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What I Stopped Eating to Lose Inches of Body Fat

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Whats up yall and welcome back to my channel so today im going to tell you about some of the daily food items that i dropped from my diet that helped me drop them inches around my waist and just overall body just body fat and all of that um so I wanna first off start and say that this is a disclaimer I am not a health professional I am not a nutritionist i am not a nutritionist i did not go to school for this.

This is just based off my personal results the type of information I learned online that you can also do for your self i dont wanna come off like a super crazy health nut that always eats healthy and that bashes people for eating bad things because there are plenty of things that i a have not completely cut out my diet um…… that had some bad ingredients i don’t go to the restaurant and ask for the ingredients and the brands that they use these are just about the daily things you feed your body that you can find alternatives to and honestly what is healthy in 2017 i mean some people vegan is the only way some people say dairy is good for you and gives you strong bones some people say milk and dairy is bad for you some people say meat is good for you and its healthy fruit is bad for you its to surgery low carbs high carbs all of that so honestly each its own these are just my personal tips off of my results so i hope you guys enjoy the video i used to start each morning with what i thought was a healthy glass of orange juice what actually, in reality, has 24 grams of sugar in a single 8oz glass minute made marketing label baldly print that the juice does not have any GMOs and that it is 100% juice in a smaller font, it’s from contracted for those who don’t this what an 8oz glass looks like and the average person has 3 glasses of orange, with breakfast, i made the change to have green tea in the morning what has so many benefits like lowering blood pressure and improving memory improving brain function and increasing fat burn these healthy organic nonGMOs bars where my favorite untell I read the back and saw it had 42 grams of carbs 260 calories and 21 grams of sugars in one single bar, the sugar show is equal in one energy bar so even thou there are labeled as organic and none GMO these bars have added organic sugar so I turned to dr google and went on a hunt for a healthy energy organic protein bar that was actually beneficial for my body so well the cliff bar ate organic nongmo and has 9 grams of protein it also has an organic cane syrup and organic dry cane syrup the Rx bars contain 12 grams of protein there soy free gluten free no added sugar no artificial colors filers or flavors there is a variety of 11 different flavors so I picked up the verity pack so i can try them all out with flavors like peanut butter chocolate chocolate sea salt mixed berry blueberry coconut chocolate my personal favorite are the peanut butter chocolate the coconut chocolate and the chocolate sea salt if you wanna try the Rx bars you guys can 20% off your first order at www.rxbars.com/findguru when use my coupon code findguru at checkout yall my next and biggest mistake that I will always have after my workouts has 90 grams of sugar greens n ginger from jumba juice it’s no secret that fruit contains a large amount of natural sugar that ordering off the an all fruit and veggie menu meant that i was making a healthier choice expressly because the ingredients were kale lemon and ginger and a small amount of mango and peaches well it turns out that on the menu it says lemon but if you look online its actually lemonade what contains a large amount of sugar so all the fruit and veggies noGMO no high fructose corn syrup labels are actually deceiving for the amount of sugar that’s actually in the smoothie now let get in to breakfast so many people say eating pork is bad for you and honestly, i love me some bacon so i was thinking of about making a a healthy quick breakfast with replacing my pork bacon with turkey bacon being that turkey is low on fat then paring it with a whole wheat bagel what is also healthy and having a side of avocado what is my personal favorite healthy option and turns out there is only one healthy thing on this plate and its not the bacon or the whole wheat bagel yes it turns out that turkey bacon is advertised that it contains less fat and lower sodium but the Oscar Mayer turkey bacon contains diacetate what is harmful ingredient that basically disregards that this brand of turkey bacon is actually healthy so now your wondering why i stopped eating whole wheat bagels are marketed with 100% whole grain 0 grams of trans fat when the whole wheat bagel is typically referred to as healthy well this bagel actually contains high fructose corn syrup that is banned in Europe and is very harmful for your health after taking away the turkey bacon and the high fructose corn syrup bagel I replaced the bagel with a truly healthy and organic whole wheat bread and there so many different options to try out to choose from you just have to make sure your looking at the label and it has no high fructose corn syrup in the bread what so ever it’s really frustrating and misleading when your thinking your making healthy choices and you don’t know about the certain ingredients that are actually really harmful to you that a lot of brands include in there healthy “food” and the concludes my video of the items that i dropped from my diet if you guys would like me to make a video um,, based off of some of the ingredients that of a lot of people eat daily that has really toxic ingredients inside of them o can do that for you guys thank you so much for watching my video and I will see you on the next upload