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Yoga for Migraine Headaches : Healing Hand Mudra for Migraines

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Now, I’m going to teach you one mudra. Mudras are hand movements and believe me once and for all you can get rid of your migraine. Just do this once. It’s a very simple mudra. Thumb, the first finger and the second finger are touching. The ring finger is at the base of the thumb. And the right, the little finger is extended. The little finger is extended. We are going to do it for both the fingers. We do this for six minutes, three times a day. Just see how fast your migraine vanishes. This mudra can be done while you are walking, you’re talking, you’re seeing television or just after your lunch break, before your lunch break. At your work place, anywhere. It has nothing to do whether you’ve eaten before or not. You can do it on a full stomach or empty stomach. Just do this and see the difference. Then you make an affirmation that I have a cool calm light head. While you are doing it just make an affirmation four to five times. Feel the lightness in the mind. .