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Hello Friends, when author was investigating a rape case, at that time he was questioning a man who lived near to crime place so that man answered very nicely and properly, he told author about his daily routine how he went out for a work and how he returned from work on time through his exact answers and through his body language author though maybe he is lying therefore after lot of investigation and after lot more questioning, finally it was confirmed that he was the actual criminal, he was the Rapist how exactly author came to know that he is lying through his body language, that i will tell at the end of this Video but before that you need to understand some very interesting facts about body language it is said, that when you talk to someone, then your 7% communication matters on what you say, means depends on your words 38% communication matters on How you say, means your tone, volume, pitch, voice, etc.

And 55% communication matters on your body language on your facial expression, leg hand gestures etc therefore a person who can read someone’s body language properly then that person is somewhat has the capability or power of reading someones’ mind which can literally help them to move ahead in life few days before i had made a video on body language whose author was FBI Agent and was an expert of reading people’s body language because of which he had put many criminals behind the bars and also find out about the liars in his book he has shared all his learning, experience wisdom and knowledge by reading that book anyone can learn to read body language can learn to understand opposite person’s true feeling and thinking in that video i had shared 21 gestures and its meaning which was loved by many, therefore you all requested me to make part 2 of it so this is the part 2 video, in this video i will share many gestures and important knowledge about body language if you haven’t watch part 1, then not to worry can watch that video after this by clicking i button or by going below the description link now let’s begin…

Author says that every small actions done by our body has some reasons, even the smallest actions such as scratching nose, bending downwards etc such smallest actions also has some reasons, our Limbic brain says something subconsciously if we learn to observe these body language then we can understand what opposite person body language is saying most of the people think, that whenever person face any dangerous situation at that time they’ll choose any one option out of two Either Flight option or Fight option means either person will run from that situation or choose to fight with it author says that apart from these two responses there is one more response which comes before flight and fight response which is known as Freeze Response example, at ancient days, whenever person used to face any dangerous animal at that time before running or fighting with that animal, that person use to used freeze response they used to get freeze so that animal doesn’t see him or notice him after that he used to decide to run or if running away is not possible that he used to fight with the animal these responses are true even today for all of us even today whenever person faces stress, threat or any problematic situations then the person chooses these responses subconsciously which becomes visible in their body language let’s understand these three gesture (body language) with examples First Example of Freeze Response is) Most of the parents when yell or spank their children you will notice that child will freeze at first, means will not move or stand firm straight at the time of interview people starts takings short breath a robber walk with minimum body movements, so that others don’t notice him all these are examples of Freeze Response which shows fear and stress emotions Second Example of Flight Response moving back while sitting on the table, keeping legs direction towards the exit covering mouth with hands, or rubbing eyes all these are examples of flight response, these gestures shows that opposite person is Uncomfortable and want to get out of that situation Third and last example of Fight Response chest or nose flair, going too close to someone in anger banging hands on table, all these are fight responses examples which shows anger and other negative emotions now many times what happens after choosing any one response our brain starts showing some pacifying behaviour by doing some body actions the reason brain do such pacifying actions so that we can feel comfortable so that our brain can return to normal condition and by noticing such behaviours you can read person that when person is feeling negativity and for what thing the opposite person is feeling negative example of these behaviours are: hiding neck with hands, playing with necklace or tie, rubbing forehead, fluttering breathe moving hands till knee etc all these actions makes our brain relaxed when he started getting stressed because of any reasons al these things behaviours will show may be the opposite person is feeling pressure maybe he is lying he is in stress or may be he is doing it normally as i said before, you should know the context and baseline before judging anyone means if person is losing his tie because he is feeling hot, then it’s normal but if temperature is cool, AC is working properly but still if person behaves like this while giving an interview then maybe he is feeling stress in answering an interviewer maybe he is lying or hiding something now just like my last video, let me share gestures of different parts of our body and its meaning again i will start with legs gestures it is the most genuine part of our body No.1) Gravity Defying gestures while standing keeping your foot up, or keeping your heel up, because of which you look taller than normal this thing shows that the person is either excited, happy, interested or ready to go somewhere No.2) Standing Leg Cross standing leg cross from the side of ankle, this thing shows that person is feeling very comfortable and is very far from freeze of flight mode because his/her body weight in only on one leg which isn’t the ideal position for running by using this posture you can make other person feel comfortable or ease no.3) seated foot movement playing with shoes while sitting, or moving it, this thing usually indicates that the opposite person wants others to notice him/her No.2) Proximity every human has some personal space, in which he only allows those person to come who he loves or has lot of trust, similarly everyone keeps different distance with different people if you notice that distance you will understand whether the person has positive or negative feelings for the opposite person No.5) Foot Freeze if person is continuously moving his leg and stops moving suddenly or if do opposite of it then it indicates that person is in stress or there is sudden change in his emotions now let’s talk about Torso Gestures our torso has different organs in it, hence whenever we feel threat we start protecting it, either by folding hands or by keeping bag on it or by changing its position etc on contrary when we love someone or feel comfortable with someone, we hug them by opening our hands show them our love and trust, there are other torso gestures too such as Torso Splays while sitting moving backward, it shows territorial power this can also show disrespect if some superior or authority is sitting in the opposite side No.2) Puffing up Chest Puffing chest while talking indicates anger no.3) baring the torso if someone starts removing stuffs which he is wearing such as hat, jacket or watch then this indicates that person is getting ready to fight either physically or verbally no.4) Breathing Behaviour whenever we stay in stress we take in-dept breathe compare to normal, to take more oxygen that time our chest expands and contract more and by noticing it you can know that maybe opposite person and by noticing it you can know that maybe opposite person is in stress now lets talk about hand or arms gestures No.1) Arm Cues that Isolates whenever person folds his both hands backward then through this they communicate their highest status usually these gesture is done by people who has highest status such as high lever police officers, principles etc, no.2) Adornment and Artifacts people don’t wear rings, watches or tattoos just like that, everything which they wears on hands shows something everything has some meaning, many times expensive watches shows person’s status and ring shows relationship status etc no.3) Arms of affection hugging someone, touching someones hand or spreading both hands shows affection no4) offensive hand gestures different countries has different hand gestures which considered as offensive but one common hand gesture which is considered as negative in all country is showing finger or pointing finger towards others this is often considered as very aggressive and offensive by others and not liked by anyone no.5) sweaty hands no one likes to shake sweaty hands, sweat most of the time shows nervousness, by looking at it you can understand that maybe opposite person is nervous and after understanding you can make them feel calm and comfortable No.6) Steepling talking while touching both hands fingers, this thing shows that the thing which opposite person is saying he believes it and is very confident about it this posture gives strong and confident feeling to the person last will talk about face gestures, no.1) Lip Purse moving lips to one side, or tightening the lips which brings wrinkles on lips (puckered lips) this thing shows may be person is not agreeing on the particular thing no.2) Disappearing, compression and upside down lips.

Taking lips inside, slight visibility of lips or pressing lips or keeping lips upside down this shows sadness or stress no.3) tongue display licking lips with tongues shows stress or desire pressing tongue with teeth, shows maybe person has done anything wrong either he cheated someone or has done something very stupid No.4) Gravity Defying Behaviour keeping head up or chin up shows high confidence opposite of it means downwards face or chin shows low confidence No.5) Incongruity most of the time when person is lying then his story talk or actions doesn’t get match example, moving face like no and saying that yes i had food that there’s high chances that he is lying now if i talk about the story which i mentioned at start, author came to know that the person is lying because when that person was saying that when he was returning to home after his work he took left and went direct to his house, at that time that man hand was showing rights signal instead of left, and the thing was, right side was the crime place while talking he gave disappearing lips and foot freeze signal because of all these signals author doubted him which eventually turned to be true now to end, in my last week video i have shared 21 gestures and its meaning if you haven’t watched then do watch it by going to i button or to the description still i haven’t shared all the gestures of this book, hence if you want to learn everything from this book then can buy it from the given link in the below description and if you want free audio book of this book then can take it from audible is an amazon company which gives one month free trial after that free trail month only then they charge you and lastly if you never want to miss any of my videos then do subscribe and click on the bell icon, don’t forget to click on the bell icon or else you won’t get the notifications on weekends and will miss such informative videos do like if you find this video useful do comment and tell us have you ever notice that person is lying through their body language, do this video with your friends and family and finally thanks for watching….

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