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Zero-Point Energy Manifestation: The Key to MASSIVE Results

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This video I’m gonna be sharing with you how to tap into what is called nanosecond or a zero-point energy in order to manifest what you want this is going to go beyond some of the things I’ve shared before and into a new level of understanding and I think it could totally change your life welcome back to another video my name’s Erin and I help people expand their consciousness now on this video I’m gonna be sharing with you how to tap into what could be called zero-point energy or understanding how we can tap into an ability to manifest what we want easier than ever now I’m gonna walk around here in a little bit I’m in Japan right now what I thought I would do is share some of these new perspectives that I’ve been learning about understanding a little bit more about the way reality is constructed because sometimes what happens is we get so caught up in the complexity of things that it causes what’s called analysis paralysis some people may have heard about the law of attraction or felt like almost they end up getting in their own way they almost create their own blockages now in a way what I’ve been doing lately is I haven’t been sharing much Law of Attraction content because I won I feel like I’ve made already hundreds of videos so I feel like I want to move beyond that but there’s this one perspective with how it’s related to reality itself and how we can start to see reality in this new way that makes it easier for us to manifest what we want now I want you to first off understand that you are a spiritual being having a temporary human experience you’re a spiritual being having a temporary human experience now the reason I’m sharing with this with you is because I want to talk a little bit about the laws of reality kind of how reality works going beyond that of thinking that reality is something that’s fixed or something that we don’t have ability to influence through our thoughts because in actuality our beliefs create our reality so we could say that this goes beyond that just of the law of attraction even but when we think about it knowing that you already mortal spiritual being living a temporary human experience you can see that there are certain rules that you set up as you come into this reality that’s going to be in a way the rules that we stand by so think of it like you could think of it as even when you go to bed at night you go to bed at night and you go to sleep from the conscious self you wake up into higher states of consciousness but you don’t necessarily remember this but that was one of the rules that you had you were like okay I’m gonna forget Who I am I’m gonna go through this veil of forgetfulness and as I go through this veil of forgetfulness I’m going to have one of the purposes of life be to Remember Who I am to go through this process of remembering that was one of not necessarily the rules but one of the thin a way it was one of the rules because you decide to that you’re gonna forget who you are now you might be like well what’s the manifestation technique I wanted the manifestation technique through this process well understanding the basis of how it works is understanding who you are and understanding that you are a spiritual being live in a temporary human experience and that when you came here you knew that one thing that would be the case is that what you put out would be what you got back and that is the same for everyone whether they’re aware of it or not whether their beliefs even affirm it or not and sometimes our beliefs may we may have beliefs that say that’s not the case but that is an illusion of continuity that we would be creating so for this let’s look at it like this one of the things that we agreed to was that coming into this reality we would forget who we are so that we could remember who we are now another aspect of this was that we would go to bed every night we would reconnect to this divine self that we are because we had to in a way recharge your batteries that’s another part of it now another part of it as well is that there was always going to have this ability to tap into these different neutral perspectives so you could think of it like everything in reality is a reflection of the one we are all reflections of the one we are all different cells on the planet of Gaia we are all different expressions of a similar energy so that we could experience ourselves from this new point of view now I know that’s a very deep idea but one of the reasons for this is that understand that there are is this Trinity there is this Trinity that we have we have the self we have other so it’d be like me you and then a balance point between the two and the balance point is that paradox is that perspective that we could have this is the zero point manifestation when you realize that everything in your reality is construction of light everything in a reality is a dream your life becomes more dreamlike so when you give that of excess meaning to things you put things on a pedestal you create resistance and you block it out of your experience so it’s more about the energy dynamics of you manifesting what you want then it is anything else and let me tell you this as well when you are in a high vibrational state things that you want to create your life happen effortlessly you don’t even have to try but you see this is where most people go wrong is most people focus on things that they want to create in their life and they do it from a place of if this happened then I would feel better and because they’re doing it from the point of getting somewhere else would end up making you happier you end up prolonging that level of happiness itself because you’re looking for it outside of yourself and it’s not outside of you anyways so this is why what they say is everything that you would want to create your life is already coming to you the idea is to just get out of the way get out of the way vibrationally by understanding that if you’re following your passion and you’re doing what you love this stuff happens even easier anyways so understand everything you want to create in your life is doing everything it can to get itself to you but your beliefs may be what is blocking it from coming into your experience also believing that that thing you want to create in your life believing that that thing will make you happy because the truth is is that will not make you happy that will be something that you think well for a period of time may make you happy but it’ll end up going away unless you make it more about the vibration so the vibration is a combination of what you think how you feel and what you do when you focus on the vibration of you following your passion you were then in a higher vibrational state and from that place everything that you would want to create in your life is doing everything it can to make itself to you the only reason it wouldn’t get to you is because you’re either attached to the outcome or you have a belief that is not allowing it in maybe an expectation as to how things should happen things have to happen in a certain way in if they don’t happen in a certain way then it’s it’s not you know I was talking about this yesterday Leah and I did a meet-up here in Japan yesterday at one of the parks here under the cherry blossom trees it was really cool if you were there as awesome to meet everyone that that showed up and one of the things I was talking about is sometimes people blocking out of their experience because of how they expect it to happen someone who’s talking about trying to attract their soulmate for example but the thing is is what if you have a rule in your mind that you meeting your soulmate would be something that happened at a yoga class okay and the only thing that you could think of in your mind is that this is going to happen in some type of yoga class so what you do is every time you go to yoga class you’re on the lookout you’re looking but you don’t seem to find it well the reason being is because you may be limiting yourself so then the idea is that then you end up going to a coffee shop meeting someone there but you’re not even open to that being somewhere where you can meet someone because your mind is limited in the expectation of how it thinks it should happen so it ends up blocking everything out what if the best-case scenario that your ego could imagine is the floor for the higher mind what if that’s the case what if you’re actually limiting yourself with the things you want to create that’s why instead of focusing on what you want to create focus on the vibration of it focus on how it feels I focus when I think of things now you know there’s been certain progressions that I’ve had when it comes to the whole manifestation process there’s a perspective from the ego where the ego wants to manifest what it wants now in general once the ego learns that it can control its thoughts and put his thoughts on certain things it will then start to get better results and that will get you to a certain point but eventually you have to actually go beyond the ego and one of the ways you go beyond the ego is by adding value to other people and understanding the truth the truth is everything is the one you are another aspect of the one so what you put out to other people is what you get back because what you do to someone else you do that is our aspect of yourself so it’s a deep concept but it’s really the way it works so the more value I add through my videos do the intentions I have is the more that that actually comes back to me so that’s the key is the key is letting go and understanding the truth the truth is there is only the one even right now as I make this video in public I don’t know people you know it’s probably weird walking around the camera not really it’s 2019 so it’s actually pretty common especially in a place like this but in general why would I care what anyone thinks when everyone is another aspect of me you see there is no reason to be worried because everyone else that I think of a separate is actually connected and if they were to judge me they’re judging another aspect of themselves so it’s a deeper idea but you see when it comes to the zero-point energy what does zero-point energy is as understanding there is the self there is other that’s the Trinity self other neutrality point the neutral point of view when you have that perspective you can then manifest from more of a neutral point of view you can get to that point of neutrality and in that point of neutrality you are not at the victim of other energy dynamics so you see this is sometimes people would say well isn’t it’s good to have a motion but you have a motion for the sake of the passion you have a motion for the sake of the vibration it puts you in rather than assuming that that thing you want to create your life is going to make you happier yes it may but because it’s more of an expression of you doing what you’re passionate about so you see it’s this dynamic of understanding to the energy dynamics with this but the most important part of the zero-point energy field manifestation is understanding that everything in reality is an illusion anyways this is going beyond just the law of attraction everything is made up of light particles over 99.9% of everything we see in reality is empty space and because of that we don’t have to give us so much meaning not even so much meaning understand you’re generating the meaning but we don’t have to give you so much power we don’t think of it so much solidity the truth is everything you see is made up of light and everything you see is a dream because it’s a dream it is easy for you to manifest what you want there are just certain collective belief systems we have about how the dream works that keeps us entrapped in a certain vibrational expression we’ve agreed to certain things we’ve agreed to certain things in this reality we’ve agreed to and that could be the law of gravity that could be an experience of time even though time is an illusion it could be that of needing breath for us to survive or water or food these are different elements of this reality system that we agreed to and at consciousness level it’s something that we believe we need therefore we create more and more the experience of it but you see it’s a mass level consensus reality it’s a mass belief system that we have that keeps the game going the way it is but this transformation that’s happening on the planet right now is more and more people waking up and breaking down their beliefs about how reality works and by breaking down their beliefs about how reality works we’re changing the planet itself you see a lot of times we think with this whole ascension process that we are raising our vibration that is transforming the planet that is part of it the other part of it is we are redefining ourselves letting go of old belief systems that’s also transforming the planet you see we’re letting go of believing that the government has power over us the media is everything’s bad everything’s negative we’re seeing through the illusion from that neutral point of view that’s zero-point energy so the key to this is getting to that zero-point energy getting to that point of neutrality because it’s just a game it’s just a dream anyways so you could say we’ll look at what the government’s doing look at how things are controlled look at the media these are all neutral points of view these are all part of the reality system that we agreed to be a part of but we also agreed that in this life we would come to this realization of waking up of understanding of more of who we are so we’re going through this process right now of waking up and remembering more of who we are so the key to this is knowing that everything in life is fundamentally neutral and that you give it meaning and because we have believed that reality is a certain way the mass belief in it is what creates that reality but when you realize that it’s more of a dream anyways it becomes much more flexible it becomes much easier I see myself as walking around the camera right now some guy yelling into a freaking camera as part of a dream so there’s there’s nothing to be afraid of because remember that all is the one everyone is experiencing reality through their 5d act their 3d avatar body but it’s an illusion anyways we’re all connected knowing we’re all connected there’s nothing to be afraid of because there is only more of me maybe my version of them but there is really no them but remember there’s these three main perspectives there’s this self there’s the other and there’s the neutral point of view but the neutral point of view is what you get to when you realize you’re good either way because everything in this reality is about vibration what are you vibrating with and do you know that you can fill up your own cup you don’t need other people to make you happy you don’t even need other manifestations to make you happy you just need to get to your core vibration of what you’re passionate about sounds very cliche but do what you’re passionate about and when you’re in that high frequency state everything you could possibly want is doing everything it can to get to you the only thing that will keep it getting to you is your own beliefs that negate it coming into your life your expectations as to how it needs to happen and how things needs to come into your life and that identification with you not being worthy of already having it let go of all of that let go of it by being and choosing to be in a high frequency state regardless of the outcome do what you’re passionate about you know I make videos make videos in public and it’s what I’m passionate about so I do it and because I’m doing what I’m passionate about everything that could possibly be of benefit to my life is doing everything it can to get to me and it’s funny because not to be talking about this but one of the reasons I don’t really make Law of Attraction videos that much even more not because I’m not that passionate about it I did and this was all kind of cocky but I have almost everything I want in my life right now and there’s still more there’s always more to go but it’s not as it’s not as fun as it used to be because I feel like it’s an energy dynamic thing and it’s so simple make manifestations simple by understanding are you doing what you’re passionate about do you see that reality as a dream do you see that it’s more about the vibration of how you’re feeling and are you in that state and are you choosing to be in that state because if so everything is doing everything I can to get to you the only reason it’s not coming in is because you expect it to come differently or you have a belief that is blocking it from coming into your experience so understand that that’s the case and manifestation is very very simple are you putting good out into the world because you’re doing what your vibrational vibrationally passionate about therefore putting out that vibration comes back to you and are you adding value to other people well all connected so the more value you add the more comes back to you when people create a product that makes a lot of money it adds value to other people maybe that vow maybe that value is a little bit debatable because maybe it has a negative side effect but people still find some value in it whether it’s an emotional and emotional thing or whether it’s something that solves a problem but understand that what you put out is what you get back so focus on that zero point manifestation is with the awareness that reality is a dream and because reality is a dream it can become much more flexible or much more fun not only that you can realize that there’s this perspective of all is the one there is only you as I walk around right now there is only me there’s only different points of connection maybe I’m seeing reality through my 3d avatar body but that’s just from the certain perspective if I were to expand the scope out even more I could see that everything is a reflection anyways so knowing that it’s the zero point and the zero point is where all the power is so get to that zero point by understanding that everything is a neutral idea the meaning you give things in life is the meaning you get out of it but also just know that there is only you anyways and that it’s fun it is meant to be a dream and the more you allow it to be a dream the more dreamlike it will become I run um I’m gonna go run back to where my Airbnb it’s just fun just a dream it’s just it’s fun to see that we constructed this reality to be the way it is we have collective belief systems for how things should work and how things do work we need air in this reality we need to experience the 3d avatar body we need the experience of food and water we agree to these rules before we have this experience but now what we’re doing is we’re transcending a lot of this now to mean that we’re not gonna eat or sleep or drink or breathe but what it’s saying is we’re becoming aware of it and that’s the zero point the zero point is the neutrality and the more you become aware of it is the more power you have because the more you realize who you really are so what Debbie Ann said something that will help is a meditation that I have that has to do with raising your vibrational frequency it’s absolutely free you can download it in the top of description box below listed for 21 days I think I’ll transform your life also I’ll be doing more live Cooney’s I’m probably gonna live Q&A here in a minute so if you want to follow me on instagram haven’t read it you’ll see my link right here I paused on post twice a day there as well native concerts to Instagram other than that I hope you enjoyed this video feel free to like this but if you liked it subscribe to have it ready a little notification gear so you can the daily visit I do and other than that has always peace much love and not mistaken

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