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Your Mind Can TRANSFORM EVERYTHING About Your Life! Why Law of Attraction May Not be Working For You

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it’s been said many times that feeling as though you already have the thing you wish for is one of the surest ways to bring it into manifestation when we embody the feeling of having what we want the bigger part of us are what I refer to as the higher self creates this manifestation instantly by assuming the feeling of already having our desire our higher self brings about the means of making it a tangible reality we then simply needs move into the space where we experience it but for some people who are attempting to consciously create their reality this is the missing link in their effort to have what they want to be successful a way of understanding how we already feel into what we want and then manifest those things on a daily basis is required you already accomplished this process each day moment by moment and it’s much simpler than you may currently believe to be true consider how we already naturally manifest the things we experience each day for example when we want to have something to eat we begin the process of creating this in the mind most times we will imagine something specific that would satisfy our craving or desire through imagining what we want we experience an impression of what it might taste like or the satisfaction we would get from having it as this process continues there’s usually a point when we decide that we will have the thing that we are thinking about this is when the feeling of having what we want is fulfilled we are determined at this juncture that it is already ours the mind reaches a moment in the imaginative process where it has experienced it sufficiently and the body will correspond not only with a deeper conviction to have the particular thing imagined but also with the proper movement to make it happen you automatically go forward with action to fulfill the wish you don’t even have to consciously tell your body to move to get the food you’ve thought about your body instinctively positions itself to carry out an act as a part of the universe fulfilling what you have already accepted as the end result in other words the thought emotion and action of your body are not separate from the universe or the creation process you are a part of the universe and you are also an intricate part of the creation process your beliefs bring to life the reality you experience and part of that undertaking consists of bringing life to your body and the actions that you take once you accept the feeling of your thought and emotion your body automatically goes to work to fulfill it as a reality this fact is crucial to conscious manifestation all of your thoughts beliefs emotions and actions are intertwined as a part of the universe creation process and it works the same way for manifesting a meal as it does for a large windfall of abundance the perfect relationship the ideal vacation or anything else that you choose to manifest it’s simply acceptance of the assumption or the belief that the result is inevitable that makes it a reality when you think of eating something for nourishment and imagine even if on a subconscious level the satisfaction of already having it it’s easy to make it happen creating the feeling of having the thing you wish for puts all of the wheels and motions to manifest that as a reality this is because the feeling puts you in direct contact with the end result or your capacity to create what you desire this is how we live our lives already each and every moment of each and every day whether we consciously pay attention to the details of how the creation process works or subconsciously run on default we are each an intricate part of it and we each create our reality of the time we are constantly manifesting our reality from moment to moment as a collection of all that we have accepted to be true the more we become consciously aware of how we do this in each moment the more we can become consciously aware of the feelings that are necessary to manifest what we want in a conscious way creating the feeling of having what is wanted is the key to deliberate creation finding the feeling of the wish fulfilled and purposefully moving into those feelings throughout the day creates the motion from the universe that will manifest it as a reality ask yourself what it would feel like to have the thing that you want most each desire will come with a different feeling just as being at work feels different than being at home or in the same way that Friday feels different than Monday or how going to a baseball game feels different than a Night at the symphony everything has a distinct feeling and consciousness and it’s your job to find what that feeling is and match it internally the energy of each thing has its own recognizable feel to it finding that feeling and living from it is the secret to fulfilling the wish within you and starting a cosmic force within the universe that brings it to fruition the most common feeling States for the desires that most people have are freedom happiness relief satisfaction and comfort once you know the feelings state that you’re aiming to achieve you can realize that any worry stress or effort regarding your desire will be the opposite feeling state of creating what you want those feelings will create more to have worry stress and effort about if you think back to the example of creating a meal for yourself you can see that you most likely do not feel any worry or stress while imagining the thing that you want most most likely you feel satisfaction during this process thinking of how it feels to have it even before you actually have it in other words the best way to recognize how you create and experience the feeling of already having what you want is to think back to other times when you’ve previously done this it can be as simple as recalling a thought that you had about going somewhere and doing something and then remembering the process you did within yourself to make it come into fruition from conception to actualization it started with a thought and an emotion about that thought and then an imagined experience of what it would be like to act that out and then more feelings of actually following through with that action followed by more visions of doing it and so on until you assumed the result of it within you and act it out we’ve all experienced a thought or a desire that we accept feel is true with 100% certainty without any doubt that it wasn’t already happening and then experienced it as a reality and we each do this daily with a number of things by feeling as though we already have the thing we desire and that we are alive with that thing we become that person when this happens all of our thoughts beliefs emotions and actions line up with this and begin to shape the qualities of that thing as a part of our life we start to embody it and all desire disappears it’s crucial to understand that we never desire something that we already have we never want for something that belongs to us and we never search for something that is already present at this stage all Universal means create the result that we already feel is true we force the reflection to happen as our creation by believing it is already ours and by universal laws the energy around us must comply the feeling to naturally enter when imagining your desire is ease excitement satisfaction comfort and/or freedom let go of all doubt to stop creating more scenarios that produce more doubt your desires become planted seeds by feeling that they are already yours realize how powerful you are once this happens this is your only responsibility in the creation process to feel it as yours once this happens your higher self accepts it as your reality and creates the necessary components to make it a physical fact the more you practice accepting that your desires are already yours moving into the feeling of your wish fulfilled often and living from that state the more successes you will have and the more proof you will produce that demonstrates that you are the one manifesting your experiences in doing this a new reality program is created that animates you towards your desires and your desires towards you the more seeds you intentionally plant throughout the day the more fun you’ll have and the more success you will enjoy your belief will build through the results of your experience your physical result can come at any time and in a myriad of different forms it might be an inspired idea that comes to you an action you take a situation that occurs a person that shows up or a combination of any of these things if you accept that what you want is already yours and don’t dig up the seeds you’ve planted by doubting their existence the chosen time will come wherein you will naturally and effortlessly experience your desire and physical reality

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