Flat Belly

The Ultimate Pilates 21 Day Challenge ♥ Define Your Abs & Booty

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Hey guys welcome to the beautiful island of ko wai i have an amazing pilates challenge for u today the whole description of the challenge is down below so go ahead and read it through but the jist of the challenge is that were going to focusing on working those core muscles and developing and sculpting your booty no i can honestly share with you that pilates has changed my life my go to workouts I’ve been doing for many years and a lot of you have been asking me what are the exercises that i like to do and these exercises I’m going to show u today is what i personally do in my workouts as well don’t worry if some of the exercises are little tough i do have modifications provided for u at the top of the screen for those of that do need a little easier version but trust me by the end of the challenge u won’t even need them so if you’re ready grab a mat a water and lets do it sculpt those abs and tone that booty were going to begin today seated on your mat roll the shoulders a few times back taking a deep breath in I’m going to demonstrate the first exercise for you this exercise is called your half way roll down reach the arms up to the sky and the exhale just push them down roll yourself as far as you can without touching the back on the floor and come back up ready four times together here we go take it down hold and come back up inhale exhale come back up two more times last one and then your done alright next exercise is called your roll up reach the arms forward touch forehead to knees and then make your way back down pretty simple ready exhale push touch the forheadto knees hollow the belly round the spine exhale push nice and slow an controlled last one reach the arms exhale push as you come down i want u to stop before back touches mat what it is your going to reach the arms up your’re goingt o chop them right back down elbows straight inhale reach the amrs last one hold and then come down to your mat next exercise is our double toe tap legs come up lower back presses on your mat you’re going to release your feet on your inhale touching the toes to the floor exhale you bring them back up ready lets curl up inhale and one and last one hold baby crunches you’re just going to pulse the body 8 times 8 times ready hold back to double toe taps last one you’re holding back to those baby crunches lets go awesome next exercise double leg stretch bend your knees in extend legs out and bring them back in for 8 inhale extend legs exhale u bring them in remember if your lower back starts to arch you extend your legs a little higher make sure you’re breathing and last one and then from here taking Pilates 100 pump those arms 100 times inhale for 5 exhale for 5 ready and last 10 and your done awesome guys release go ahead extend right leg out breathe next exercise single knee twist touch elbow to knee 8 times go headlight that straight leg off the ground hands behind your head right elbow left knee hold it here release the hands and then were going to go right into single legged swtiches simply switching the legs back and fourth 10 times ready deep breath in exhale lets go awesome hug your knees and lets go right to the other side left leg extends going back to the single knee twist peel yourself up touch your left elbow to your right knee 8 times ready left leg up hands behind your head lets twist to your right hold it and were going to repeat our single leg switches 10 times lets go hug your knees in and then release alright guys lets roll over to your side were going to do a little bit of lower body work were going to start with our clam exercise knees together feet togeter open up the top knee bring it back down keeping your toes connected reday guys here we go keep toes touching the whole tome don’t forget to keep those core muscles engaged last one open and just hold it there keeping your toes touching knees apart extend that top arm draw the naval to your spine make sure the core is strong and hold until the next exercise which is going to be your clamp kick just like the clam except u extend the top leg now you’re going to kick that top leg lets close those knees open and extend open extend connect and close and 8 last one and your done knee to toes now your going to touch your knees and then your going to touch your toes ready here we go knee and toe imagine as if theres an obese between your legs your trying to get the top leg over the onject and your done moving into our side leg lifts 10 times here we go hold it there breath and then moving into our small pulses with that top leg literally pulse the leg 8 times remember guys you want to stay in a nice straight line draw the naval to your spine here we go roll over to your back now reach that left leg up take our single legged bridge lift your hips and pelvis as high as you can and bring it all the way down make sure the arms are down next to the side inhale exhale lift it up think about touches the ceiling with those toes each time next going to be our scissor kicks extend your bottom leg inhale exhale pulse that top leg t u awesome job legs up and head down greta work guys alright lets switch to the other side were going to roll over to opposite side starting with your clam remember keep your knees together hand behind your head inhale exhale open 1 and last one and hold it here extend that top arm were going to hold the clam position make sure your breathing back to our clam kicks open extend connect and close keep feet off the floor almost done guys and you’re done awesome repeating our toes and knee touching the knees and toes keep the core string just work that top leg remember theres an object between your legs and last one awesome extend the leg going right into our side lifts one more time extend that top leg and hold it ready to do our baby pulses one more time remember pulsing 8 times draw the naval to your spine reach the arm up lets pulse rolling over to your back were going to go back to our single leg bridges lifting as high as u can lifting as high with your hands lets go for 1 touch the ceiling with your toes last one and release grab the right leg stretch it out pull to your chest and stretch and get ready to repeat our scissor exercise this time arms can stay by your side ready release and both legs up lets stretch it out in our happy baby pose adding a little rock side to side if that feels good for you now moving into our seal exercise through inside the legs rock back to your shoulder and come up roll yourself up and up and hold roll back and hold modification is just to keep those knees together if u need it letting go of those legs boat posture alright guys moving into our boat to canoe exercise extending the knees lowering the back and coming up keep those hands on the floor last one good job guys our final exercise reach the arms forward come up to a straight back and let yourself fall as far as you can roll yourself up to straight back for one exhale round up straight back and let yourself fall right back down inhale exhale roll up let yourself goo go give yourself a bit stretch for a moment exhale hug those knees rock it side to side and then come on up to your seated position come into a cross legged position lets take a deep breath in to finish and take those arms right next to your body awesome job guys! thank you so much for watching and i can’t wait to see you soon again bye!