Law of Attraction

Top Ten Law of Attraction Tips to Manifest More of What You Want!

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the universe cannot stop delivering to you make sure you absorb that thoroughly because absolutely accurate and extraordinarily important universal laws ensure that you are being given everything you believe on a subconscious level moment by moment it’s never ending and simply how the law of attraction works if you are in a fine restaurant and placed an order for the filet mignon would you expect the waiter to bring you a cheeseburger instead of course not this is no different than wanting to have money love happiness good health and success in your life while constantly ordering lacks or mental vibration understanding the value and consistently and consciously monitoring your thoughts is crucial for placing your order to the universe correctly attempting to direct how your desire will come to be will almost always sabotage its manifestation your role in the law of attraction creation process to simply make your request believe in the ability of the higher power that is your partner in creation and watching amazement as it delights you with the ways you could not concoct it on your own removing the how from the equation displays faith in the process and opens up channels for the creation to occur be clear and concise about your wants saying I want to be happy is not enough information for the universe to go on this is similar to being back in that restaurant saying I want food become distinct about what you want what makes you happy what gets those feelings of joy pulsing through your veins be specific when placing your order write down what you want daily and clear and detailed terms research shows that people who wrote down their goals were on an average 33% more successful in accomplishing their stated goals than those who merely formulated them this magnifies the quantum field of possibility and increases the success rate of manifestation by one third you may have heard that gratitude is an intricate part of bringing your desires into fruition so why is this being grateful for something sends a frequency out that states hey I like this bring me more of that please in addition it’s the emotional signature that indicates something has already occurred it’s also the fastest way to attain an abundance mindset and an align your emotional vibration with the flow of prosperity and joy gratitude will positively shift your energy to place that makes you more receptive for your desires you have to have it before you can have it yep sounds strange but true your mind must have been imprinted so many times with your desire that it believes it’s already an actual effect when you think about your desire and you’ve reached a point that your minds reaction becomes one of I love this so very much but that’s already something I have what’s next you’re there simply sit back and relax while the universe handles everything else raise your hand if you’ve heard of or read neville goddard masterpiece feeling is the secret many have and if you haven’t it’s highly suggested in order for you to groom yourself into having a law of attraction mindset one of the most important things to do is incorporate feelings into your desires and visualizations feeling is the language of the subconscious mind it’s how it understands and filters information when you’re able to feel the feelings associated with having your desire your training your mind to emit the frequency that attracts more of what gives you that feeling in physical reality be a good receiver so many have been taught through watching and subconsciously mimicking others that receiving their true worst is somehow shameful however it’s just the opposite not receiving with an I’m worth this attitude gives no reason for the universe to believe it’s something you want practice telling yourself that you deserve every bit of the good that comes your way and even more than that make room to receive your desires and as you do you’re sending out that powerful signal of expectation make sure that your actions are mirroring what you expect to receive and that they are not contradicting what you asked for stand a little taller laugh a little harder and feel elated often do exactly what you should do if you’re receiving it today and take actions in your life to reflect that powerful expectation see the abundance in everything the universe itself roots its entire construction in abundance think of how many stars are in the sky how many blades of grass are in one field the amount of fish in the ocean how many drops of water fall when it rains there is nothing the universe does that it’s not abundant begin training your mind to notice this to increase your abundance mindset it takes a minimum of 30 days to alter a subconscious mind pattern in fact it can take 60 days 90 days or even longer depending on the person and the alteration desired consistency is an absolute must and helping your mind understand the changes expected of it but it is well worth the effort