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Trying Brandy Melville One Size Fits All Clothes: Size 2 vs Size 12!

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hey guys it’s Sierra welcome back to my channel and today we are gonna be trying on brandy melville one size fits all or more like one size fits small clothes they’re pretty much as far away from size inclusivity as you can get so I’m a little bit nervous but thank goodness I’m not gonna be doing this alone alright so we are about to head inside brandy Melville I have my friend Skylar here who you guys might know from the vlogs subtle plug for the vlog Channel it’s the best so Skylar is like what size – yeah like I’m pretty traditionally a size small and I’m a size 12 usually a size large so it’s gonna be interesting because we’re both curvy we both have that like curvy body structure body shape but we’re different sizes so I don’t know it are these clothes gonna fit either of us are they gonna fit just you are some of them gonna fit just me it’s gonna be interesting we’re gonna find out I’m a little nervous I’ve actually never been inside a brandy melville before me neither and I’m very yeah I feel like their whole messaging just kind of makes me feel a little bit insecure and I don’t know if the employees are gonna be like side-eyeing me because I’m gonna like stretch out their clothes but we’re gonna find out do it so we’ll see how these clothes look on both of us it’s gonna be kind of weird not having the option to like size up or size down yeah like you’re just kind of stuck with what you got yeah like here it is if it works great if it doesn’t next so we picked out seven items while we were at brandy Melville and we grabbed two of each that we could try them on together and compare and if you’re new to my channel subscribe join the family I usually make two new videos a week but right now I’m at 3 I’m gonna do Monday Wednesday Friday for the next couple weeks cuz I’ve got a lot of video ideas that I’m excited to do now let’s get into the video so the first item that we grabbed at brandy Melville was this rainbow-striped crop sweater that actually did look kind of one size fits all II like it didn’t look like it was gonna be too tiny so we thought this would be a good one to start out with so it’s right in that middle range yeah I was like hopefully this will work for you as a small and me as a large and honestly it didn’t disappoint altogether it honestly worked on both of us it just were in different ways for me I felt like it was a great fit and I liked the look of it it was definitely tight and I could see that it was fitting tighter on me than it was meant to because it is meant for a size small but I still liked the look of it it didn’t cling to my tummy and it did have some stretch to it but there just wasn’t quite enough fabric around my boobs so this shirt was pulling a little but I would say that this is probably the right size maybe one size up if I had the option to do that and I give this sweater a 7 out of 10 for me not bad and a good place to start especially considering it’s brandy melville and I did not have high hopes I honestly felt like it was the right size it’s not something that’s in my personal style and I felt like it was a little boxy er than I usually go for but it was the right length wasn’t too tight pretty true to size I would give it a 7 out of 10 I think it’s the right size for me so we gave it the same rating on this one even though it fit us differently I think it was pretty good for both of us item number two we weren’t drawn to this one for a necessarily positive reason like the first one this polo looked so tiny on the rack I knew we had to try it this top was comically small it was tiny even on the tiniest tiniest person on a child I feel like it would be a cop yeah if my little child was wearing that I’d like garl too much mid drafts back a drastic dress so once we actually put on this little mini blue polo crop top Skyler’s said it made her feel like Britney Spears I thought it made me feel like I was wearing a sexy schoolgirl costume for Halloween it was a little Tana mojo in there it really the only time in my life I’ll ever dress up like Santa mojo you’ve done it I’ve done it we did have some similar issues with this shirt which I thought was interesting even though we’re different sizes the buttons were pulling a lot on both of our chests in the arms were so so tight the arm holes were like itty bitty I thought I was gonna lose circulation so for me one thing that I really did like is that it did hit at the smallest part of my waist so with my high-rise jeans it wasn’t terrible this shirt was also more cropped on me than on Skylar because it’s not the right size for me if I was gonna wear this I’d need to maybe three sizes bigger I give this shirt a three out of 10 for me it was alright but definitely made me feel a little bit insecure I feel like this top was definitely a lot more flattering on me than the first yeah this one honestly looked really good on you but honestly I feel like with a pair of like high-waisted distressed denim shorts it could be a cute beach look yeah I thought this looked great on you do you think this is the size that you would go for it I feel like I would have to size up because of the arm yep the arms killer it’s so small so for me this shirt was a six out of ten thought it was flattering but the arms the arms I was the hope we wanted to try on a pair of pants together but because the brandy melville pants only come in one size it was really difficult to find one that I thought would even have a chance of getting over my thick thighs so we finally picked a pair of white track pants and they were a little bit stretchy they were kind of like sweatpants so once we put these on we realized they were basically see-through we didn’t do any clips in these pants where we were turning around cuz you would have just seen our underwear it was not good but they did actually fit my thighs okay they weren’t super tight although they did cling to my legs which I didn’t really like they were a lot stretchier than I expected but I don’t think a bigger size but really helped with the clingy issue that I was having I think that was just kind of the way the pants were made they actually were still somewhat loose in my legs they’re just kind of an awkward fit for my thick thighs and a Skylar put it in the dressing room cameltoe central so I’d give these pants a three out of ten for me I definitely couldn’t see myself wearing these although they did fit okay for me I thought these were really flattering Paris Lapham yeah they looked really good on you you were looking them they would never think to try on high-waisted sweatpants but they were pretty cute my biggest issue with them was camel toe central but also they were so so see-through yeah maybe in a different color like a black would be alright but literally like you can see cellulite it’s the everything I think that in a different color they’ll be really great so I’d give them a seven point five out of ten yeah pretty good so next we decided to try a dress and we grabbed this red gingham print dress that kind of looks like I had that fit-and-flare so I was thinking this might work I had a little bit of a stretch to it um I could not get this over my boobs for the life of me we were laughing pretty hard in the dressing room and I was so glad that I had Skylar with me because we were talking about this I feel like this would have been kind of like triggering and like uncomfortable if I was alone but because it was the two of us it was just funny we’re just laughing about how ridiculous it is to have a one-size dress and the fact that I couldn’t even get it over it didn’t set upon me either yeah so it was comical on both ends we both have had these dresses on and it was just if we were alone it would be really sad but because we were together it was just funny yeah I just don’t think it’s made for people with curvy bodies I feel like it’s not even the size it’s that there’s for me there was no room in the boobs yeah it was definitely made for that very like angular flat athletic body type I think this dress would be so cute in a bigger size yeah it makes me so sad because I can’t get it in a bigger size I feel like it would be so cute for a date night totally so cute for a picnic it just would not sip up there was no room in the chest so for me it has to be a 3 out of 10 I like the idea of the dress I just it couldn’t get anything better okay so like I said earlier I really wanted to try a pair of pants from brandy melville but I just knew there was nothing that was gonna even come close to fitting me but we were still interested to see how it would work for Skylar so we grabbed these black corduroy pants as soon as I saw them I knew that there was no way that these pants were going to fit I could not get them up past my knees but no my thought is not my but my knees and I’m like traditionally a size two yeah like these should have fit you if these don’t fit you like what kind of size and body type are they catering to this honestly would have been a really upsetting experience if I had been alone I feel like it was nice because you were there and we were able to laugh about it but I can’t imagine if I had gone alone I feel like it’s sad I’m sure so many girls have tried those on yeah especially because their demographic is younger it’s like every girl that we saw there was like 12 or 13 like they were very young and if you’re a size tore up no way next we tried on something that we were a little bit more positive about when we pulled it off the rack because I have that more fit this white striped t-shirt once we put this on we saw that it was definitely a little bit see-through which was a bummer and it fit both of us but again in different ways on Schuyler this top had more of a boxy fit and on me it was definitely more of like a fitted t-shirt so for me I would give this top a six out of ten I don’t hate it but because I have a big chest the stripe kind of hit in a weird spot like right under my boobs and that’s clearly not where the stripe was intended to hit it’s just not made for someone who has a bigger chest like me and my boobs were also weighing down the neckline so you can see on Skylar the neckline hit like almost like a mock neck like very high but on me it kind of drooped because it was being like pulled down if that makes sense and even though this shirt is meant to have a boxy fit I didn’t mind the more fitted look that it had on my body it’s a pretty cute basic if I had the option I would size up so that I did get that more boxy fit but not bad six out of ten for me I didn’t have as positive of a reaction as Ciara did I would give it maybe a 4 out of 10 if I’m being generous I feel like it just wasn’t doing me any favors it was really wide in the shoulders I feel like it made me look boxy without it being like a comfy boxy tee for me the stripe was also slightly below my boob which I just feel like it’s a weird block like under lighting the chest yeah it was like right in the middle it was a little too boxy for me if I had the option I would definitely size down so the last thing that we tried on it was really more of an outfit we wanted to pair these two together we got this black tight sweater and this black and white wrap skirt and this outfit again fit both of us but in very different ways I think this wrap style skirt truly could be classified as one size fits most maybe not one size fits all but it worked on Skylar she just had a little bit more fabric to wrap around and then it still worked on me I think it would work on someone even one or two size bigger than me because I still have a little bit of extra fabric this outfit was the first outfit that we both genuinely liked yeah we put this on we’re like we look alright move so for me I especially loved the sweater in this outfit I think it just fit me perfectly it was hugging my curves but it wasn’t too clingy it was definitely a small sweater but it was stretchy so it didn’t really feel like it was too small on me and the sweater had enough room in the chest and it didn’t show a ridiculous amount of cleavage but like just just a little bit just that little peek if brandy melville carried multiple sizes I would size up on that skirt because it was just a little bit too short on me even though I had enough fabric to actually tie the skirt together the length just made me a little bit uncomfortable so yeah I give this outfit as a whole and eight and a half out of ten I thought it was cute especially the sweater and that sweater fit me really really well you looked so good personally I liked the skirt a lot better than I liked the sweater I feel like if it were a couple inches longer I would have bought it for me I feel like the sweater was just kind of middle of the line wasn’t the worst wasn’t the best wasn’t doing me any favors but that was on my body it wasn’t showing that much cleavage for me it’s a little more conservative and I liked how it fit you better oh thank you it’s interesting because even though like we were tried on the exact same clothes in the exact same sizes some things worked way better for you and some things work better for me and honestly I think that just goes to show that one size does not fit all or at least one size does not work for all so when I was in high school brandy melville was like definitely one of the cooler places to shop and yeah their clothes are cute but I feel like part of the popularity with them was it was like exclusive like oh if you can fit into brandy melville like that means you’re small that means you’re like the thin ideal I feel like that style totally reflected my personal style and like high school early college but I was always just too intimidated to go in because of that I didn’t want to walk in and find out that I wasn’t that what all my peers were and like of course brandy melville is their own company and they can choose to put out whatever clothes and whatever messaging that they want but we also have the option in the right to criticize it and give our opinions like it’s 2018 like there are so many stories out there who are embracing body positivity and expanded sizing and it just kind of makes brandy Melville stand out more and not in a good way because they are so specific with their one size the clothes aren’t cute and the prices are pretty reasonable but it’s just such a they don’t have more sizing options and honestly I did really like that black sweater that I tried on at the end and I probably would have bought it if it was from a different store but I want to use my money to support companies that are like uplifting women and embracing people of all different sizes and I just don’t feel like I could in good conscience give my money to brandy melville while they still have that very exclusive sizing the one thing I will say though about having the store with only one size as it was very convenient to find what clothes we needed because there was no sizing options we just grabbed him off the rack but that’s pretty much the only positive I would say about a one-size-fits-all clothing line like brandy melville so what did you guys think and have you ever shopped at brandy Melville what was your experience like I do have to say as soon as we walked in I didn’t feel like Judge or anything like that that was just kind of like all in my head but I think having a clothing line that sends that message kind of like instills that little bit of like high school insecurity back into you of like are people looking at me am i bigger than everyone else especially because the girls in there were so so young yeah just don’t like sending that message to young girls yeah and this was Skylar’s first time really being on the main channel so if you guys liked this and you want to see more videos like comparing our sizing because we do have like a similar body shape just different sizes I thought it was pretty interesting to see especially like the side-by-side so let us know down in the comments if you want to see more videos with us because we’re happy to do that because and I love xx yeah I know like at the dancing girls emoji yes it was like all of our childhood dreams yeah it reminded me of like an elementary school when you and your best friend would be like hey where are math you have blue justice sweaters tomorrow and then you come to school and everyone be like yeah they’re best friends cuz they’re wearing the same clothes but it was more like hey we’re your Tanna mojo in the fire I’m Britney Spears inspired blue crop-top polo tomorrow with a white track pants great ya know when we were in the dressing room I was literally like this reminds me of that scene and Mean Girls when they’re like we only carry sizes 1 3 & 5 you can try Sears totally let us know down in the comments which item was your favorite and I will see you on Wednesday with another new kind of like try on a shopping video I’m excited I think you guys are gonna like it and I’ll see you then bye