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balancing thought and action is a common point of interest within the law of attraction many people say that just the thought is enough to manifest a desired outcome there are those that say thought with feeling will do the trick and others proclaim that without action nothing will happen all of these are true in a sense in reality thought and action are more similar than they are different one is a mental action the other is a physical one thought within itself is an action it creates energetic movement thought can also dictate feeling States often when we have a thought a feeling will correspond with that thought additionally thought governs physical action with some thoughts there is inspiration that is followed by physical movement without the thought the action would not exist on its own if we have created a shift in our thinking but still allow past perspectives to rule our actions we are still running on a previous model of behavior that doesn’t match the new thoughts if we are taking action towards our goals that don’t line up with how we think and feel we are still running on a previous model of thinking and feeling States both of these create a state of imbalance or a division between thought and action here are the two ways this can happen number one you’ve made a decision to create new thoughts that move you in a new direction but your actions are rooted in old habits or number two you’re creating new behaviors and habits to change your life and your thoughts and feeling States have been caught up with that in both of these cases there are results from both the thoughts and the actions but one will be in alignment with your old reality and one will be in alignment with the new reality you are creating think of it like this if you had a spoon that you swirled in one direction in a bowl of water you would soon see a distinct pattern develop in the motion of that water if you were to abruptly change the direction of that spoon by going the opposite way it would take a few moments for the pattern to catch up with that and eventually it would move in that direction but if you were to switch the direction that the spoon was moving repeatedly going one direction and then the other the water would never have a chance to find which way you intend for it to go this is exactly what happens on an energetic level when our thoughts feelings and actions are not in alignment with one another although this is a conflict between thought and action on a deeper level it’s really a conflict between the two models the old model and the new model the entire model must begin to move in the same direction in order for the change to take place try the following exercise to get your thoughts feelings and actions into alignment and begin creating a new model so you were able to manifest the things you want faster grab a piece of paper and draw a circle in the middle of it in the center of the circle write the words my intention and why I will manifest it next draw six to eight straight lines out from the center of the circle at the end of each of these lines write specific characteristics of the thing you intend to manifest for example if your intention is to manifest a specific home to live in right things such as where you would like this home to be the size of the home how many bedrooms or bathrooms it has who lives with you what the landscape looks like and so on as you are taking this step you are beginning to balance both clarity and your thoughts regarding what you want and the feeling states that go with those thoughts because you are coming up with distinct features of the thing that you want it should be easy to feel how this thing would make you feel if you already had it if you have difficulty aligning with the feeling states simply close your eyes for a few moments and imagine this manifestation until you are able to line up with how you think it would make you feel which is why you want it in the first place once you have completed this step right down one action you can take along each line that will move you closer to having this manifestation for instance in the example of the house you could write things such as driving through neighborhoods to see more specifics of what I want using visualization processes wherein I place myself in this home and experience it fully talking with people who live in this type of home to hear how it makes them feel be sure to make these actions something that you can follow through with you can keep them as simple as doing more research on your manifestation just be certain that you are willing to move into the action in the next step now choose one or two of these actions that you can do each week and begin to implement them immediately it’s very important to do this step so that your behavior is matching your intention as you follow through with these actions say to yourself either mentally or outloud this is why I will have what I want throughout your day it’s important to state that you intend to manifest this goal and why it will happen for you for instance I will have the house I have chosen for myself because I’m taking action towards it my thoughts feelings and actions are all in alignment with what I choose to manifest once again you can do this mentally or out loud continue to follow through with this exercise until you begin to see signs that you are moving towards the things that you want it’s also important to strive to come up with new actions that you can take that align with your desire this is an extremely simple and powerful exercise you are speaking directly to your subconscious mind with a combination of thoughts feelings and actions that force it to begin moving towards your goals it puts you in a position of creating a new model of behavior on all levels that will align with your desire with this process you’ve set your intention written the specifics take an action and made a declaration each day look at your piece of paper and study the characteristics and actions you’ve chosen as you do this a few times throughout your day allow yourself to feel how you would feel with this thing that you want and continue to take action it may completely surprise you just how fast you are able to manifest it

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