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What to do if your Baby has a Serious Fall – First Aid Training – St John Ambulance

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When your baby starts to crawl or toddle around Falls a common most of the time the injury will be minor and they might not even cry but sometimes a fool can be more serious once you’ve carried out a primary survey you need to perform CPR if they are unresponsive and not breathing normally however sometimes a fool can cause other injuries such as a broken bone or head injury if your baby has a broken bone you might see some of these signs they may look in pain they may not be able to move an arm or leg there may be bruising or swelling an area on the arm or leg may look deformed bent or shortened if you think your baby is broken a bone try to keep them still don’t move your baby unless they are in danger then call 999 or one-one-two for emergency help support the joints above and below the injured area use your hands for this put soft padding around the injury for extra support if necessary treat them for shock by raising their legs but don’t raise the injured leg while waiting for help to arrive keep checking their breathing and whether they can respond to you sometimes a fall can cause a head injury if your baby has a minor head injury they may have a bump or bruise to the head and a wound but they’re still able to respond normally if you think your baby has a minor head injury sit them on your lap and hold something cold against the injury to help the swelling like an ice pack or a frozen bag of vegetables wrapped in a tea towel do this for a maximum of 10 minutes while you do this try and assess their level of response are their eyes open are they alert can they respond to you if you talk to them if they only respond to voice their drowsy do they only respond if you flick the bottom of their foot do they only respond to pain are they unresponsive to any of the above if you are worried because they’re not alert or because the injury is serious then call 999 or 1 1 2 for emergency help if they have any wounds treat them by applying direct pressure to the wound and keep checking their level of response if they’ve had a serious knock to the head they may have a serious head injury and show some of these signs they may be drowsy they may have a headache they may be dizzy they may vomit they may suffer a seizure or fit there may be fluid coming from their ears or nose and they may be unresponsive if you know that your baby has had a severe knock to the head or you notice any of these signs or think they’re getting worse you should call 999 or 1 1 2 for emergency help and tell them that you suspect a serious head injury to a baby while you’re waiting for help to arrive try to keep your baby still in case they’ve suffered a neck injury check your baby’s breathing and prepare to start CPR if they stop breathing so remember if your babies had a serious fall perform a primary survey if your baby is unresponsive and not breathing call for help and ask your helper to call 999 or 1 1 2 for emergency help if you’re on your own use a mobile on speakerphone so that you can start CPR as soon as possible if you do not have a speakerphone do CPR for one minute before calling for emergency help if you think your baby has broken a bone keep them still support the limb and call 9 9 9 or 1 1 2 for an ambulance and keep checking their breathing a level of response if you’re worried or think that it’s a serious head injury call 999 or 1 1 2 and keep checking your baby’s breathing and prepare to start CPR if necessary and that’s how you treat a baby who’s had a serious fall thanks for watching help support Center on ambulance donate today you

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