How to CLEAR Cellular MEMORIES That BLOCK MANIFESTATIONS! (Law of Attraction Exercise)

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more than 90% of all of our thoughts are under the radar in the habitual subconscious mind because of this what is wanted in life can often be overwritten and sabotaged by the subconscious and turned what is experienced on an internal level of cellular memory stored by this portion of the mind can be a request for something that in more cases than not conflicts with the conscious thought process as you may know everything in the universe is energy although the physical apparatus appears to be solid matter it is also an energetic model if you magnify your cells down to your atoms you would see that you are made up of subtle energy fields and not matter the basic building blocks of energy are light and sound and all cells are just manifestations of light and sound and form every cell in the body runs on electrical energy and every cell has its own energy source called the mitochondria if the cells have plenty of positive energy they’re healthy if they don’t or they are consumed by negative energy they will begin to become unhealthy these energy levels within the cells can be measured through tests such as MRIs and CT scans furthermore all cells are essentially the same if the markers that cause the cells to differentiate themselves are turned off they revert to their original state where they are capable of becoming anything what this means is if the cellular structure is cleared of old wounds and outdated information to work with it can transform into what it’s given as new instruction modern science teaches us that cells contain DNA which carry the blueprint for the complete design of the physical body they also hold the blueprint for our mental emotional and spiritual states your cells remember all of you you have been in the past of the present day as you develop change and grow in any aspect of your life your cells have the ability to update this personal data if there is something that you don’t like about your life it’s like a rock and a stream your energy will still flow through you and your cells but the natural course will be altered or slowed down because the energy flow is physically changed symptoms such as depression or anxiety may appear over the last several decades experts have proven that the source of symptoms of pain and anxiety is usually not located in the body the source is in the subconscious mind or what science refers to a cellular memory surgeons have removed every part of the brain for various reasons and on numbers of patients and found that the memories were always still there this is because memories are stored in the cells all over the body in other words our experiences do not just occupy space in our brains but are downloaded at the cellular level throughout our bodies and the belief from these studies is that cellular memories are the true source of illness and disease due to a mistaken belief in the subconscious mind because the subconscious mind is 1 million times more powerful than the conscious mind the odds of having the life you want without changing any inaccurate beliefs is a million to one shot the body is made up of billions and billions of atoms all of which are affected and shaped by thoughts each new thought creates or builds upon neural pathways in the brain reoccurring thoughts and emotions caused by external experience come from the neural network where a similar event was experienced for the first time and has been built upon with new information over the course of time these neural networks are the cellular memory every time a similar event is experienced the same memory as well as emotional response is activated and this is generally undergone in an unconscious manner that is set on autopilot if there are unpleasant experiences from the past that have not been mended then life will likely be filled with similar experiences that continually resurface based on cellular memory these memories are the reference points the brain uses to decide how to respond in each immediate moment if there is a cellular memory with fear humiliation anger or any other negative feeling that memory can make a person sick lead to failure or destroy important relationships it’s completely normal to experience new situations with the belief that there is the ability to make a new conscious decision regarding reactions to those situations however the subconscious mind and its cellular memory will immediately begin to search for the memory that closest relates to any input it receives in other words responses are almost always related to those memories when the conscious mind and the subconscious mind are not in total agreement the subconscious mind will always be dominant it controls what our decision will be and prepares the body to complete the action for the conscious mind can step in the conscious choice will be controlled by subconscious programming especially when negative emotions are part of the cellular memory with all that said it can be very difficult to experience true healing on both the physical or non-physical basis without altering the cellular memories when there is something unsatisfactory about a person’s current reality it will be almost certain that it is due to negative experiences and programs stored in the cellular memories this is why many will relive fear-based memories over and over again and why life cycles and themes continually repeat themselves they are manifestations of these stored memories and beliefs and have the power to control current experience this is also the reason the traditional therapy that focuses on the conscious mind can go on for years and fail to have any lasting effect to the subconscious mind these memories are not past experience to it they are very much a present reality the first step in healing cellular memories is to understand the whole truth about the experience that created the memory whenever a painful cellular memory is created we almost always simultaneously produce an incorrect belief through a misinterpretation of the event these types of beliefs generate the reaction of fear a cellular memory that promotes fear always goes back to a wrong interpretation of the original event for example the true source of fear stress and anxiety is not the fact that a partner has left a relationship it’s a belief that because this happened life will never be okay again or it’s not the fact that there isn’t any money in the bank account if the belief that life can never change because of it furthermore it’s not the fact that someone did something unkind for no reason at all it’s the belief that this means there is a label of unworthiness and inferiority because of it the original incident that prompted the cellular memory may not have been devastating at all many cellular memories happen in early childhood development before the age of six in other words experiencing anger or frustration for whatever reason as a small child can be programmed as tromelin this can be as simple as not getting ones way as a young child once stored and programmed it makes no difference to the subconscious mind if we would categorize that experience is damaging now what is most important is to heal the cellular memory and fear signal that it transmits to move past events that trigger these responses the old belief that was created must be removed and replaced with a new belief following is a very effective program to cleanse the subconscious mind of any cellular memories that create a repeat unwanted patterns this process allows you to release stress and painful negative emotions such as guilt shame blame and fear it also assists in adding positive energy to the memories stored in your cells number one choose a keyword that you would like to use to activate this program your keyword will be a signal to your mind to clear cellular memories that block your success most people choose to use a simple word such as yes now or release simply choose any meaningful easy to remember word that signifies cleansing to you number two install a healing program into your subconscious mind using the following words I now set a powerful dominant intention within you my subconscious mind to manifest the best of all possible outcomes with this clearing each time that I notice the pattern or patterns that I wish to release I will say or think my cue word which is yes upon doing so you will release these patterns and all elements of that pattern completely and safely each time I repeat this cue word in sequence like a mantra you will release and completely resolve my identification with and attachment to whatever pattern or patterns I intend to release you will release everything I feel because of this pattern everything that relates to it and everything that has resulted from it you will do this gently and easily ensuring that my identification with that pattern never returns number three think about an area of your life where you don’t seem to be manifesting what you desire for yourself rate the negative feeling associated with this on a scale from zero to ten you may realize that there are several areas that you’d like to address but only focus on one at a time it would be most suitable to choose the issue that causes you the greatest frustration or anxiety or the one that seems to surface for you most often number four begin to identify with the characteristic feeling regarding this area the characteristic feeling is energetically connected to all the assumptions and beliefs you have created around the situation you may feel anger sadness grief or resentment to name a few thus killing represents all the feelings associated with the thought person or memory you are choosing to release check in with your body and notice what it is and how it feels what is the sensation where is it located number five as you focus on the feeling around the thought or memory repeat your keyword like a mantra as you say specific statements continue this process until the characteristic feeling is gone make the statements and then repeat your key word until you make the next statement you do not need to add an ending to the following statements just finish it by repeating yes or whatever your key word is your subconscious mind will fill in the blank for you while releasing all reasons without any need for conscious awareness on your part for example I clear all the ways I feel this feeling yes I clear all the ways I feel this feeling because yes I clear all the ways I feel this feeling whenever yes I clear all the ways I may feel this feeling if yes I clear any unknown factors of this pattern yes I clear any and all routes holding this pattern yes I clear any and all patterns connected or similar in any way yes number six check back in to see how peaceful you feel after doing this if you aren’t feeling completely peaceful go through the process again if necessary number seven throughout your day if you notice the pattern that comes up that is something you would like to eliminate simply say or think your key word over and over your subconscious mind will relate to the program you’ve already given it number eight add this Q word to a simple exercise such as walking repeating it over and over while doing so whenever you perform this exercise in the future the subconscious mind will remember the cue and continue to guard over your new memories and patterns everything you say or think is real and the body absorbs all of it how you see feel and digest absorb into your cell memory this dictates your perception of life and only your perception within can be controlled for change many people have unknown fears and outdated self programs which are currently running in the subconscious mind and within the cellular memory your subconscious mind has all of the knowledge to access every cellular memory and release any painful emotions such as fear anger sadness resentment or grief use this process as often as needed to let go of past issues and negative energy and unwanted stored memories you can use visualization to store new positive programs and memories in their place any changes made directly to your subconscious mind have a profound and accelerated effect in healing this happens because such changes affect your cellular memory and in turn rapidly update the physical mental emotional and spiritual data on file this kind of transformative work literally removes the unwanted data from the programs and replaces it with more empowering ways of being because your cellular memory can be transformed in this manner this built-in flexibility allows you to transform who you are your behavior your manifestations and your entire life

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