How to Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest the Perfect Job, Relationship & Money! (Success Story!)

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hey everyone I’m Jessica and I’m the creator of this channel and today I wanted to introduce you to the first brave female that came to me with a manifestation success story so I’m very excited to introduce her her name is rib and her manifestation success story is all about the total package rib wanted to have the home in the right location she wanted to have the career with the right money she wanted to have the husband and the family and she was able to manifest all of those things and she’s going to tell you how she did that she’s asked me to also talk about a few side notes she sent me in an email that she thinks she failed to mention in the video one of those things is that she mentions that she had a setback and what she really wanted to say in addition to that is that in hindsight she realized that sometimes things don’t work out the way that we want them to but they do work out perfectly in the end anyway so she does feel like that even though it felt like a setback at the time she was able to overcome that and create the things that she wanted in her life in a different way she also wanted me to mention that in her deliberate creation process she was intentionally trying to manifest a position in her current company with a specific title and she was able to nail that twice and also nail the amount of money that she wanted to manifest with those positions so with all of that said I’m gonna send you over to rhibs video I’m very thankful to her for sending it in because I think it’s something that we haven’t touched on yet if you have a success story that you would like to share I have several lined up really good ones coming up for the next few weeks but if you have one that you’d like to share something you’ve manifested or created or a healing story you can send an email to me at the science of deliberate creation at and put a success story in the subject line so I know what it’s referring to I have a lot of those emails coming in so if I don’t get to you right away please be patient with me I’m gonna send you over to ribs story and I will talk to you guys soon hi everybody first of all be part of my story I just want to thank these Meza and you you panel for allowing me to share my success story with the law of attraction with you viewers and I’d like to share with you today what I think will be a very inspirational story all of you especially if you’re in a rut and you’re finding the things are not manifesting as quickly as you’d like I hope this will reinforce your faith and believe that the law of attraction is always on whew so my name is Fred and I am coming to you in peace in Texas and I want to tell you that I was in a bad situation about 12 years ago where I had no job I didn’t know anybody in the city I was living in now I had left my family and I didn’t see any Mesa tinks construed I wanted to get a good job I wanted to get my career and order and really get a career that I love I wanted things to do with my relationships I want to take new friends it all started when I was dating long distance my boyfriend at the time Lejeune Houston and I was living in New Jersey we had I had spent a good part of my savings account on the flights going back and forth to seems better by the time I move down here fourteen months later I had almost nothing left in thing I moved here to be with him I had no job his FIFA you know friends that I knew he was my only social outlet so that created a lot of pressure on really and the honeymoon basically ended the minute I moved down here so things were not looking good about six months after my move I found a job working as a secretary in a large corporation I didn’t want that for myself but I thought that I needed the money and that was the only thing that was available or that I thought was available at the time said Cooke it soon I got my boss left on e box Cayman I was very unhappy with the new boss he undermined my abilities made me very unhappy and uneasy I dreaded coming into work every day and Sunday nights I would be surprised because I so dreaded the new week starting and having to go to work in the meantime things with my boyfriend were only getting worse we eventually kind of split up we were living together and I moved out into my own apartment he moved to a different location and we only saw each other once in a while and when we did it still wasn’t a happy-go-lucky situation in 2007 that was when I first saw the movie the secret and really took it to heart because I realized they were talking about things that I been thinking but that I thought weren’t true and when I saw the movie it was like a light bulb went off and I realized that I really need to practice what they’re talking about so I took the movie clip art and I started visuals like visual visualization process I started doing words I put down all the things that I wanted in division board work from home because certain salary get married have bees like all those things vacations whatever it was that I wanted to manifest after on my vision board and a besides that and the visualization process I did a lot of gratitude affirmations and I would even write letters to myself as if they were coming to me from my employer congratulating me on my new position and my promotion and offering me them the amount that I would want it to me at that time once I started doing that within a few months I saw things sorry bishop my that the office I was 14 had closed and they moved to a new location I didn’t have to sit in the reception area anymore I mean difficult to an office with the window all these things just kind of fell into place and then I asked my employer if there was any room for me to move up in the company they told me the only way to move up in the company is either get a law degree or to move to our the company’s home office which we didn’t different stage neither of those things was something that I was planning to be so I started looking for another job but didn’t find anything with the amount I wanted to make size a down position and shortly thereafter my boss when it left the company and then things with my boyfriend started to get better also we started getting along and a couple years after that he proposed two things that can be proposed as published by AUSA’s office a new boss and he told me that the position I was working in was being eliminated they were no longer gonna have that that position with the company and that basically I was laid off so I I was devastated because at that point I really had come to like what I was doing in my situation hadn’t so much at work that I didn’t want to leave I didn’t want to leave my position or the country why are always getting laid off my the director of my team was on the phone and he said there’s another position opening up in the company and I’d like you to fight for it I applied for it and didn’t hear anything that’s the bullies I thought this is a setback I’m supposed to be going in the other direction I started to get discouraged and four weeks later I received a call they wanted to interview me I got two interviews and I got the petition which was originally not open and peace and they actually opened it up so that I could cut I could say anything this was the sales corner a Sales Coordinator position site me I was starting to move up in the company with what I wanted and then more things started falling into place my boyfriend I got married in 2012 we have two beautiful children now and my job that I was working at about two years after after the YouTube seen yourself for neither position the office closed they didn’t have anywhere else for me to go wait for me to start working from home was exactly what I wanted they gave me my setup and I set up a room in my house and started working from home that way Reena half years ago that same year I got a top performer award in the company with a bonus so things were really looking great then in 2016 my boss started to urge me to move up she said your you ready for something warm and I applied for an analyst position that was only opening New York again I told the hiring manager and was not able to meet so they allowed me they hired me and again within the company and allowed me to stage and meet people so all these things that really seemed like there was no way that they were going to come to be and all the obstacles that appeared to be in my way were overcome because I had beat that if the law of attraction really works and I apply it correctly it will I will get the results that I’m looking for and I have to say it’s such night and day from where I was to where I am today I’m extremely happy with the way things turned out I’m still using the law of attraction to manifest other things it’s really on the knot it’s not a process that stops you grow from it and learn new things and you continue to manifest so for all of you out there I just want to tell you to keep with it stay inspired and it always works it can’t fail thank you again to the pepper allow me to share my story with you in the computer you

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