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Thigh Workout for Losing Fat | Slim Inner Thigh Workout (No Jumping)

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Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel. So today’s video is an inner thigh workout So your welcome to do this workout on its own but it is part of my 30 days lean thigh challenge, which is completely free So do consider doing the full program if you want better results. So you guys did amazing with my flat belly program And I’m so friggin proud. So I’m going to challenge you to do the same with this program So don’t stop sharing your progress and keep supporting one another because that’s what really helps others out there So do check out the full schedule and do remember to share your progress on Instagram using my hashtag. So to help me to keep creating free programs for you I’ll really appreciate it if you could smash that like button Smash it real hard and drop me a comment as well as this really helps to make my videos to reach out to more people out there so we’ve got 18 exercises today, 2 exercises back to back for 30 seconds each, and a 5 to 10 seconds break in between Let’s start with lateral lunge sweep, lunge towards your right and make sure you push your hips back so that you’re not using much of Your quads which is the front part of your thighs.

A lot of you guys are afraid to bulk up your legs So try to focus on pushing your hips back This will really help you to work the side of your thighs and you should feel the stretch on your inner thighs as well And as you come back up point your feet outwards like so with your inner thighs facing the front then sweep your leg to the other side.

This will really work the inner thighs Now onto the other leg, also if you are super afraid to work your legs Then you just do the sweeping motion only, you can exclude the lunge But the reason why we think we have bulky legs is because we just have too much fat It’s not because we have too much muscles So don’t be afraid to do some leg exercises that require you to use some of your thigh muscles You won’t get big muscly legs unless you eat in surplus and do lots of lifting and extremely high intensity workouts Now time to do some lateral step toe touches take a big step to the right and bring your foot up and touch your toes Be sure to have a slight bend on your knee and keep your core tight Next up we’ll have lunge taps, go down low and feel that stretch on your inner thighs Now we have plie with a slight modification, as we’re raising one foot You’ll feel more burn with this one on inner thighs, but feel free to modify it to do the standard plie if you prefer that Now on to the other leg Now we’ll have a quick ten seconds break You can take a longer break if you want to.

Get on a mat as we are doing some inner leg lifts. This exercise is harder than it looks so go slow and control here guys You can rest your leg on a mat for a quick second If this is getting too difficult, feel free to do it slower if it is too intense Stay the same position and we are doing some abductions now. Try to make sure you are not resting your foot and your leg is in the air the whole time Open up your legs with your inner thighs and touch the mat with your knees as you bring your leg down You should feel it on your inner thighs and also a little on your outer thighs Now flip around and we’re doing the same on the other side We’ve got abductions again remember to keep the leg lifted in the air Alright now flip around again and we’re doing some W leg lifts So what you do here is you’re drawing a big W with your foot do it slow and control and feel that burn on your inner thighs Now we are doing some heel presses keep your leg off the ground and press your leg so that it’s Extended and then back again.

This works amazing on the inner thighs All right flip around guys now we’re doing W leg lifts on the other side. We’re more than halfway through the workout So keep pushing guys And we got heel press again Now lie flat on the ground and we got scissors. Have your legs up as straight as possible and your feet flat like so and cross them like they’re scissors cutting through the air Having your feet flat helps to work your inner thighs more Now stay where you are and we’re doing some frog presses. Press those legs forward and upwards. Your inner Thighs should be burning right now Just two more exercises to go and now we’ve got leg circles. Draw two circles with both of your legs Feel free to alternate between clockwise and anti-clockwise Try to keep your legs as straight as possible. I know it is so hard because my legs were burning so badly And for our last exercise grab a cushion or a towel or anything that’s soft that you can place in between your legs, and we’re going to do some glute bridges Make sure you press the cushion really hard together with your thighs at the top position This really works the inner thighs and That’s the workout guys Don’t forget to smash that like button and leave me a comment on how you went and I’ll see you guys in the next video