Flat Belly

What I Eat in a Day – Beach Body Transformation – Lose Belly Fat with Freeletics Nutrition

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Hi, my name is Felicitas Wünnemann. I am 25 years old and I study architecture. It’s hard to imagine that I could one day stay away from sweets and sugar. I love chocolate and ice cream. I tried diets but I realised that they just made everything worse. My worst moments are just before exams. Whenever I build models or study I have a few chocolate bars near me. And in the evenings I eat tons of ice cream to relieve stress. I decided to give Freeletics Nutrition a try. I want to loose weight for the longterm.

Add some fresh lime juice… …and this is how you make an easy and delicious salad. Hey there, this is vlog number one. I lost 3kg in 2.5 weeks. This really keeps me motivated. But I have to admit that it’s also quite hard… This morning it was really difficult to avoid pastries and sweets. I add some parsley for the topping. Our training went well today! Yeah, it was great. Eating healthy is easier now. I almost don’t have sweet cravings at all. And even if I have cravings, I satisfy them with fruit. I couldn’t imagine this before. I changed my way of life for the better. I am not postponing things anymore. I get up really energised in the morning. This is really awesome! After Freeletics Nutrition with clean food and training I am proud to show you my results!

1 Cup tomorrow morning, burns 3 lbs of belly fat