How to VISUALIZE Correctly So You Can MANIFEST FASTER! (POWERFUL Subconscious Mind Technique!)

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hi I’m Jessica and I’m the creator of the universe Channel and today I wanted to come on and talk about visualization and the reason I want to do that is well there’s two reasons a visualization is a very very important part of manifesting what you want and B I keep getting the same question over and over again so I thought I would come on and address that question and hopefully give you guys a tip on how to visualize in a way that helps you manifest a little bit faster so you may have heard that visualization is important because the brain doesn’t understand the difference between something that’s imagined and something that’s real and this is true however in order for it to make that type of Association you must actually associate yourself into the scene so the question that I get most often is hey listen you know I can watch myself in a visualization and see myself doing those things but I’m not able to see it through my own eyes and the first person point of view and it is really important that you’re able to see yourself in the first person point of view because this is a language that your brain speaks it understands being able to see and visualize not only visualize that all of your other sensory perceptions smell touch taste sound those are all really important because that is the language that your brain speaks and in order for it to believe that something’s real that isn’t hasn’t already happened something that you’re trying to manifest the easiest and fastest way to do that is to associate your senses and seeing through your own eyes is one of the most important ways for that to happen so the tip that I like to give people well first let me say this is something that I had an issue with early on too I was not able to be in the scene I could see myself doing it but I wasn’t in it so I had to learn to work this muscle it’s very much like any other muscle the more you exercise it the stronger it’s gonna get and it’s gonna perform in the way that you’re asking it to so this is how I corrected this within myself and it’s something used within my coaching practice that seems to be very effective for other people and it’s just a way to train your mind to associate with the scene and and put you directly in it so start with something small you’ll want to sit somewhere quietly for just a couple of seconds kind of catch your breath concentrate and then perform a task so what I generally tell people to do is maybe stand up walk into another room touch an object and kind of just make a mental note of the texture of that object turn around walk back and sit back down and then close your eyes and go through that scene again the reason this is so effective is because you’ve just performed the task so your mind shouldn’t have a problem being able to see that from your first-person point of view as you go through it again mentally if you do have a problem do it again and the more you do this the more you’re going to strengthen that muscle a visualization that puts you in the process and then I like to encourage people to incorporate some other senses and maybe a little bit of a lengthier type of visualization you can go from like 30 seconds on the first one maybe to a minute or two in the second one so go outside and smell a flower to come back in sit down and then try to recall a how you did that through your own eyes and be the smell of the flowers because this is gonna strengthen again your sensory perception as you go through it and then another visualization process that you can do is basically the same thing but maybe you’ve cut a slice of Apple you go take a bite out of the Apple now you’re strengthening how you incorporate taste into the visualization you can do this with sounds also go outside and listen to the cars for a couple of minutes walk back in the main point of the section exercise is when you sit down and close your eyes and mentally recall it see yourself in your own shoes and through your own eyes walking and doing this task and the more you do this the more your brain is going to understand that a your in the visualizations and be you want to add your sensory perception and these are both really really important parts of the visualization process you’re taking conscious control of something that you automatically do anyway and this is going to help you strengthen that muscle the more you do it so I hope this is helpful the more you practice it the better you’re gonna get at it it may not come overnight it took me maybe a couple of weeks really to get to where I could associate inside of the scene so be patient with yourself and I’ll see you soon

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