Law of Attraction

TRANSFORM Negative Experiences Into POSITIVE Ones – Guideline & Affirmations (Law of Attraction)

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the most positive and spiritually aware people still have certain times as they go through life where negative or difficult periods can occur these difficult periods are really the outer crusts of change that must take place for the greater good in a person’s life nothing in human life can ever remain quite the same with the exception of the unchanging higher self if negative circumstances occur it’s more important how we handle them then whether we try to eliminate them totally from our lives some may panic and believe that their life is coming unraveled but this lesson can help a person manage the circumstances and in the end this negative circumstance will have produced positive benefits it’s easy to think positively about your life when you’re in a positive trend the true test is to be able to continue to think positively even when a negative trend is taking place yielding to negativity will create further negativity therefore whenever there seems to be a negative or difficult trend in your life this is the time to test your spiritual power the first step is not to allow your thinking to become negative about yourself and your life you must keep all thoughts positive by realizing that you are going through a transitional period which appears on the surface to be negative or destructive the only thing that is really changing is the shedding of old habits and circumstances to clear the way for more positive habits and circumstances if you think in this way your thoughts will remain positive and the transitional stage will pass more quickly with even greater good resulting when faced with a difficult circumstance take more time than ever to program your mind with positive thought patterns along with keeping your surface thinking positive you should be programming your subconscious mind daily with thoughts that will cause the difficult trend to pass more quickly resulting in greater benefits in the future it’s also important to take time to enter into deep meditation each day to maintain peace and for inner renewal through contact with your innermost spiritual nature place yourself into a light state of meditation and give yourself the following affirmations I accept that the so-called difficulties in my life are merely a transitional stage leading to greater good in my life I am confident about my future regardless of what is occurring at this moment my conscious mind is open to receive divine direction from my higher mind for the establishment of a greater positive trend in my life every time I enter into deep meditation I experience peace and spiritual rejuvenation which helps me through the present moments as a result of what I am now going through I have complete faith that my future will be even better use this daily guideline don’t tell everyone what a difficult time you are having this only builds further negativity in your mind and is reflected back to you if you must discuss your issues do so with one person that you know is very positive never feel that your higher-self has failed you or that you have failed your higher self during difficult times blaming the higher-self yourself or someone else will only lengthen the negative trend and prevent the universal mind from surfacing to your conscious mind with direction for a positive new trend in your life be especially aware of new ideas about your life that may enter your mind at this time these new ideas may be intuitive guidance from your higher self as to what changes you should make for the betterment of your life if you are opening your mind to the higher consciousness daily through meditation the answers will come we have all come from the womb of Mother Nature loved life even during a difficult period and life will love you back with new blessings and a new trend of positivity you