Flat Belly

This Japanese Method Will Help You Get Rid of Belly Fat

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This Japanese method will help you quickly lose weight this day has finally japanese actor named Mickey Ryousuke recently discovered an incredible method to lose weight very quickly unique technique helped him lose twenty eight point seven pounds and four point seven inches from waist in just a few weeks this impressive result was a of a back pain relief Exercise prescribed to him by a doctor.

Here’s another good point the exercise takes only two minutes a day Let’s give it a shot to understand How it might help you there is a little bonus at the end of the video don’t miss it First let’s see how it works Ryousuke called it a long breath diet the technique consists of assuming a certain position Taking a three-second breath and then a strong seven second exhalation most European doctors support the use of breathing exercises for weight and Explain their effectiveness as follows that consists of Oxygen Carbon and hydrogen When the oxygen you breathe in reaches the fat cells it’s in to carbon and water therefore more oxygen your body uses the more fat burn Now here’s what you do the instruction is easy first stand up and push one leg forward and the other back Now strain your buttocks and transfer your weight to back foot.

Yes, just like this Slowly start inhaling for three seconds lifting your arms above your head Then exhale forcefully for seven seconds straining all your body muscles perform this exercise every day for two to ten minutes and you’ll be shocked with the results and Here is the bonus as experts say this technique also will strengthen your body muscles and increase metabolism That’s it. I’m going to try right now if you’ve already tried this exercise Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below and if you’re visiting our channel for the first time Hit that thumbs up button and click subscribe to stay on the bright side of life .