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Why Am I Still FAT? – 5 Reasons You Can’t Lose the Weight

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Rebekah: Hey guys. It’s Bex here and I am in here with Mike Perrine. He is a colonic therapist, a detox consultant, raw food chef, raw foodist, almost a saint. Mike: Almost a saint? Rebekah: You might just ascend into heaven right now. He has helped so many of you. We’ve shot over 20 videos and we get tons of feedback from them. Our last one has hundreds of thousands of views and so many comments. The number one question, angry question that I get in email, “Why am I still fat?” Why are they still fat? I’m not saying it. You’re saying it. Mike: First, let’s define fat. I just got an email from a 14-year-old girl asking me about losing an extra 10 pounds. I need to lose that last 10 pounds. Rebekah: Yes. Mike: So I didn’t know who she was. I didn’t answer her right away and I thought about it. I found her on Facebook and I looked. She doesn’t need to lose 10 pounds. This is her mind telling her she needs to lose 10 pounds because she wants to look like Freelee the Banana Girl or something like that.

It’s not about … Rebekah: Did you just call out Freelee the Banana Girl on my video? Mike: No. What I’m trying to say is that a lot of people want to look like her. Rebekah: They do. Mike: They do. You are not fat. You have fat. Rebekah: Yeah. Mike: I love that so much and the reason people have fat is because their body is trying to balance itself. It’s always in balance to what they’re doing with the exception of maybe a thyroid condition or something. If that’s the case, then that’s something totally different. But it’s usually in relationship to what you’re doing. What most people are doing, they are stock graph dieting, which is going up and down like a stock graph. We just had a podcast. Gil called it Penthouse to the Outhouse. Rebekah: We have things. Mike: OK. Rebekah: So let’s number these. So let’s start with number one, stock … Mike: Stock graph dieting. Rebekah: Stock graph dieting. OK. Mike: Yes. Then asking that question, “Why am I still fat?” when they’re stock graph dieting.

Rebekah: Explain this again. So this is — what’s the going the up part? Mike: Going the up part is eating the really pure, clean foods, the juice fasting, the raw salads. I’m on the raw food diet, the vegan thing. The bottom of it is when people just — their best friend gets married. They go out and then they have a weekend of debauchery and then all of a sudden they’re wondering why there are all these confusing messages happening inside of their body. Rebekah: So it’s Vitamix hangover. Mike: Yes. Rebekah: Like the movie with tigers and drunken … Mike: Exactly. Rebekah: OK. And then it’s green salad. Mike: To try to fix it. Rebekah: And then it’s Jersey Shore Boardwalk Funnel Cake. Mike: Yeah, it’s constant disaster management is what that is. Rebekah: That kind of sounds like me right now during this pregnancy. Mike: That’s most people. Don’t give yourself a hard time during pregnancy though. Rebekah: I won’t. So number two. Mike: Number two is something that a lot of people — when I do a health history with someone or if I’m just chatting with someone, that people tend to never mention, and that’s medication.

So they will say, “I’m doing all this stuff. I’m doing all this stuff,” and in New York specifically. But I imagine throughout the country. A lot of people are on mood stabilizers and things like that. Rebekah: Yes. Mike: And a side effect from most of them — and I don’t know. I’m not a pharmaceutical specialist. But for most of them, when you look at the side effects, it’s weight gain, weight retention, water retention, something like that. So it’s going to work against them. It doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be taking medication. It just means that’s a side effect in their medication. Rebekah: It’s something to look at. Mike: It’s just chemistry. You have to look at it and understand that. Rebekah: OK. Mike: The other thing is alcohol consumption. I know people that exercise.

I know people that eat well. Rebekah: Number three is bumming us out. Mike: Yeah. The thing is, it’s sugar. It’s calories and it makes people gain weight. It just does. Rebekah: Right. Mike: Especially that little last bit. When someone has had a lot of success, but they still drink, they’re going to gain weight. Rebekah: Number four. Is this a downer? Can we do a happy one? We’re on number four.

Mike: We’re on number four. Eating late at night, guaranteed weight gain, guaranteed. Rebekah: You’re killing me. Mike: No. Within my two to four weeks after my 30th birthday, I gained 20 pounds. I had 20 pounds to gain. It didn’t bother me. But I was drinking coconut water late at night. I was like — it was summertime and I was squeezing lime juice into these coconut waters and drinking them. It’s basically sugar water. That’s what coconut water is. It’s sugar water. I thought, well, I’m not eating anything. But I have a little sweet craving. Let me drink it. I gained 20 pounds. Rebekah: You are blowing the lid off the wellness industry because people are obsessed with coconut water right now. They’re talking about all the benefits with potassium and … Mike: Well, it’s phenomenal. Rebekah: … hydration. Mike: Well, no, it’s phenomenal. Just don’t do it at 10 o’clock. Rebekah: But there are calories in it and I don’t think — people equate healthy with being low calorie or it’s not going to make them gain weight. Like avocados for instance, I eat them like they’re my job. There are calories in them.

Mike: There are. Rebekah: They’re good though. Mike: They’re good up until 6:30 and then stop eating everything. Have tea. Have water. Rebekah: There are so many rules. All right. Number five. Mike: Number five. Well, number five is something that is really — if you want to lose weight, food combining is essential. Rebekah: OK. Mike: We talked about that in another video. The more complicated your meal, the more confused your body is going to get around metabolizing it and then a lot of the time, it will just store things as weight because it can’t deal with everything. OK? Rebekah: People freak out about that because the last video that we did, how to get a flat belly in five days, we talked about food combining. I mean that’s essentially what it was. Mike: Yeah. Rebekah: And people were resisting it. They didn’t want to hear it. But it does change everything. When you start eating things by themselves or in better combination or in better order, it will help you to lose weight if you’re looking to do that or help with bloating or stomach upset or any kind of digestion issues that you’re dealing with.

So I definitely suggest looking into food combining and one of my ebooks that you can get for free when you sign up for my newsletter has a whole like comprehensive mini food combining guide in it. So check that out. Mike: Yeah, it’s very powerful. Rebekah: So these aren’t so hard. Mike: No, they’re very basic. Rebekah: Don’t drink too much. Don’t drink too much at night. Don’t drink too much on the weekends with your friends until your blacked out drunk. It’s a lot of drinking that we mentioned. Mike: Yeah, drinking and meds. Rebekah: And medication. Mike: Yeah, manipulating body chemistry. Rebekah: Yeah. Mike: And thinking that we’re not manipulating body chemistry and then going, “Why am I still this? Why am I still that? How come I can’t get in shape?” What are we pretending not to know? Rebekah: Yeah.

Mike: Yeah. Rebekah: What are we pretending not to know? So ask the question but then actually look at what you’re doing every single day. Check out you at EverydayDetox.org. Mike: Yes, that’s where I am, org, because we’re organized. Rebekah: Can I get another high ten, Mike Perrine? Mike: Yes, you can. .

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