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THIS is How to START Your Day! Law of Attraction Morning ROUTINE to MANIFEST MORE of What YOU WANT!

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when you understand the power that lies within you you begin to realize the absolute control you have over your circumstances and the way in which you perceive life every thought belief and emotion you have creates the reality that you experience and with this power that you hold you can consciously decide how you would like each day to work for you we become accustomed to waking up with the same thoughts we had from the day before and if those thoughts are creating a routine where in your life is not going the way you’d like you can set the intention to change that now you have the complete power to create your day in advance and the more you work on this and make the conscious decision to wake up with a new way of choosing your reality the more you will begin to see those changes coming into fruition in your life early morning is the best time to decide how you want your day to go and in doing so you begin to gain mastery of your life you are the captain of your ship and once this fully sinks in you realize that you are in command of every decision every perception and every direction that you take your life does not have to run on default or be a repeat of all the things that have happened in the days before you can let go of yesterday and anything that has happened that isn’t working for you if people tend to brush you off or you’re always stuck in traffic or your boss doesn’t seem to appreciate you these are all things you can begin to change now each day is a fresh start and by consciously deciding how you’d like each day to go you may be surprised by the changes that begin to manifest for you it’s as simple as asking yourself how you would like your day to be when you wake up in the morning decide to let go of anything from the past that hasn’t worked for you if you find yourself dwelling on something you didn’t like gently remind yourself that focusing on past events that are undesirable will only create more of that in your life then ask yourself how do I intend for my life to be today what would I like to happen that makes me happy how do I choose for people to treat me today how do I choose to respond to others what feelings would I like to experience today next take a few moments to envision your day unfolding in the way you choose 10 or 15 minutes with this exercise is sufficient form an image in your mind regarding the way your day will unfold create the expected events of your day as pleasant and your interactions as friendly and cheerful see any task that you’re performing going smoothly imagine that traffic just moves out of your way effortlessly so that your commute is delightful see yourself and others as being positive kind and happy use this time to visualize your day as going exactly the way you would choose for it to be now set one master intention to use throughout your day and repeat it to yourself often this will keep you positively focused if something attempts to sidetrack you and it is great for reinforcement of the changes you’re making this master intention should be infused with as much emotion as possible rather than just something you recite for instance your master intention could be today is a good day to have a good day or today I will be the epitome of positivity and spread it everywhere I go or you could say from this point forward I realize how everything is always working out for me choose whatever statement works best for you and embody the emotion each time you repeat it to yourself if you need to set your alarm a few minutes earlier than normal to complete this morning routine realize that this one small effort and this little bit of time can help you completely transform your life it may take a few days to begin seeing results but by creating a new morning routine the old things that used to creep into your mind will start to fade away and so will the circumstances that match them you get to decide how you want your mind to work and you get to decide how you’re going to feel and perceive life make the conscious decision that each morning is a clean slate the day ahead of you is a piece of clay that you can mold into any shape you wish you are the painter with the blank canvas create your day in advance exactly the way you wish for it to be and the more you do this the more you will see how fantastically delightful your days become you

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