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Turkish Recipes Made Quick & Easy : How to Add Oil to Turkish Pasta

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Hi, I’m Leah on behalf of Expert Village, and today, I’m going to show you how to make some quick and easy Turkish dishes. So now, we’re going to go ahead and oil the dish to make sure that the pasta doesn’t stick when it bakes in the oven. We’ll add about a tablespoon or so of olive oil. And we’ll just take a paper towel and rub it throughout the dish. And you want to make sure you get the sides evenly so that there’s no part of this that the pasta is going to stick to. And it might look like you’re scraping it all up onto the towel, don’t worry, a lot of it is going on the towel, but it’s still going to give the film that’s going to make it not stick.

Just rub that around. Okay. And it should be oiled evenly now. .