. That’s okay. It’s all about doing what you can do and getting stronger. Three… two… and we go to a plank. So two different ways of doing it. Ryan’s gonna go straight on. Lisa on her forearms, little harder here. Do what you can do, build up. So again we got about 20 more seconds and we’re going to go to push-ups again, but this time Lisa is going to do the hard one. Alright? About 15 more seconds. If you need to take a rest, drop to your knees, catch your breath, stretch, and then come back. Build up. Two minutes though seems short but it’s an awesome amount of time. 3…2… back to push-ups. Let’s go. But this time Ryan stays with the regular push-up. Lisa is doing spider-man push-ups.

Now she’s really engaging her core. Not easy to do. She’s a climber; she’s strong. At home build up until you can do this as well. Great job, about 13 more seconds. We finish up with our final 30 seconds of a plank. Lisa’s going to do another little variation. 5… 4… great job 3… 2… and plank. Alright, now we’re gonna mix it up. Ryan’s holding a forearm plank. Lisa straight arm, but lifting and lowering a leg and then alternating that through. So there you have four great exercises done a little bit differently.

Figure out what works for you, build up, get stronger. You have about 10 more seconds. Two minutes; that’s all you need. In the time it takes when you’re watching TV commercial break, you can get in a great core and upper body workout. 3… 2… awesome job you guys. There you have it – the two minute plank and push-up workout. For more quick workouts just like this please subscribe to our channel. .