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WHO’S YOUR DADDY #2: FGTEEV Saves Swimming Baby Pool Party! (Video Game + Skit)

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(screams)ahhhh Theres babys in my pool! Uh Oh (laughs) (screams) i did one more poopy, can you find it? (laughs) you did another poopy? MORE POOPY! (boing) its FG TV *gibberish* who wants to play some games with me? YAAAAYYY!(laugh) Whats Up FG Team Where playing more Who’s your daddy! but today we are going to try a single player challenge Im gonna roll with this game here its called pick up the poop i have to try to pick up all little babys poopy before the time runs out uh!ah!! on your mark get set GO… ow daddy im sorry i did alot of poopys in here YOU DID WHAT? you pooped all over the place? yes you disgusting!! you got to find all my poopys and clean them up oh. my goodness!! this little babies all I found a poop already I picked it up with the put the garbage it Oh put the Poopys in thein the goth kids all this put on a counter eww till you did 60 scooby doo doo yes died too fast get down on it no swing on the ground this kid is crazy order some poop in the microwave and it put in the microwave oh it’s hot it’s hot spot Constantius a stack get it yet super the driver truth okay yeah but it’s over the corner tonight I got 20 give it I’m stepping up oops I just stepped on poop do what did my baby he’s got so much rupee get off the table there’s a hack handle their kick-out off ok where elsewhere else is opposed to the next two oranges oh so gross and open the cabinet post out got it all there’s a whole bucket of poop bucket challenge yucky close the cabinet we don’t want the baby getting in there thank ya thank ya what you put in the refrigerator or freezer told Ruby that’s sick 15 is gross well swoop they’re all those proof that drawer get it this is so dad can chat no proof to their ok ok all there’s other frying pan this is growth what’s my score under 25 35 seconds to take still walks with a stupid here come on oh yes yes poop in the garbage can ok back to close the door close the door yes I got the proof in here where else is there proof there’s no more babies oh no there’s a pond bear shit just see united this groupie got it is that it yes I think it all where they’re poopy there’s no more poopy face where’s the rest of this goofy well where is it then oh you want good one will be making brownies brownies just keep stringing piece where did you learn it from probably your mother probably your mother I didn’t get it all there’s still another poop there it is this the last one the last one challenge get laid but I’m hundred and ninety six seconds that was distracted by this poopy head of a Cade no I’m sorry buddy you’re not will behead wow I’m gonna try this again at the end of the video and see if i could do better without being distracted next challenge let’s try to get the babies out of it boys ok doing porno what are you doing out here wow you invited your friends over to swim while where you going what do you mean in spite of his friends children with haha drivers in my bowl what I got your mind you did another puppy or we’re going to we’re gonna go I gotta get the bags at the pool all i got that somewhere to have it was for your point that Jeffrey everything is your mom know you’re here what did I tell you about coming to my house without telling your parents for my students this wolf empathy there they go home not welcome you could always eat my grabbers next oh my doing it just so many babies what’s my backstory what’s it going to be 50 seconds that can’t believe my baby invited the guide / he said the baby ya know why i think its effect of the Canterbury Tales series / good at the creepy baby it climbs up the wall that’s the best demonic baby maybe it’s just the pool cook through ok get outta here Jacob Oh hunter wandering off Bible typing okay okay haha they’re going to be sealed doctor again I think the ball okay that’s not the time to place the ball you out okay this is the last thing let’s see what happens to these big pop wait wait okay 150 my score ok and done now what what there’s still another baby no more babies 2.4 get out ok what do you need now you two balls at the pool to not do something right dude I think that look at that baby okay what I just almost crushed the baby wait a minute i probably should use this being my score and totally one that can handle you can pick up I that’s always mimicking me making fun of me I got a baby soon baby I’m sorry I know it seems really messed up but i have to while i stuck like this look at baby hold on before we continue dude if babies are doing handstands oh my god that’s so cool no but seriously though I mean I seriously I need to stand up right about now strange what purpose fur all the training with the skimmer I’ve got the little silver you grab the pool simmers thank you for telling me all kids this great great to be he’s up with the skills i gotta pick up the babies all my goodness i got lots to be is it look at whatever I think this is probably what to do look at you look at you baby google kids you I got you I got you I got you oh my god how many three just a baby boomer maybe if you with skipper war Russia get mixture this bigger than I did it 45 seconds of a botanist so much quicker I didn’t know that I was doing like the old-fashioned way I should have used my brain in the real light in the real world water in the real world the babies would have been goner I know to sell baby falls in the pool use the skimmer no no in a real-world sound like a baby would make it if i use the skimmer quite get it was bad now let it go back and try to do that from challenge fast yes challenge completed 97.3 eight seconds that you trying to bring the garbage can at one point to try it up throw it at the prophecy that work with it work anyway school through high school and I can’t do it I wasn’t hope you enjoy this so who’s old that is fun and thats it thats Sarah if you want to see more than thumbs up but if you don’t thumbs up at Camp still going to at least one more class but keep that but we go check it out a little bit about exactly the perfect little books were four people after remix let’s go first to the truck truck truck shop shop driving this truck all about your writing trust your rock bouncing like Johnson like a bomb

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