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ULTIMATE KETTLEBELL AB WORKOUT | 12 Minute Kettlebell Workout With Abs Exercises For A Flat Stomach

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What’s up guys it’s max owner of Max’s best boot camp and this is your twelve minute kettlebell hiit abs workout. six moves two round 12 minutes of non-stop fat burning awesomeness. all you need for this workout isone kettlebell and if you don’t have a kettlebell go ahead and use the dumbbell your also gonna need an interval timer…set it for 50 seconds on 10 seconds rest 12 times through.

Be sure to get in a quick warmup before you start this thing…it’s about to go down in seven seconds, grab your kettlebell the first move is going to be 4 swings and 4 pikes swing shoulder height or overhead through intense twelve-minute work time I’m done that was going to be a cardio blast in work those abs twisters 50 seconds straight up to the side every time we bring those knees up, we work those lower abs, so we’re melting fat and working those abs just get the cardio weights that’s the best way to work today now if you get tired, just march it out to undercover will ever move practical about how we gonna be working the whole right side held us up a little bit to let her get t have to take our time and we’re going to working those obliques with kettlebell windmills said in a room just off the right side now this is just what I want you to survive and then stand straight are your posture time around the decision on the truth be told who definitely takes the pressure off entire you can stay here he comes back up a practice is moving so the count below 200 left side to the right way reached at the time it still but if you just kind of connecting the dots on this one takes a problem here so great love and to work those abs no sit ups or crunches will be done in these workouts are plenty of the workout was not effective ok let’s move this number 66 exercise program starts with 323 yards off the protected joins that’s too much you can give me 20 otherwise good job one round out the top guys going more and more like this move this can’t happen right now take a deep breath visualize what we’re about to do guys almost here trying to keep the feet out wide, and this is a great rotational core drill it’s good you know when I don’t want to see you over that we call this is too much to walk jack goes all the way to the right side for now it’s a whole different way because you back that’s what the size is that all these years we’ve been underrated drill at work now how do you want to step up his arm deeper up in the shoulder that’s true then it will also sell them to the right which through this armor keeping the weight right over the hit down the back straight record that still work out his workout comment below where he loved them on time visualize this day just for you guys know where he got planned for today burnout and job you guys proud of you for getting that work out if you like that workout go ahead and smashed the like button right now and if you haven’t subscribed to our channels yet what are you waiting for we share awesome fat burning workouts like this every week and if you have any comments or questions go ahead post them in the comments section below would love to connect with the guys further and if you have any ideas or exercise routines that you’d like me to put together for you let’s do it let’s go ahead and share growth together thanks for watching this video you guys have an awesome day

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